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Rosh Online

Epic adventures and battles await in the world of Rosh Online with Open World PvP, Arenas, dungeons and more! Check here for the latest news and articles!

Author: RoshOnline

A Ship under Siege!

Posted by RoshOnline Saturday April 13 2013 at 1:44PM
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Shared by Tommy Luo


Last week we dropped some exciting new content with our Shuranak Ship: Boarding Action game update! Players clambered on board the massive new warship world and are working to disrupt the Squila force as we speak!

But with Ignited Games’ unmatched quality assurance, the fun doesn’t stop there! Our players demand more, and we love to give them what they want – which is why we’re hosting a massive Shuranak Drop Surge for two days only this weekend! Veterans looking to see what the fuss is about will find more new gear and loot then they could’ve bargained for!

(click here for website!)

This amazing opportunity affords 400% Drops on all maps for 48 hours straight, on top of our April weekend bonus – Sexy Weekends, where users earn between 200% - 500% EXP throughout the day, every weekend in April!

Holy cow!

(click here for website!)

Meanwhile, paid advantages are disseminated to freemium users in another Ignited Games event – where our players flock to Facebook in a stylish competition to show the world who has the sexiest armor!

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Shuranak Ship offers beautiful new sunset scenery, richly detailed post-colonial environments, and legendary lore recounting the greatest threat to the Asmaran kingdom! Defend Posetunia fortress, reap the Shuranak’s precious cargo, bring glory to your guild – and become the one true Rosh!

Your adventure starts now!

In Rosh Online: The Return of Karos, players fight their way through quests, guild clashes, large-scale PvP action and castle sieges to bring peace to the fantasy world of Asmara. In addition to the traditional experience-point-based leveling system, Rosh Online features the revolutionary Fletta system, which can be used to increase stats, give buffs, buy resources and enchant items. Furthermore, open world PvP adds a morality element to the game, providing an even deeper level of customization for online gamers. Interested players can download the game for free at the official site. They can also join the Rosh Online community for more information and sneak peeks into the game on the official Facebook page.

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