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Rollo talks games. (And Pie)

Just another gamer pretending to know what he's talking about.

Author: Rollotamasi

DPS Balance, WTF…

Posted by Rollotamasi Tuesday October 7 2008 at 1:44PM
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Maybe I’m just old school. Maybe I over think stuff. But it seems that the DPS balance in WaR is just…well for lack of a better term “Jacked”. First off, I think damage in MMO’s in general is out of control. When you get to a point where any class is getting 2 shotted by any other class then you have a problem. You should never at any point be able to remove ½ of someone’s health in one attack. I don’t care If it’s a fire mage in WoW or a bright wizard in war. Damage in MMO’s today is …. Well “Jacked”.

To keep things simple I am going to stick with 4 archetypes. Healer, tank, ranged DPS and melee DPS. Yes, I understand those aren’t the only archetypes in games and there are hybrids and such but like I said. For the sake of discussion I would like to keep this fairly simple. These are what the basic descriptions of these classes SHOULD be.

Tank – High mitigation. Low DPS
Healer – Low mitigation. Low DPS
Ranged DPS – Low mitigation. High DPS
Melee DPS – Low mitigation (But better then ranged DPS and healers) The best damage.

Melee DPS should be the best damage because they are in the most danger when doing their job. The fact that they have the best damage is balanced by the fact that they can’t take a lot of abuse.

Tank DPS should suck. Why? Because you traded it to that guy on the corner for survivability. You are a pita to kill but you are going to hit things like a school girl with a waffle ball bat.

Healers DPS should suck. Why? Because you traded for your ability to help your team. You mitigation should suck. You traded it for you healing. A tank should be watching your back.

Ranged DPS should be second in damage. No, NOT first. Your annoyed because you mitigation is low? RANGE is your mitigation. Why should you get to deal as much damage as a melee class when getting to do it from 100 times the distance?

This is the way things should be. It’s simple balance. Unfortunately this isn’t the way things seem to work in WaR. I love WaR. I have multiple characters and enjoy the game a lot. But whoever was in charge of balancing DPS most have been smoking a LOT of REALLY good pot.

Bright wizards and sorcs (ranged classes) out damaging melee classes. No. I say again, NO. When I ranged class is ending a scenario with 60 percent more damage then a melee class there is a problem. NO. This is NOT due to survivability. I have followed our witch hunters around doing nothing but healing them. They will end up with no deaths at the end of the round and STILL be out damaged by a ranged class that died 4 times. DPS balance in WaR needs to be looked at and it needs some MAJOR adjusting on BOTH sides.

Unicorns_Pwn writes:

compelling argument for someone else maybe.



Tue Oct 07 2008 2:03PM Report
Rollotamasi writes:

What exactly is it you disagree with?  That the DPS balance is off?  That melee classes should do more damage then ranged ones? 

Tue Oct 07 2008 2:07PM Report
Unicorns_Pwn writes:

You approach this game from the standpoint of every player only playing for themself. I have played my Ironbreaker and had some healing done to me to get me very high on the damage list at morkain temple even though I was  quite a few ranks lower than the other players. Survivability is also another thing. If everyone could play a tank with high mitigation and great dps why the fuck would you play a weak ass no armored low dps class?


The fact is right now people are still learning the game and not targeted the correct players to kill. I've seen scenarios where 6 people on my team for no reason rush and whack on a Black orc for the better of probably 3 minutes. That was not their intended target the disregarded a healer for a bout half of that and left the casters alone.


This game requires teamwork. Start acting like a team and  believe me the games start coming out looking way different than your average PUG scenario.

Tue Oct 07 2008 2:15PM Report
Rollotamasi writes:

Ok, ummm. What does that have to do with DPS balance and ranged classes outdamaging melee classes by more then double?  

Tue Oct 07 2008 2:22PM Report
Rollotamasi writes:

I have deleted your last comment because your being a ass.  I'm looking for intelligent discussion.  Not insulting rantings. 

Tue Oct 07 2008 2:44PM Report
Unicorns_Pwn writes:

If you want an intelligent discussion then try starting with your whole rant piece that doesn't even paint a whole picture of the battle. The ranged dps is scoring so well because noone is doing anything about it.

The melee players can score very high if they pick the correct targets and get assisted by a healer and maybe a mdps class. We take damage really well and can score high on that list too if we play intelligently with some assistance.

The funny thing is if everyone playes together things can start to look like how you want them to. N ot by principal of class balance but from teamwork and strategy.

Tue Oct 07 2008 2:50PM Report
streea writes:

I have to agree with Uni... it really depends on who's on your side, and who you're up against.

I've done incredible DPS on my Swordie with only a single healer on me. Why? Because I charge through the lines and tear up their healers and ranged casters. Yum.

As a Sorc, if someone charges me like that, I'm toast (with a light spread of jam). No amount of DPS will change that.

As an Archmage, I keep heals up on the other BWs and... guess what... they do more damage.

It all depends on the group you're in and who you're going up against.

Tue Oct 07 2008 3:01PM Report
Unicorns_Pwn writes:

The problem also stems from what seems to be people more focused on killing individual players over working on what the actual objectives are.

When a team works together, selectively chooses targets and swarm from one to the next they can absolutely roll the other team. I've seen games in T2 where 80% of the team was underranked yet still won when they focused on the objective and took out classes in specific order.

Tue Oct 07 2008 3:22PM Report
millux writes:

You are a pita ... like a school girl with a waffle ...

... I'm toast (with a light spread of jam).

You guys need to take a break and grab lunch or something.

Tue Oct 07 2008 7:00PM Report
MephistoXV writes:

I expected this to be hateful meandering towards WAR and it felt like it was going to be, but I thought about it and agree with Rollotamsi thoroughly.

I started the initial release as a Tank (Chosen). I loved it. The damage was high and with a healer, I could [at times] do the most damage on some scenarios. As I wanted to try everything, I slipped to a different server to try a Bright Wizard (I had killed so many by that point) and Holy God it was amazingly different.

I may not have every really three-shotted anyone. But at times I would score critical strikes close to 600 without any gear on and at 100% combustion (their mechanic) by about Rank 9. I had a Witch Hunter and a Warrior Priest with me running Nordenwatch as a group and regardless of the situation, I'd have roughly 10,000 more damage after the thing was over than my poor buddy.

Wed Oct 08 2008 4:52PM Report writes:
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