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New Zealand Home-Dweller

A New Zealand take on all things gamely.

Author: Roleplaying

World of Warcraft, Not A Negative Review

Posted by Roleplaying Monday August 24 2009 at 7:04AM
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I stopped playing World of Warcraft about 7 months ago.

I hope you don't mind spelling or grammer, this is purely to express my simple-minded opinions =)

Only 7 months? Yeah, not too long. However, for many avid players, it is quite the vacation. The reason why I stopped playing actually isn't nearly as important as the reason why I kept playing, for so long. You see, I have played World of Warcraft on and off since release. Like many people... On and off. Which I think is neat, the fact that I've managed to be reeled back into this game from time to time throughout these 4 (maybe 5) years. Not really that long, 4 years. It feels like more, doesn't it?

I like WoW. I like a lot of things about it. I like that I don't like every single aspect of it. Flaws make doors. Blizzard opens a door, players will open a window... and crawl through like ants! A whole bunch of 'em, crawling. I think it's fantastic =D    But that's beside the point. I started playing WoW because of the old-world look and things like mining... I always thought of myself as a keyboard blacksmith. Of course, I already loved Warcraft: Orcs and Humans, too. So the lore and background stuff I was pretty sure I'd enjoy... and enjoy, I did!

The quests and dialogue throughout the WoW universe is rich and diverse. It's the best and worst of our world, quite literally. It paradys and alludes to every cultural, pop-cultural, historical and present society doings. Of course that's a hyperbole... but it's kinda true.

Graphically *smacks gob* it's lacking! However, I could play Chip's Challenge or Maniac Mansion for hours. Just reveling in the joy I get from a well-made, but not necessarily graphically demanding game.

People are sometimes said to make or breaka game. I think they do both, for sure. People defenitely made this game. Those people being both the wizards at Blizzard, and your mmo-loving neighbours. It's broken by bullys and mean people. It's torn apart by exploiters, imbalance and bad reviews. That's life, huh? I guess when you market to living people, you get that type of deal, huh? People give life such a bad rap. Some would kill themselves just to stop experiencing it. Same goes for WoW. Like society, that's an extreme example... and I appologise. Sorry.

PvP. Brilliant. Not only can you kill people for your satisfaction - but conscience and law play a heavy hand role, too. Just like life. Which I think is great. I love life. I hope all my kills in life are honorable, and commited on even soil.

PvE. Best player vs environment game I've ever played - and I've played them all. Well, maybe I haven't played some obscure game just realised yesterday... but I will by the end of the week.

TIME. This is the main issue. This concept here is truely the measure of a game, to some people. I put this to you... You wasted so much time playing WoW. Or... you don't want to waste your time playing Wow. Either way, you didn't waste any time. Time would have passed, regardless. I know, I know, that's pedantic. However, if you played for so long, you must have enjoyed it. If it was addictive, you must have enjoyed it. If you didn't enjoy it - you've got an issue which isn't related to the game. It's call time management. Personally, I like "wasting" time on games. They're fun... like writing/reading a blog.

Hey, I hope you don't take this blog too seriously.

=P Who am I kidding, I made this to say I like WoW and maybe some day I'll even play it again. But I don't HAVE to go back.      And I don't have to hate it for what it is.

Basically, this isn't a serious blog in the least.

Stormbow writes:

PvP. Brilliant. Not only can you kill people for your satisfaction - but conscience and law play a heavy hand role, too. Just like life. Which I think is great. I love life. I hope all my kills in life are honorable, and commited on even soil.

WoW PvP?  Garbage.  Who likes waiting around for hours (at times) to get into the PvP battlegrounds, then be told you're getting kicked out because there are too few players on one side or another?  Not to mention, you know for a fact that if you get into the battleground, -something- is out there.  Even if you do only get 2 minutes to do anything to it.

Dark Age of Camelot, on the other hand, totally owns pvp.  Battlegrounds are always open, and pvp zones are always open.  And if you don't want pvp, it's very easy to avoid it.  And when you get into the battlegrounds or the pvp zones, you don't automatically know that you're going to find something to fight.  There's an element of mystery needing to be faced.  You want a fight, you have to go looking for one.  You never know what's going to be out there.  And if there are 50 bad guys and only one good guy, you've still got the option to sneak around and fight someone, somewhere, in the battleground.  You're not fighting in an area the size of a postage stamp that anyone can find you in if they're there also.

Mon Aug 24 2009 1:04PM Report
Recant writes:

Nice blog, I enjoyed the read - not too serious but with a good point. 

As for PvP and in reply to the previous comment; each to his own.  I'm a very competitive gamer myself, I love the hardcore FPS shooters and the RTS online modes.  The poster above seems to be concerned about how and when PvP occurs rather than what the PvP actually is.  That's fine, it's a different flavour of PvP but it doesn't mean it's garbage, that's just being vitriolic.

World of Warcraft's PvP - when played beyond a casual level - is a thrilling back-and-forth of counterplay and counterpoint, requiring each player to weave a synergetic balance between positioning, timing and carefully measured aggression.

Every spell and tactic has a counter, every advantage is situational and every class has a chance to shine in many different situations.  I absolutely love watching the big money WoW arena tournaments, it really shows you just how complex the strategy of WoW's PvP is.  

I guess the criticism with regard to DAoC is that it doesn't feel as natural.  Which is a fair comment.  WoW's does feel more sporty, more gamer-like and the way the combat flows so smoothly it's simply a dream to play.

But for someone to claim it's garbage demonstrates the typical lack of understanding.   I do understand that DAoC's PvP may be under-appreciated but lets leave the jibes for the opposite factions, shall we? :D

Mon Aug 24 2009 1:35PM Report writes:
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