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Roosevelts Personal Feelings, and other meaningless banter

Here you get to see my emotional side, hear about my recent trips to the abortion clinic or maybe even come across something you have thought about for a long time, but never had the balls to say.

Author: Roosevelt

LOTRO Project Day Two: A roleplaying fallacy

Posted by Roosevelt Saturday September 6 2008 at 12:23AM
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    To begin I would like to start by saying "day two" does not mean actual physical days, just when I get a chance to make a write up, I have actually been playing for 3-4 days, and have spent about 15 hours in game so far, so not too bad.

    So I was on a quest for a Hobbit, to go collect something like pipe-weed or some such. When I arrived on the scene there was another person standing next to the quest NPC. I went up to the NPC and did my usual RP deal and started speaking to the NPC saying responses to the NPC as it it were a real person. In the past this has engaged some interesting and humerous responses from people, making for some good roleplaying. This time however was different, because the approach to the speach with the NPC was serious and not humerous. The person standing next to me turns and say's "Are you talking to the NPC like its a real person?" and I replied "O cut the odd talk, Elf!  What is an NPC?". The man then said to me...




    "Dont even try to play this off, that is just wierd!" and walked away. So lesson one folks: choose your roleplaying wisely, and do not make bad roleplaying by making situations akward for those around you.

     Another Fallacy of todays roleplaying experiance for me was when I was engaged in a conversation with an obviously better and more skilled RPer in disagreement. I spoke as if I were a bandit, brigand, what have you, because in game I am a Buglar. Well at the end of our long arguement I said to him "Well good sir, you certainly have the same honor and are as venerable as I". Then in front of the crowd he said in OOC: "Honor? Your class is Brigand, all you do is Steal shit! and stab people in the back!". Of course the OOC laughed, so did I, it was funny!, Also it was a further sign that my roleplaying was simply not what it should be, and that I was not getting deep into my character, and showed that most of my RP was actually Forced, and did not flow right.




    Being an actor myself I took this to heart as a time to start back at the beginning of my character and kind of look as his small beginning and try and see where he was at now development wise. I say this because in theatre you must often make up a backround or a destination for your character to further his motivation. Today I had no motivation, I was simply doing some "Bad Acting" or "Roleplaying" in this instance.

Koddo writes:

I don't think he was a better roleplayer. A better roleplayer would not have used the word "class" as it was used, and definitely wouldn't have used the word "shit" anywhere. Not to mention that it doesn't seem like either of you actually have read the books (if you want to roleplay, i do suggest reading the books to get most of the lore down, and how to act and behave in middle earth). Bilbo Baggins was a "burglar", and he's one of the most honorable characters.

And you really should have designed a backstory to your character if you want to seriously roleplay. Which it doesn't sound like you have.

It makes it harder to roleplay in the game without an official roleplaying server. But i believe the unofficial rp server is Landroval, though it has been around a year since it had been deemed the rp server, so it could have changed.

Sat Sep 06 2008 7:12AM Report
toootoo writes:

 yeah ,i don't think too.


Sat Sep 06 2008 2:35PM Report
Astropuyo writes:

He wasn't better than you, as a matter of fact he's worse.

Here is why, his idea of a arch type is just the cliche of them.

He had no idea of the factors of Bilbo being considered great because he had honor.

I played a burglar for a very long time and came to many conclusions that people are just dumb. They niche these roles into typical arch types.

So what your burglar has a different goal in life than just being captain cliche.


No I should think a role player would allow the person whom they rp with to have their certain method and go with it.  Rping is give and take. Much like improv acting.

But then again my nerdiness role played man years before giving up on the art.

Sat Sep 06 2008 3:12PM Report
WoWarhammer writes:

Do you guys understand what OOC means? Astropuyo, you can't say he was "worse" because he pointed out something OOC. That doesn't make any sense. His comment might have been a bad assumption but we won't know without seeing how the conversation went between the two. Either way, it was still OUT OF CHARACTER and has nothing to do with how he roleplays.

The same goes for you Koddo. He said "class" and "shit" OOC. Why judge his roleplaying on something he said OOC? You don't.

