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y halo thar

Well, I'll be posting about my experiences on WoW, as I just recently started playing it, I suppose I'll also be comparing it to my previous MMOs, the most notable of which is MapleStory.

Author: Revrant

They won't make it home but they really don't care

Posted by Revrant Friday February 8 2008 at 5:06AM
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So I thought I'd throw up some of my thoughts on WoW again, well, I have to say I really like the economy, much of the time it seems to be a mirror of the American economy, many extremely expensive things in fact have no use. The other thing I enjoy is that it balances out due to the ability to compare, in my previous game, the idiotic pay-only(real money) setup prevented this, meaning you always pay more than what something is elsewhere.


While I appreciate having such thoughtfully constructed quests, it has made doing those quests a second time on other characters extremely monotonous, and with them being as low level as they are it's difficult to engage in PvP due to the "twinks". "Twinks" in WoW have a very different meaning than in real life, these are low level characters funded and improved by very rich high level characters with high quality items and enchantments.

The other thing I wanted to mention was professions, overall they are in fact a lot of fun, the concept of a profession was rather alien to me until a few years ago when I was introduced to EverQuest II. The professions in WoW are pretty varied, the unfortunate thing is that most of the "crafting" professions relating to armor and weapons is very poor, and often you won't wear anything you make in favor of things you find. "Gathering" professions are a mixed bag, some can make you very rich, whereas others such as skinning aren't very profitable at all.

While you can only have two "main" professions I enjoyed secondary professions as well, these are professions you can have regardless of how many main or secondary professions you have, meaning you can have all three including two "main" professions. They include fishing, first aid, and cooking, fishing has proven to be mostly useless, fortunately first aid has saved me many times, and without hardly anything relating to mana cooking is useless to me.

I have to say I enjoy the use of unique weapon models, in MapleStory there was a distinct lack of cool, unique looking weapons until very high in the game. The fact that I have a pretty large variety to pick from and they do many different things is a welcome change from the monotony of using the same weapon for twenty levels and having it look identical to every other.

Eh, I suspect this will be all for a while, not one for blogs really.

But the lack thereof would leave me empty inside

Posted by Revrant Wednesday February 6 2008 at 4:00AM
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Ugh, backspace made the page go back because I didn't have the text space selected after putting an image in, great job on that you guys, making it deselect the space I'm putting the image in, not retyping seven paragraphs, so **** it, just pictures to follow, ugh.

This is me on my Wolf mount, I reached Exalted Reputation with Orgrimmar just to get this bad boy, would have been easier if I didn't loathe the Badlands as much as I do.

This little guy was determined to attack me, he attacked my pet first, and after failing to hurt him, saluted him and assaulted me, made me laugh aloud.

Cool shot, throwing that in here.

This is Nagrand, in Outland, absolutely gorgeous.

This is a Clefthoof, I would give my right *leg* to ride one of these, even if they run as strangely and as anatomically impossible as Kodos do.

This is my Blood Elf Paladin with a Mana Wyrmling which I found and bought myself, no high level in all of Shattrath city would help me, a short flight to Netherstorm and back while I'd pay for the Wyrmling, but no, no help.

This is him again, the armor he's wearing is the "Hulking" armor, and his sword is the Haunting Blade which I found in Shadowfang Keep.

Found this shot funny.

This is me using the special ability on my axe "Ravager", it makes you twirl in a circle and do damage to all the enemies around you, it's essentially made me something of a "tank" in that I can survive many dire situations with the ability, also looks very cool.

Gnome Master Engineer flying off into the light with his flying machine, found this shot very neat.

This guy came in, killed a few low level NPCs, and managed to kill a player when I caught him, killed him six times and ran him out of Mulgore, people are nuts. ;D

OH NO IT GAHZ'RILLA, no, wow, cool boss, went through a lot to summon him too.

Just loved that shot, us fighting Herod, the guy who I got my axe from, what with the light and the jumping, great stuff.


So yeah, no information thanks to a nice design flaw, but you have pictures to look at, enjoy. =D



Posted by Revrant Wednesday January 16 2008 at 11:20PM
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Moving some other blogs over here, as the first place sucked, enjoy this'un.

Got what the kids called World of Warcraft, there has been no greater frustration than flight paths, flying from Splintertree Post to Sun Rock Retreat is a wonderful example, when it could fly you just over the mountains it instead takes you up the whole length of Ashenvale, twirls you around, takes detours, then goes all the way around to the very top of Stonetalon Mountains, and - get this - goes OVER the mountains, then flies you alllllllll the way south, way down there, to Sun Rock Retreat.

Look, I even made you a little picture, see the pink line? That's the "flamboyant" path it takes you through, that thing takes about 15 minutes, I feel like I'm playing MapleStory again waiting for the totally unnecessary boat, the black line represents just how much faster that COULD be.

You know, the overall experience with WoW has been very positive, most of all the GMs, my previous MMO MapleStory was ruined by corrupt GMs, and on WoW, they give a damn, they fix things, they respond, you can get in touch with them, and best of all they have ZERO content control.

I'll post more crap about WoW in the future, as it is I'm more interested in fishing my virtual pet turtle(Bowser, get it? Yeah.) some food so he'll stop being all Linkin Park.

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