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Wrath of Heaven

Rikimaru_X: A ninja, ladies man, and one full of knowledge and wisdom, this is my place. One here can learn, vent out, see and forshadow...anyway like I know what I'm talking about. I'm Core Member Rikimaru_X, welcome to my world.

Author: Rikimaru_X

A Tattoo to Represent Myself?

Posted by Rikimaru_X Sunday June 17 2007 at 4:13AM
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I have been highly thinking of a tattoo to represent myself. Some say that i should get a tattoo of taco meat on my chest, but why the hell would I want to do that. So I was thinking of some of the things I like. There are video games and there is also girls too. At first I started thinking about having a tattoo of Knuckles the Echidna.

I thought it was pretty baller at first, then some people might think it's goofy. I know the ladies will think it's cute though. The majority of girls should know who he is anyway....hopefully. Now there is another one is somthing Tenchu related such as the symbol:

Now this will be pretty unice becuase no one has  ?? symbol on them wich means Tenchu. I was thinking about that or maybe the eye of Rikimaru (with the Wrath of Heaven inside):

Somthing like that. Man so many dicisions, I might not even have a tattoo. Ahhh never know. Also maybe a tatto of perhaps a female heroine from a game, but who know what I would want that to be. Have no clue.

Dracis writes: Here's a few words of advice. First off, if you know where you are going to get a tattoo, make sure you get to know the artist. Yes, they are artists. Go in and ask to watch for a few hours, remember this person is going to make marks on you that will last forever. Secondly, make sure what ever design you decide on is something you can live with for a long, long time. Picture yourself as an old man with your current tattoo idea. Does it still sound as good then? Lastly, be original. All my tattoos,except one, are all custom. I either brought the drawing in, or had the artist design it ahead of time. Don't pick something off the wall that 50 other people are likely to have. Good luck and welcome to your new addiction! (yes, they are addicting, you can't stoip at just one) Sun Jun 17 2007 10:55PM Report
neschria writes: My only advice would be that if you eventually pick a word or symbol from a language you can't read yourself, have it double and triple checked by a native speaker or three. There are plenty of people running around with permanent typos on their body. ;) Sun Jun 17 2007 11:13PM Report
Rikimaru_X writes: Know the Artist, that's a nice tip. Mon Jun 18 2007 4:28AM Report writes:
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