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Rollo talks games. (And Pie)

Just another gamer pretending to know what he's talking about.

Author: Rollotamasi

PSA. WaR Healers and YOU!

Posted by Rollotamasi Wednesday October 8 2008 at 10:29AM
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I admit. There are a lot of healers that don’t heal in scenarios and RvR. Well, that’s not entirely correct. They are healing, they just aren’t healing you. They are healing themselves. I don’t understand this. I don’t understand why you would role a class that is geared for group support yet not try to perform that function. BUT, it’s your dime. Play your class the way you want to play it. What I am about to talk about doesn’t really pertain to bad healers. It pertains to healers that actually WANT to heal you and it pertains to the people that want to get healed. It also pertains to the people that may not have gotten a heal and are considering complaining about the lack of heals either to who they think the offending healer is or in /scenariosay.

My main is a warrior priest. If you were to ask my guild I would guess they would tell you that I am a “good healer” I rolled a WP understanding that it was a healer. I understood that generally if I was in a group my role would be to heal. That’s not to say that I can’t melee as well. I have several great skills that do good healing because I am hitting something. That being said, before you commit yourself to complaining about a healer or complaining you yourself aren’t getting healed you should ask yourself the following questions.

Question 1. Are you getting your ass kicked? I don’t mean one person is hitting you. I mean your something like a bright wizard and there are 5 marauders beating on you. At that point I can’t save you. Not even god can save you. Your going to die and my trying to keep you alive is a waste of heals that could be going to someone that isn’t doomed.

Question 2. Am I getting MY ass kicked? If I am getting beat on then the only person that is going to be getting healed is me. If I die that means no heals for anyone. The one exception to this is I may throw a group heal while getting beat on. That’s because I am concerned with healing myself so I can stay alive to heal you.

Question 3. Are you out of range? If I am standing in the back ranks and you sprint of into the enemies back ranks there is a good chance you are now out of my range. No, I will not move up to heal you. I am in the back ranks for a good reason. Probably because there are three sorcerers on the other team PRAYING that I move into range.

Question 4. Do you think I’m not healing you because I am hitting something? This goes more for WP’s. I have 2 skills that require me to hit something for them to work. One is my highest single target heal and the other heals all allies within 20 feet of my devensive target every time it lands. Don’t assume because I am fighting something that I am trying to be a DPS n00b.

Question 5. Are you ranged DPS and I’m trying to heal a tank? My primary concern in a scenario is keeping our tanks alive. If there is only one healer in a group and there is a tank you should be asking yourself this question. Yes, I have HOT’s and will use them on you whenever I can. But keep in mind it takes a lot to keep a tank up when they are getting hit by multiple enemies.

Question 6. How many healers are in the scenario? If there are any less then 3 then the chances of anyone other then a tank getting regular heals is pretty slim. Don’t complain to me, complain to people that don’t play healers. Again, I have HOT’s and I will throw them on you when I can but keep in mind that this is not always possible.

Question 7. Are you chasing someone? I don’t mean chasing down the witch elf that is trying to kill one of our back row casters. I mean that marauder that is fleeing that is at 30 percent health and your thinking “FREE KILL WOOT!!!” and you chase them ½ way across the map. Then you probably run into him but now he has a tank with him and you die. Then you wonder why I wasn’t there to heal you. I’m not splitting my self off from the group so you can get a kill.

Question 8. Are you a dick? Have you made a comment about crappy healing. Have you called me or another healer a noob. This is a really good way to NOT get heals. On the other hand saying something like “Hey, I know we are short on healers but if you get time during the battle can you throw a heal or two my way?” is going to put you on the TOP of my priority list for heals right after myself and the tank.

Remember. There are bad healers just like there are bad tanks and bad kittens. Don’t assume just because you didn’t get healed that the healer in your group “is teh suck”.

This has been a public service announcement sponsored by Healers of WaR local 157.

DPS Balance, WTF…

Posted by Rollotamasi Tuesday October 7 2008 at 1:44PM
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Maybe I’m just old school. Maybe I over think stuff. But it seems that the DPS balance in WaR is just…well for lack of a better term “Jacked”. First off, I think damage in MMO’s in general is out of control. When you get to a point where any class is getting 2 shotted by any other class then you have a problem. You should never at any point be able to remove ½ of someone’s health in one attack. I don’t care If it’s a fire mage in WoW or a bright wizard in war. Damage in MMO’s today is …. Well “Jacked”.

To keep things simple I am going to stick with 4 archetypes. Healer, tank, ranged DPS and melee DPS. Yes, I understand those aren’t the only archetypes in games and there are hybrids and such but like I said. For the sake of discussion I would like to keep this fairly simple. These are what the basic descriptions of these classes SHOULD be.

Tank – High mitigation. Low DPS
Healer – Low mitigation. Low DPS
Ranged DPS – Low mitigation. High DPS
Melee DPS – Low mitigation (But better then ranged DPS and healers) The best damage.

Melee DPS should be the best damage because they are in the most danger when doing their job. The fact that they have the best damage is balanced by the fact that they can’t take a lot of abuse.

Tank DPS should suck. Why? Because you traded it to that guy on the corner for survivability. You are a pita to kill but you are going to hit things like a school girl with a waffle ball bat.

Healers DPS should suck. Why? Because you traded for your ability to help your team. You mitigation should suck. You traded it for you healing. A tank should be watching your back.

Ranged DPS should be second in damage. No, NOT first. Your annoyed because you mitigation is low? RANGE is your mitigation. Why should you get to deal as much damage as a melee class when getting to do it from 100 times the distance?

This is the way things should be. It’s simple balance. Unfortunately this isn’t the way things seem to work in WaR. I love WaR. I have multiple characters and enjoy the game a lot. But whoever was in charge of balancing DPS most have been smoking a LOT of REALLY good pot.

Bright wizards and sorcs (ranged classes) out damaging melee classes. No. I say again, NO. When I ranged class is ending a scenario with 60 percent more damage then a melee class there is a problem. NO. This is NOT due to survivability. I have followed our witch hunters around doing nothing but healing them. They will end up with no deaths at the end of the round and STILL be out damaged by a ranged class that died 4 times. DPS balance in WaR needs to be looked at and it needs some MAJOR adjusting on BOTH sides.

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