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Luvinia World Developer Blog

The latest, behind-the-scenes updates and details about the world of Luvinia.

Author: SOA_LuviniaWorld


Posted by SOA_LuviniaWorld Monday December 23 2013 at 12:01AM
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Christmas special! It's the season for giving. Get rewarded for buying Luvinia cash credits. Hurry while the event is still open!

Christmas season is all about giving. Have you given anyone anything special?

This season, we've decided to give back to players in the form of FREE Luvinia Cash Credits.

Buy any amount of cash credits now in the recharge store, get free cash credits later. Get credits for buying credits!

You will be rewarded based on the following model:

500 credits = 5%
501 - 1000 credits = 8%
1001 - 5000 credits = 11%
5001 - 10000 credits = 14%
10001 - 15000 credits = 17%
15000 - 20000 credits = 20%
20000+ credits = 25%

So for example, if you purchase 500 credits, you will be given 5% free bonus, giving you a total of 25 credits (25% of 500 is 25). The more cash credits you buy, the higher the bonus. 600 cash credits purchased = 48 free bonus credits.

For more information and to discuss this event, go to the event page.

Also, speaking of buying cash credits, if you would still like to purchase great items in order to help our donation efforts for the Hurricane tragedy in the Philippine’s we have extended the event till the end of the month so as to be able to donate a larger amount. Please take advantage of the discounts on these items and know that your money is going to a good cause.


Posted by SOA_LuviniaWorld Sunday December 22 2013 at 11:55PM
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Apply to be a Twitch partner this Christmas season and earn the chance to win a FREE Christmas costume!

Are you a Twitch user? Do you stream your games? Do you watch other people stream games? If so, this is the event for you!

From now until January 7, we will be taking in applications from everyone and posting them up on our Twitch page once we approve them.

What's in it for you?

Get featured on our Twitch page!

Oh, and you also get a free Christmas costume in-game IF you have a currently registered Luvinia account AND your stream had a lot of activity. So make sure your stream gets a lot of activity once it is approved.

So what are you waiting for? Send us an application now!

For more information and to discuss this event, go to the event thread.

Luvinia World Celebrates Christmas with Snowballs!

Posted by SOA_LuviniaWorld Sunday December 22 2013 at 11:48PM
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Yes Luvinians, we heard you! We are bringing back the snowball wars! Read on for more information as well as Maintenance notes.

Due to circumstances outside of our control the server has been an unpleasant ride the past day; to compensate you all for your frustrations we will be doing an experience boost for the 24 hours following maintenance.

After a series of unfortunate events finally being resolved we can now begin to look to the future. We are still working on the expansion and are just as anxious to see it implemented as all of you are.

This week you can look forward to a couple of great Christmas sales, Keep your eyes on the web store and the in game store, The sale items just may change without notice so be sure to check it every day.

Christmas outfits, mounts and accessories have already been released in the game store.

For those that have had difficulty with updates we will also be posting the manual patches on the website these patches can now be found Hereafter each maintenance.

We fully intended to switch the events last week however we encountered a minor glitch during our second maintenance which has now been resolved and the events will now be as follows.

Expedition Blessing event will return. 
Mooncake king will once again make an appearance.

We will introduce our Snowball Wars Event which will run through January 1st.

If you would still like to purchase great items in order to help our donation efforts for the Hurricane tragedy in the Philippine’s we have extended the event till the end of the month so as to be able to donate a larger amount. Please take advantage of the discounts on these itemsand know that your money is going to a good cause.

We here at Soa Games, thank you, the players, for working with us to keep Luvinia a great game, to prevent abuse of the system and to help grow the community. It is not just about the GM’s or Administration it is just as much about you the players. Together we can do great things and we want you all to know that we appreciate each and every one of you.


Posted by SOA_LuviniaWorld Thursday November 28 2013 at 2:17PM
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With these maintenance notes we would like to take the opportunity to thank all of our players for their support in the past 4 months. Without all of you we could not succeed. We wish you all a very happy Thanksgiving from our families to yours.

We have had some internal successes this week in overcoming some of the issues that we have been dealing with on the server since the beginning of November which is good news for all! Even better news is that though we don't have the much anticipated expansion tonight we will be able to focus our full attention on that content now that these other issues are resolved in order to bring it to you as soon as is absolutely possible.

We understand that you have all been very patiently waiting for this expansion and have been just as frustrated as you all are by the delays. We hope to remedy that by putting our full attention on every issue that needs to be resolved to bring you that content. 

The log in event that has been ongoing will be drawing to an end soon and many of you can look forward to multiple goodies at the crystal likewise those of you that have utilized the cash shop will be receiving apocalypse gem packages for every $10 spent. 