Anyway, on topic, I don't think you should worry about making situations awkward for other people Roosevelt. RP makes people feel uncomfortable all the time. Just because they don't show it, doesn't mean they're enjoying it. I RP with people all the time just because I don't want to be rude (when they initiate it). It still makes me feel uncomfortable, especially when they're bad at it. The thing is though, I can just ignore you or walk away if I really want to.

Sat Sep 06 2008 5:59PM Report
Astropuyo writes:

Actually WoW

I never said anything about him saying something OOC as being worse.

I said he was worse for the sheer linear mindset he had.

Basically this guy assumes a singular arch-type for characters and they must go by it.

Kindly read context before firing off assumptions.

Now that you understand the context of what I wrote it should be more than obvious on how it makes sense.

Sat Sep 06 2008 8:19PM Report
WoWarhammer writes:

Roosevelt stated "Another Fallacy of todays roleplaying experiance for me was when I was engaged in a conversation with an obviously better and more skilled RPer in disagreement."

You responded, "He wasn't better than you, as a matter of fact he's worse."

Then you went to point out his flaw based on what he said. Everything that was mentioned in the blog about what he said was OOC, so your comment was directly responding to something he said OOC.

Nice try.

Sat Sep 06 2008 8:55PM Report
Astropuyo writes:

Simply because it's obvious as he rp'ed with person the person was not into the belief that his character was what he wanted to be.

Regardless if he said anything in OOC , hell the sheer fact he stated that in ooc alone lets a good guise as to the skill of said RP'er.

A rp'ers main skill is the ability to dispel disbelief with another player for that moment. To act and accept that is the way the person RP's.

Once again Context is your valued ally here.


So in case I haven't once again summed it up, I'll go simpler.

Roosevelt is rping with said person, this said person has already established in his mind a SINGLE arch type for a Thief class, never mind the millions of stories about honorable thieves .

Roosevelt loses his characters influence with this session DUE to that.

Very little chance to grow Role playing bonds here as Roosevelt is in essence just a dumb brigande with no honor, this is how he must RP in this persons mind.

This said person is not as good a rper for that simple mindset.

The conclusion and ending could only be made at final which was the OOC part.

Nice try, I suggest picking up a issue of  "Context Weekly" you can usually find it at your local cluemarket, it's right next to the "lern2reed" music store.


Sat Sep 06 2008 9:40PM Report
WoWarhammer writes:

Well, you missed one of my major points. Without actually knowing the conversation that took part between the 2 characters, we don't know if perhaps Roosevelt had established his character as the archetype that was described, via roleplaying. Which means that you're whole point is based on a huge assumption. We don't know, and maybe he is narrow minded, but the blog does not give us enough information to arrive at that conclusion. That's why you shouldn't judge his roleplaying skills based on something he said OOC. You have no context.

Sat Sep 06 2008 9:48PM Report
Astropuyo writes:

See what you aren't getting the the obvious conclusion of the players mindset which was in fact spouted OOC.

You are arguing for the sake of it, it should be rather obvious with the information at hand .

The ooc part is the surmise ,the gift of the gods so's to speak and shows the mentality of the PLAYER not the character.

In otherwords, god forbid you play differently or rp differently this person has already land locked your character into a cliche archtype.

Thats why he's not a better rper, and in fact worse.

I've rp'ed with these types of people back when I rp'ed and it was like this

Cleric:Has to be holier than thou and priestly

Mage: Mysterious and sarcastic

Fighter: Either honorable and noble or a savage.

Thief: You just steal from people. (Back stab wasn't in UO where I rp'ed)

I have plenty of experience with players like the one Roosevelt rp'd with, enough that I can actually form a simple assumption based on him taking it to OOC with that comment.

Why not in the fashion of RP use his character to say those things, atleast then it would be the characters opinion.

I.E "You are a brigande, what honor" or what-have you.

Thats what makes him a rather crappy rp'er

I have plenty of context, you just want to validate a point and thusly refuse to see it. Which is okay, thats human nature.


Sat Sep 06 2008 10:22PM Report
Resin213 writes:

 Funny, I read it as Roosevelt  thought this guy  was a better RPer and it was his own narrow definition of the honorless backstabing type brigand, following the steriotype you pointed out that prompted the ooc comment, as a way of telling Roosevelt in a jesting way to step up his RPing by not following lame stereotypes, which even he had to admit was funny if embaressing and unkind.

Sun Sep 07 2008 7:28PM Report writes:
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