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One Thing RuneScape Needs to Do

Posted by Runefruit10 Monday October 8 2007 at 8:58PM
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     The first MMORPG I played was RuneScape. It's a browser game with pretty low quality graphics. The game is so addicting, but the one of the big problems it has is it's Free Version. I'm not aware of any other game that has an unlimited play free version of the game. RuneScape has about 1/8 of the game in the Free Version, not to mention double the scammers, double the autoers, and yes...double the 6 year olds. Also, on just about every MMORPG site I've been to (include it lists RuneScape as a Free Game. It does'nt even mention the Members Version which is supposed to be the main version of the game. If Jagex Ltd. (FYI- Jagex= Java gaming experts) entirely got rid of this Free Version that doesn't benifit them, Members, or people that don't play the game at all. All it's doing is saying "Hey autoers free version of the game for you to hack right here!!".  For any of you who have not played the MEMBERS VERSION OF RUNESCAPE for over 3 months then please don't tell me off about RuneScape. The free version SUCKS, the members version rocks.

     To tell you how good this game is, if Jagex were to ENTIRE re-make the game (which they have done before from what is now called RuneScape Classic to RuneScape 2) then it would be much more popular. And I mean ENTIRELY remake it. They make it not a browser game (although it is nice for people that have sucky computers so they could atleast keep the browser version on there) so they could have better graphics and sound. Program it in something other than Java so they could make a better game, but then they would have to change their companies name =/ . My point is, if RuneScape got rid of free game, and started working on RuneScape 3, then we would see RuneScape with a 7.5-7.9 rating here on


     Some of these "unknown" things in the game list need to be known. Like for instance Darkfall which is a totall all PvP game which is stated in the Overview but stil has a '?' for PvP or no PvP. Same with many other games. It would help some people who may not know about certain games to get the information they want from the game list.

freakomar writes:

Hmm yeah I agree, bots are so easy to get and scripting is easy... No free version + a good 3d version of the game with a proper client would rock :)

Mon Oct 08 2007 10:38PM Report
Upload writes:

RuneScape has a decent gameplayer. Too bad about the graphics and community.

Tue Oct 09 2007 12:21PM Report
superpsynic writes:

yeh i personally am a member and it is soo  much better than the free version so yeah they shuld let people know bout the available member version          im not real sure about changing the game around though..just maybe the graphics cus the graphics do suck.....

Tue Oct 09 2007 1:46PM Report
AkaJetson writes:

the free version is for trying the game out, which every paying member has done. Getting rid of it would mean that you have to pay to try it, which would be kinda stupid.

Tue Oct 09 2007 4:37PM Report
Runefruit10 writes:


Then they could have a free trial. The reason the Free Version is so bad is because it makes it easier for autoers. Plus, the trial would have the FULL GAME in it, the free version has about 1/8.

Tue Oct 09 2007 6:37PM Report writes:
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