Please also remember our donation event for the Philippines Red Cross If you are able, purchase some great items so that we can at least try to make a small difference.

Olympus King will stay for another week
Constellation Day will stay for another week. 
Turkey event introduced for the coming week only.

Bug Fixes:
-Illusion Pagoda has been fixed.
-Boss spawn time errors have been resolved
-Lost library opening has been resolved
-Attractive demon spawns on lost library kills has been fixed. 

Cash shop items:
Watch for Black Friday Sales introduced late Thursday evening

Discuss this patch update in our forums.

Luvinia World Hosts 2-Week Log-In Event!

Posted by SOA_LuviniaWorld Sunday November 24 2013 at 4:21AM
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It's not too late! (Well this blog post might be a bit late....) But you STILL have a chance!

After the long wait and many many requests the log in event has finally arrived! Be sure that you do not miss out on your free rewards just for logging in. Apocalypse Gems, Vitality, Gold, Enhancement gems and much more!

For two weeks, starting November the 18th through December 1st , if you log in each day, you will receive an awesome prize! In addition to these daily prizes, you also have a chance to receive the coveted Apocalypse Gem!


Rules & Details

1. The event begins Monday, November 18th at 00:00 server time, and will end on Sunday, December 1st at 23:59 server time.

2. You must log in for at least one hour each day to qualify for the day's prize. IMPORTANT NOTE: If you log in at 23:00 on Monday for example, and log off at 00:00 on Tuesday server time, this will not count as an hour for either day. You must be logged in between the server time of 00:00 and 23:59 to count for the day.

3. For this Log in Event, in addition to the daily prizes, we have a tiered Grand Prize!* See below for details.

4. All Soa Games Forum Rules, Community Guidelines and Terms of Service apply.


Tiered Grand Prize

If you've logged in for at least one (1) hour each day for: 
- Three (3) days during the week, you will receive an Apocalypse Gem!
- Five (5) days during the week, you will receive two (2) Apocalypse Gems!
- The whole week (7 days), you will receive five (5) Apocalypse Gems!

Alternatively you can earn one Apocalypse Gem package for every $10 you spend in our web store during the above dates. 

Get in on the action and earn your way towards the Apocalypse Gem!

* Players will only be able to receive one of the tiered prizes (e.g. if you log in for an hour for five days, you will only get the prize for that tier, not that tier and the three-day tier).

** Prize will be distributed after the event ends. While we will do our best to award all prizes within the same week when the event ends, please allow at least 3-5 business days for all prizes to be distributed.

Have any questions or suggestions? Discuss it on our forums.

Luvinia World Donates 100% Exclusive Item Sales to Philippine Red Cross

Posted by SOA_LuviniaWorld Sunday November 24 2013 at 4:07AM
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Exclusive items go on sale in Luvinia World for 100% Donation to Philippine Red Cross

Philippines has made recent news headlines all over the world as a result of a devastating hit by Typhoon Haiyan (known locally as Typhoon Yolanda) in the Visayas region in the past week.

According to Save the Children, more than 3 million children have been affected so far. That is part of the more than 9.8 million people who were affected overall, over 660,000 homeless, and over 10,000 feared dead (United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs). Rappler has published a press release with more information that can see here.

Typhoon Haiyan is reported to be the biggest typhoon ever seen to hit the tropics. The typhoon has since left the Philippines but the aftermath of the typhoon and impact it made on the people, especially in Tacloban City, is beyond devastating as thousands of Filipinos beg for food, water, and a place to stay. Countries from around the world including the United Nations, Canada, Australia, and Germany have acted fast in bringing relief goods directly to the victims but the road to restoration and recovery will be a long one, specially this Christmas season.

SOA Games is happy to announce a donations event for its leading anime action MMORPG, Luvinia World, which it will be running for 3 weeks. Players will be able to purchase 3 items that will be on sale exclusively during this time.

100% of the profits made from these 3 items will be donated to the Philippine Red Cross, one of the many organizations sending relief and money to the victims of the typhoon.

Due to popular demand we have re-added the Lv. 86 Constellation box to the items for donation containing 5 Apprentice Magic Books, 1 Expert Magic Book, 10 Exp Scrolls, 10 Charge Stones, 9999 Void Embers and 2 card boxes. (Please note that the description on the item in game is inaccurate and the above description is the correct one.)

Become a part of the restoration by buying one of the items. Share it with your friends. The more items you buy, the better you will become in game and the more money we can send to the victims! Every dollar will bring a sense of hope and happiness for each victim in the Philippines.

Discuss your thoughts about the typhoon and the event on our forums.


