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Rollo talks games. (And Pie)

Just another gamer pretending to know what he's talking about.

Author: Rollotamasi

Stargate Worlds - Quetionable choices.

Posted by Rollotamasi Monday December 17 2007 at 3:53PM
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I am a HUGE Stargate fan.  I own the complete 10 season boxed set.  My desktop background is a concept picture of the Promethus. My cell phone ringtone is the intro theme from the show.  My cell phone text msg alert is the sound of a incoming wormhole.  I am a true Stargate geek and want nothing more then this game to be good but I just don't think it will be.  Even if it is horrible though I will probably still play it simply because it is set in the Stargate world.

I REALLY think they made a mistake with the race class setup.  In my opinion Asgard should NOT be a playable race and the Tokra should should be a actual playable faction / class / race.  Making the Asgard playable would be like making the Ori playable, it just doesn't fit.  Besides, during the time frame the game takes place the Asgard are still busy in their own galaxy fighting the replicators.  In addition when was the last time the asgard were doing something NOT on a ship?  Asgard drones?  Who came up with that idea?  Honestly, I am NOT a lore nazi but I really feel that having a ton of Asgard running around engaging in combat on the ground using flying drones is really going to kill the atomsphere for anyone that is a fan of the show. 

This game SCREAMED for a skill based setup.  You should be able to pick your race and then lvl skills, not a class.  Think about it, there are almost no pure "classes" in the show.  Sam Carter is a great example.  Soldier but also a great scientist.  Daniel Jackson?  Although not the "fighter" Sam is he does a lot more fighting in the last few seasons of the show (Even swaps out his pistol for a P90.)  The tokra fill many rolls.  Scientists, infiltrators, etc.  The stargate universe is perfect for a skill based system or at least a job/subjob type system like they used in FFXI. 

I can't help  feeling this game is going to end up being tabla rasa with a stargate skin.


Batak_Killer writes:

If it ends up being like that it will be great::))!!!

No seriously i dont know nothing about stargate except the film..

Mon Dec 17 2007 4:11PM Report
MasterB8 writes:

I agree with what was said here 100% and if Asgards ever be a playable race NN all was a fun show I think I'll stick with my DVD's instead.

Mon Dec 17 2007 5:56PM Report
AlienShirt writes:

I can't help feeling this game is not going to see the light of day.

Mon Dec 17 2007 6:51PM Report
ElRenmazuo writes:

I think bioware should make the stargate mmo.

Mon Dec 17 2007 10:13PM Report
NeKoS writes:

I have to agee, Asgard a playable race, WTH!!!. If you going to make a MMO based on such a series as Stargate, PLEASE least go by the rules of the story and develop it around it and dont try to change what is working.

I wonder if there will be PVP and possible attack on bases. Make the MMO like the series,  branch off is great but the basic mechanics that work for the series should not be messed with.

Tue Dec 18 2007 7:22AM Report
gorlith writes:

well i think the Asgard shouldn't be a playable race cause one they are all brains so its not like they can wrestle an Ori soldier. But i do think it would be cool if you could play both good and evil, so like its a war against the two groups as it progress in the game like the episodes did where each side got random upgrades in their weapons.

Tue Dec 18 2007 8:41AM Report
evilric writes:

although i agree with the asgard being a bad choice for a playable race they were added due to a poll held on the CME website asking us the playerbase what races we wanted in. asgard scored high so they became playable, so im kinda twisted in that from a canon perspective it sucks but at least they are listening to the customers.

one thing i can say for CME is they seem to be pretty invovled with the players on the forums and are often asking for feedback and opinions on systems, artwork and other options.

this is the next MMO i think will suck a couple of years out of my life, so far they seem to be what i consider to be on the right track other than the asgard issue, which is a result of a poll of potential customers so its kinda our fault as the voting public. hard to fault them for listening... something many other dev houses could learn from *cough* SOE *cough*

Tue Dec 18 2007 10:33AM Report
Hexxeity writes:

A purely skill-based system is no better than a purely class-based system IMO.  A nice hybrid system is the way to go.

The Asgard thing is exactly why developers SHOULDN'T be asking players to design the game for them.

Tue Dec 18 2007 4:16PM Report
Nineven writes:

It probably will end up like TR. The worst part about that, is that it's been in development for quite a while, so if it sucks; the investors are going to be PISSED.

Sat Jun 07 2008 10:18PM Report
Leoheart writes:

i agree but i thought the time frame was after the asgard were destroyed? pegasus asgard maby? dunno but your right i was thinking th same thing when i herd asgard being playable. guess they thought it would make a good *(MAGE)* class. i wish the skill system was like anarchy-online. now thats a skill system with some hair on it's chest.

Fri Nov 21 2008 1:08PM Report writes:
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