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Suspiria ~ Fregion ~ AngryGm makes false statements Legion owners BEWARE

It has come to my attention that Icarus of Suspiria Legion on the Fregion server has been making false statements and targeting various legions as "Gold Farmers". I have attached his site and my comment:

Author: Rezu2

Suspiria Legion Fregion Server

Posted by Rezu2 Tuesday November 10 2009 at 7:15PM
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Seems Like Icarus of Supiria Legion on Fregion Server ~ Aion, enjoys to write misleading articles about other guild and legions and fails acknowledge any comments from Blood for Blood by clearing any posts or comments made.  I am not "Chinese" and we  all do speak Legion leader screenshotted in his photo Miekarra  is actually serving in the U.S. Navy this month and she is  not able to defend his accusations on his, or this website.

Written by "AngryGM"

As NCSoft moves to counter gold farming, these corrupt Chinese organizations seem to think they have an ace up their sleeve. Typically, in the past, these individuals would almost always be guildless when power leveling or gold farming. They have a new strategy, it seems, which is to form guilds. I suppose they believe this will bring them under the radar, however, a farmer is always a farmer, and a bot is always able to be spot. This will be a continuing report here on, as well as our usual commentaries on, etc. We will only be able to spot those on Fregion, so if you would like to report kinah farming legions on your server, please contact us with the pertinent information and screenshots.

Today’s legion? Blood for Blood. While out farming for Flux and watching a dvd movie, this little group ran around amok pulling everyone’s mobs in site. It was clearly evident they were upset that people had encroached into “their” little spot. Even though folks asked them to leave, they kept it up, even going as far hitting people’s mobs when they were half way into killing them, and even using Inescapable Judgment on mobs tagged by other people. Seemed like some of them could even have been dual boxing or botting, as there were five and only a few spoke broken english and told people to “stop whiny.”

If you have gold farming legions on your server, be sure to report them here or on

Statement from Blood for Blood

"Icarus from Suspiria" was farming flux if you read his other site and he hasn't changed his comments...Blood for Blood members were on "The Three Treasures" quest when this person ran into our group and started fighting.   The members he screen shotted where level 22-24 at the time.  Icarus was lvl 30...

Shortly afterwardd he gets a mob on him and I Rezu throw 2 heal spells into him and Sephersake pulled some mob off of him just as he takes a pot and survives the mob attacking him.  He then starts calling us gold farmers and stop stealing his kills??? The actual statement that was made by us was "Stop being so whiny we were trying to help you" 

If you look at his picture there were only the three of us and we where the only players at that lvl 25 area before he arrived.

Blood for Blood has 50 members and around 79,000 Kinah in our Legion band account which probably makes us the worst "Chinese Gold Farmers" ever...

Maybe he should have stopped watching his Dvd video and actually talked to us before running into our quest...It is also quite easy to use the Aion online site and actually looked up our legion...

Yes there are actual Gold farming legions such as "Friends of Aion" which if you do look up have player names such as Fxnz, Jktr etc.....

For someone who is as "worldly"in the gaming community and "Great GM" as he tries to promote on his website, it seems that he needs some work on responsible journalism and skills with communicating effectively with other players in game....Or maybe he just works for the Fox News Network?