Street Fighter's Takahashi Hiroki shows love for Luvinia World.


Takahashi Hiroki, voice actor for Street Fighter's Ryu, shows some love for players of Luvinia World at Oni Con Anime Contention. 

Oni-Con Hawaii 2013! 

Cosplay at Oni-Con Hawaii 2013! 

Oni Con Comes to Hawaii!

Originally held in Texas, the Oni Con will be holding its annual convention fight here in Honolulu Hawaii. This is a major break-through for Oahu Residents because it will be the first time the Oni Con Anime Convention will be held in Honolulu! 

This three day event will be filled will action packed activities and panel room discussions, cos play competitions, gaming rooms, dance parties, concerts, and autograph sessions by major celebrities in the anime community. 

Special guests of the conference to include: 

Nobuo Uematsu- Mr. Uematsu composed for numerous blockbuster video game titles including the hugely popular game franchise, Final Fantasy. The theme song from Final Fantasy 8 won Japans Gold Disk award in 1999 and remains the only song from a video game to win the award. Till this day Nobuo’s Final Fantasy 8 piece remains the number one selling video game song in the world! 

Seiyuu Takahashi Hiroki- Takahashi Hiroki is most widely known as the voice of Kiki Honda, JAPAN from Hetalia: Axis Powers. He was also the voice of Eiji Kikumaru from Prince of Tennis, and Parco Folgore of Konjiki no Gash Bell. And… For all you Street Fighter fans out there, Mr. Hiroki is also the current voice of RYU! Shoryuken!!! 

Sana- Sana is the guitarist Visual Kei was formerly the pioneer of the VK band and MASK. Sana is currently with Kain and recently returned from a European Tour with SATSUKI! 

J. Michael Tatum- John was discovered by Funimation ADR director Christopher Bevins in 2005. Tatum was soon cast to play Rikichi in “Samurai 7.” John's vocal talent led him to a number of lead roles and is most known as Kyoya Ootori in Ouran High School Host Club, Sebastian Michaelis in Black Butler, France in Hetalia: Axis Powers, and Eneru in One Piece. 

In early 2010, John began hosting That Anime Show with friend and co-worker, Terri Doty and ADR Engineer, Stephen Hoff. 

For more information on the event go to

Think this is cool news? Discuss it on our forums.



Posted by SOA_LuviniaWorld Saturday November 23 2013 at 5:03PM
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Another week behind us as Luvinia has officially been launched for 10 Weeks now. Feels like so much longer. This week brings a few more function changes. As we prepare for our expansion. We hope that all of you are leveling your characters and pumping up your gear in anticipation


Another week behind us as Luvinia has officially been launched for 10 Weeks now. Feels like so much longer. This week brings a few more function changes. As we prepare for our expansion. We hope that all of you are leveling your characters and pumping up your gear in anticipation.

Please note that all Mount upgrade items are in the web store at a 20% discount. 

Event changes:
-Mooncake King event reopened 
-Expedition Blessing event reopened
-Olympus closed
-Constellation Day rewards closed.

Some of the fixes in this patch include:
- Vitality raised for lvl 90+ to 5400 daily
- PvP enabled in Sheder Stronghold
- Double griffin listing at Catalina has been fixed.
- Sage 1 handed Mace skill listed as such instead of Hammar Skill.

Future Patches:
- Boss kill announcement error,
- Content Expansion. 
- Fixes for the Mount upgrade images from Chinese to English.

Discuss the patch on our forums.

10/24/2013 - Patch Update: Focus on Mounts and Other Bug Fixes

Posted by SOA_LuviniaWorld Saturday November 2 2013 at 2:50PM
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Its Wednesday night again, which means hours before maintenance and is it ever an exciting one. This week we have many fixes and even a small content addition. Read the full notes for more information!


We are growing! This past weeks marketing has brought back several old players as well as reaching several new players. We are excited to see our player base growing and hope that you are too. This week brings a huge patch and lots of exciting new things only the beginning of some big changes right on the horizon.

We will be introducing some new events on Friday as the old events draw near to an end. Do not despair though If you haven’t get gotten around to making that guide or taking that screen shot of your character you still have time to earn free Planar Essence and Stars of Destiny!

Some work has been done on the forums to make it easier to navigate and less cluttered. 

Along with all this the long awaited fix allowing for the upgrading of Lvl 4 CBT mounts is now here. If you did not join us in CBT you will also be excited to hear that all mounts can now be upgraded to lvl 4/5 bringing with it enhanced stat boosts and exciting new ways to strengthen your character via your mount. 

Read the full patch notes to see the full list of events happening this week, new content, bux fixes, and upcoming content.