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So What's the Point?: Soloist|vs|Groupie

Lately, the drama between solo play advocates and groupies has become one of the prominent discussions within the MMORPG forums, with little resolution coming from either side. So, if neither side is willing to give even an inkling of understanding and fo

Author: RoosterNash

Star Wars: the Old Republic. Get it. Or don't. But do. Or else. You've been warned.

Posted by RoosterNash Wednesday July 14 2010 at 6:02AM
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So Star Wars: the Old Republic is due to release this February! Are you going to get it? If you heed my warning, you will. You'll preorder it and feel completely guilt-free the whole time, because you know that the Rooster alone put his personal, unparalleled stamp-of-approval on it. With his mind.

Oh, and btw, that whole tid-bit about the being released in February?? That's not entirely true. In fact, it was a bold faced lie. Forgiveness is key to happiness. Shalom.

Mopar63 writes:

SWOR is a game that stands on the cusp. It will either be great or a dismal failure. Bioware has shown way to much arrogance during this production and they now have set a nearly impossible standard for them to live up to.

Wed Jul 14 2010 6:48AM Report
leroysg writes:

 it something unable to describe in words. try it yourself when the game launch else move on. why need to post and seek for other's opinion?  

will anyone ever ask somebody  "do i marry him/her or i dont"   

Wed Jul 14 2010 7:04AM Report
x0fx3 writes:

First off they announced the game would be available Spring of 2011 not Winter. For those that have no clue when Primavera (Spring) starts then I shall tell you. Spring starts on March 20, 2011 @ 7:21 pm EDT :) So you can expect the game to go live after March 20th. I expect sometime in April. 

Yes I will play it, I plan to pre-order the game. :) 

Wed Jul 14 2010 7:25AM Report
Beermangler writes:

I will never 'get' any game ever again, not without a free trial. Blame MO and FA for this.

Wed Jul 14 2010 8:05AM Report
medmarijuana writes:

I love how people say "it will either be great or a dismall failure"


It can't be just a good MMO that lots of people enjoy?  It has to be one extreme or the other?


I'm gonna play it and I bet I am gonna like it. If not they won't get my money, but No MMO is a dismall failure as long as they are making money with it. Plenty of good games out there that deserve to take WoW's subs, but have fallen short. Does not mean they fail at MMORPG.

Take SWG for example, that game was total garbage and some people might say it was a failure... but did they make alot of money from that game? Yes, they did. Probably 10 times over and more maybe, than what they had to put into that game.  Out of the 7 years SWG has been running I can garuntee that. Wether or not you think it is a failure, and the devs for the most part all got jobs either at SOE, LA, or somewhere.

Wed Jul 14 2010 10:04AM Report
RoosterNash writes:

Interesting comments that took what I said into a whole other direction. First, I'm aware of the release proximity for SW:TOR, as I am aware that it won't be in February.

And, compared to other MMOs, BioWare hardly makes anything seem so arrogant. Any designer/developer is going to consider their product to be amazing. It would be bad business otherwise.

Some of you are on the right path. Others are not. Either way, have fun in whatever you do!


p.s. if you're not going to "buy" (for your grammatical needs) another MMO ever again, why bother posting on a MMO site?

Sat Jul 31 2010 10:16PM Report writes:
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