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RuneScape Is Dead For Good

Posted by Runefruit10 Tuesday December 11 2007 at 7:28PM
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Jagex has made some major changes in the way RuneScape is run. Supposedly they are trying to stop real world item trading, but its just a cover up. All they want is to control teh economy, with the grand exchange, and the other new rules they have complete control. RuneScape is no longer the freedom game, its on lockdown!

First of all, no more wilderness basicly. Real PKing is gone. Sucks right. Now listen to this, to supposedly stop real world item trading you can only trade 3k below to 3k above what the item is worth.  This means no more gifts, yes no more scamming but thats the only good thing. But there is a big problem in teh economy. Who do you think decides what the prices are for items, Jagex. What do you think has happened to every Christmas drop from back in the day, prices way up because Jagex regrets that drop because the players liked it. So ya, say goodbye to RuneScape.

Just so ya know I played RuneScape since January 06 to just a couple months ago but I still check the homepage. And the Rants forum is flooded.


Here is most of the stuff that is now gone.

- No trading cooked for raw/raw for cooked
- No trading herbs for seeds/seeds for herbs
- No trading herbs+seconds+vials for pots
- No trading straight herbs for pots
- No trading cannonballs for steel bars
- No trading fletching supplies for finished products
- No giving double nats
- No trading hides for range armor sets
- No running bones to someone at your altar
- No law running
- No running planks for someone
- No training firemaking and woodcutting together. One person cuts the logs and gives to someone else to burn.
- No hiring people to tan your hides for you
- No giving free loads of fish to people when you're power
- NO World 16, air's for essance program.
- No tab making companies
- No ore running
- No X-Mas Gifts, No helping friends no charity to new players!
- No ore for knives
- No reliable way to make money
- No drop parties
- No rewards from clan wars
- No chivalry in pking
- No customer service
- No fun
- No point in playing anymore.


RuneScape of course isn't the best game out there, but it WAS decent. I liked to see a game grow like it did with updates almost every day. I liked the economy, watching prices rise and fall as updates come out, but now theres none of that. Guess I'll have to change my username on this site, lol. Lets just wait for Darkfall now. Get some real freedom.


Now I will take a look back at some of the moments in RuneScape's history.

Release- 20th MMO

Change from 2d to bad 3d




Falador Massacre

Clan Chat

Graphical changes and small minigames


 Summoning Skill (When there are about 5 people left playing, the mods)


RuneScape 2/27/02 - 12/11/07

RIP RuneScape

Die Jagex