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Redbana: Developer's Blog

Redbana Corporation is the North American publishing arm of leading videogame developer and publisher, T3 Entertainment. Redbana operates through its video game portal, Read our blog for Game News, Updates and Previews!

Author: Redbana_Team

Audition Online: August Spotlights

Posted by Redbana_Team Friday August 16 2013 at 4:08AM
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Summer continues in Audition...


Stay tune for more updates!







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Granado Espada: World Cross PVP Update Preview

Posted by Redbana_Team Monday August 5 2013 at 12:28AM
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[1] What is World Cross PVP (WPVP)?

The World Cross PVP is a system which makes it possible for users from all servers to participate in PVP.

Users can enjoy WPVP with their friends by using the function of Invite Friend.

Users can make their characters grow faster and can purchase various items from World PVP shop by using EXP and purchase points acquired through the system.  


[2] Schedule


[3] How to Participate


Users can join the WPVP by clicking the World Cross PVP Icon of Toolbar (Alt + U) or by clicking the Icon created on the right side of the screen during the PVP ongoing time.




Once users click the Participate button, they will automatically be matched with other families who applied to join the WPVP.

In the team battle, only 5:5 is available.



Users can enjoy PVP with their friends or faction members by clicking the “Invite Friend” button.


 [4] How to Proceed



1) Veteran and above can participate and cannot enter if a character is dead.

2) During WPVP, the Family Attribute and buff are deactivated and World Cross PVP rules are applied.

3) The belongings are removed and equipment cannot be switched during WPVP.

4) The skills of Catalyst items like bullets and Ancient Star Orbs can be used without consuming SP.

5) WPVP will be a best-of-five type of match.

Consumed HP is recovered and used buff and skill cool time are initialized after each round.

6) After WPVP period is over, the one who has the higher score will be the winner.

If WPVP finishes with both parties having the same scores, the game will end in a draw.

If in case of a draw, a rematch will occur without acquisition of scores.



2nd Update 

1] Classes



Classes of users are promoted once they reached the conditions of each class.

[Probation Knight→Lower Rank Knight→Knight→High Rank Knight→Royal Knight→Empire Knight]


[2] Ranking



WPVP Ranking can be viewed by clicking the Server Ranking button in World Cross PVP UI.




500 people are designated based on each class according to the ranking and the ranking is renewed every 3 am.

In the renewal, 10% of the top are moved to higher ranking class and 10% from the bottom are moved to the lower ranking class.




3rd Update


[3] Ranking Initialization
Ranking is initialized on a regular cycle. (Subjects: Ranking, Class, PVP pts)
However, victory or defeat outcomes and kill/death records maintain in the initialization.
 All World Cross PVP records maintain in transferring families.

[1] EXP Score



In WPVP, 500 points are acquired in case of win and 200 points are acquired in case of defeat. (Based on 1:1)
 Maximum 1,000 points can be acquired per day, and Maximum 2,000 points can be obtained through the acquiring double EXP and Purchase Points Event which proceeds every Sunday.



Once users click the Get EXP button, they can increase EXP of their characters by using the EXP scores which are obtained from WPVP.
 Based on the EXP score 1,000 points, EXP of Veteran increases 72% and EXP of Master increases 19% roughly.
 If users exit WPVP abnormally, 100 points of EXP/ Purchase Points are deducted and they cannot acquire game points.
In the use of the EXP, 3MCC shares the same amount of EXP according to the EXP value.
In case of both 1MCC and 3MCC, the acquired EXPs are the same. (The EXP cannot be concentrated to 1 character.)
 Veteran and above can use the function of “Get EXP.”
The function can be used by characters below Veteran but the EXP is not provided.

This function can also be used by the characters which cannot increase their EXP anymore. (Ex. 100% of Veteran level 10, 100% of Expert level 10 and 100% of Master level 10)
So it has to be used carefully.
[2] World PVP Shop



 World PVP Shop NPC is located in Shopping Street of Auch (G6).



Through the Shop NPC, various items can be purchased by using specific items plus Purchase Points acquired from WPVP.
(The item can be purchased at the price of the item + PVP Purchase Points. Both conditions have to be met.)



Stay tune for more updates!






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