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Rollo talks games. (And Pie)

Just another gamer pretending to know what he's talking about.

Author: Rollotamasi

WoW clone, The new n00b

Posted by Rollotamasi Sunday December 16 2007 at 5:21PM
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You know what I'm talking about.  That phrase that people spew because they think it makes them sound like they are "good at the internet".  It has gotten to the point where people think everything is a WoW clone. Tuna salad sandwich? Wow clone.  Offline story driven shooter?  Wow clone.  Well, I feel its time for a little leson.  WoW clone really means quest driven MMORPG and there is a reason that this is the way the industry is.  Actually there is 2 reasons and they are both pretty good.

Reason one. 

The gaming demographic has changed.  The average age of gamers is older then it was before.  The generation of gamers that grew up playing games like EQ and UO aren't kids any more.  They have jobs.  They have families.   However, they still want to game.  The problem is that its hard to play a MMO when you may only have an hour to log on and play.  The old formula just wouldn't anymore.  Log on, spend 30-60 mins looking for a group.  Then spend 20 mins getting to the hunting spot.  Then spend 30 mins finding a replacement when someone has to drop.  Then spend 20 mins waiting for them to get there.  When you only have an hour to play you need to be able togo online and feel like you accomplished something.

Secondly, this is also the reason that harsh death penalties have fallen out of favor.  When a player only has a limited time to play a death penalty where they loose 4 hours worth of progress isn't going to work.  Or, having to make a 20 min run back to your corpse.

Reason two.

The old formula kinda...sucked.  I mean seriously.  Basicly  what MMO's consisted of was putting together a party, going to a spot and pulling mobs for hours on end.  Was that really exciting?  Not to mention party dynamics.  Remember sitting around for hours on end because every group need that ONE class and you couldn't find one?  Was that really fun?

So seriously folks, get off the "omFG wOw clone LOLZ" bandwagon.  Quest based MMO's are here to stay.  Get used to it

MrBum21 writes:

When you get down to it WoW is a clone in iteself.  sure it maybe a hyrbrid clone geneticly altered, but a clone none the less.  I maybe wrong on this but outside of lore is there any thing done in WoW that wasnt done in other games?

and with WoWs crazy success do you blame any one for trying to clone it?  so what if game x tries to pull some of the magic that has worked so well for WoW, thats part of the entertainment industry.  books do it, songs do it, games do it, and few do it better/worse then hollywood. 

and  Rollotamasi your right, that old formula did suck.

Sun Dec 16 2007 6:22PM Report
Balkin31 writes:

Umm a clone is an EXACT copy of something....So it would be proper to say that something may be LIKE WOW but not the same!



Sun Dec 16 2007 7:52PM Report
HappyFunBall writes:

Well, I guess I wrote this blog and didn't even realize it. ;)

It's funny when you read something you yourself could have written, or at the very least, thought about already (maybe too much).

I grew up on UO and EQ as well, and like you said, I've aged (much to my chagrin) and work and support a family now.  I don't have the time to put into those (boring) things you mentioned either.

Guild Wars fit my new lifestyle perfectly, with fairly smart bots to "hire" instead of waiting an hour for a clueless group that ends up dropping 3 people 5 minutes after it gets going.

It was good until I got bored of it of course.  I eventually get bored of every game, MMO or otherwise.  I guess we all do, but I sadly get bored at a much more rapid pace than most people.

So what's MY point, well, for one, I just wanted to say I agree with you 100% (corpse runs in EQ, OMFG... what sadistic bastard signed off on that idea?).

Secondly, I've mainly moved to games running on private servers.  Sure, there's very few games that have been emulated, there are legal issues, constant bugs, and hell yes, the maturity base there is lacking *severely*, BUT, with the high exp/quest/drop rates, it fits into my lifestyle much easier.  No longer do I have to spend hours on end just to gain a few levels.  I can get to the "good stuff" right away.

I just wish EQ2 and many others had different types of servers... Legal of course.  Why can't they have a high rate server?  I know people will still play the "grinder" versions.  Especially if the high rate servers came out a few months after the "normal" rate servers.

I dunno.  After trying every single game that's come out since UO (seriously, almost every one), I can't even find a quality game to play.  Especially the 20-30? garbage F2P games out there.  Bleah!  Have they learned nothing from 10 years of MMO development?  I doubt these Asian "designers" even played UO, DAoC, EQ, etc.  Many even sport a max resolution of what the over 10 year old UO did (or less, like 800x600, or a max of 1024x768).  Sad times in my opinion.

Still waiting for that next great game...  Sadly, I haven't seen it yet.

Sun Dec 16 2007 8:09PM Report
Dreadlich writes:

Hey, those 45min EQ runs in the Plane of your choice sandwiched between 1-2hr prep time beforehand and 1-4hr corpse dragging aftermath were what everyone lived for....  hold on...  nm.

Sun Dec 16 2007 8:23PM Report
Firedorn writes:

I too have grown old and suffer from MMOADHD.  I once had 4 MMO subs going...with work a wife and 2 kids.  Yes...crazy...but those WoW clones? HAH!  I laugh every time I hear those words.  Starting from UO (my experience), every MMOG that has been released has common concepts from another game, ESPECIALLY World of Warcrack!  Not to say that it's a copy cat game.  It just does it all in a neat package with a (somehwat) good back story.

Now, should I launch LOTRO, TR, DAOC or VG?

Sun Dec 16 2007 9:12PM Report
ppetty writes:

and how many of the hundred latest MMOs have you played?  i am one of the people that calls everything a WoW clone.  i use WoW as a reference simply because its is so widely known.  my problem with games is that they are all the same.  you pick between a couple races and classes, choose between a small selection of appearence options, and then you kill monsters.  usually for the first 10-20 levels you dont have much difficulty leveling up if you do quests, but always before level 20 you get to a point where you just got to go kill monsters for hours on end to level up so you can move on.  this formula can be applied to nearly every single game being made.  many people dont realize it, but the MMORPG genre is actually no different than the old "hack & slash" games from before online gaming.  i would much rather play Diablo II than any of the MMORPGs out now.

the other reason i use WoW as a reference is because there was a large boom in the amount of these games being made, and that was after WoW reached its ungodly subscriber level.  it seems to me that all these developers think that by making a game like WoW, and adding their own touch to it, they can achieve the same success. 

"The average age of gamers is older then it was before."
NO.  true, many old UO and EQ players are still playing, and there are plenty of older gamers these days, but have you even played WoW?  its all little kids.  its sick.  i like EVE online.   i like it cause its not the typical MMO the gameplay is quite different.  i also like it because it attracts older players.  very few people are younger than 20.  most older than 25.  its perhaps because many young people find it hard to learn/play, being used to WoW clones.  perhaps that is why there are so many WoW clones, so that players already have a basic idea of how to play.

i am of the opinion that all the games being made anymore are all the same because the new generation of game developers (and newer generations in general)  lack creativity, originality, and brains.  they need something to base their idea off of.   they lack the ability to make something from scratch.   everything is a copy of something else, and not just in the gaming world.  but in the gaming world, it seems everyone uses the same template.  that template right now would unarguably have to be WoW.

Mon Dec 17 2007 2:36AM Report
MrBum21 writes:

balki31, usualy when games are invovled something doesnt have to be an exact genetic recreation to be called a clone.  some peope still consider all FPS to be just a doom clone, even though wolfenstein was first.. but thats not the point. 

but your point is still right, its just the term that has been accepted and used... over, and over, and over again.


what i want to know is where is my UO (pre 2000) clone with updated visuals?

Mon Dec 17 2007 8:24AM Report
AlienShirt writes:

What I want to know is where are the next-generation MMORPGs that are actually INNOVATIVE?

Mon Dec 17 2007 6:54PM Report
sh4dowst4lkr writes:

Most of what was said here is true, and that's truly sad and only the gamers suffer, and die... from boredom.

Sun Jan 06 2008 6:13PM Report
alakram writes:

All this games we play are MMO Clones

Tue Jan 08 2008 7:00AM Report
ziabatsu writes:

Oh yay, the baby train. Ok, heres the deal. If your name is Red, you are my enemy. I don't care if you're level 1 or level 70. I will attack, granted if its like 3lv 70's, I know when to back off. But killing 20 noobs at once with an arcane blast just seems funny to me.

Secondly though, I would like to state that in general, PvP server or not, WoW is a carebear game. I don't care how hardcore people think they are. I played Ultima Online, it was kill or be killed. You die, you're corpse was looted, the only penalty for PKers was bad karma, which could result in guards killing them if they enter city limits. You never knew how strong your opponent was, there were no levels in the game, you just saw someone and trusted your gut instinct.

I'm tired of people who complain "I'm lv7 and I got killed by a lv70, whaaaaa" cmon. You're in a PvP game, you can be killed, take some fun in trying to avoid the gankers, they make your paranoid, being paranoid is fun. If you're not a vicious player, go play Helloy Kitty online or something, I don't know.

Sat Jan 19 2008 1:30AM Report
Leoheart writes:

Yeah have any of you played lineage 1 before? brutal. spent 2 hours getting 0.1% and dieing losing 2% or in older times 10% brutal. i know i mention Anarchy-Online alot but there you don't lose your xp it drops to where you last saved in that lvl *if  you didin't save back to the beginning of the lvl* and puts the xp you "lost" into a pool that stacks onto your kills aka like 5% of your pool ontop of the normal xp you get. just another great feature from AO.

Fri Nov 21 2008 1:19PM Report writes:
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