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The Return to Vana'Diel

To chronicle my new life in Final Fantasy XI.

Author: Reaper_Ember

The Battles Begin.

Posted by Reaper_Ember Friday March 14 2008 at 8:06PM
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At long last, I returned to FFXI around a week ago.

I started out as a Hume WAR with the name of Masamunexi, in reverence of my old Masamunex character. Things were alright, but I missed the glory of the Elvaan race. I used one of my spare character slots to make an Elvaan WAR named Daemus. I got the char name from my friend Waylon. So, with that, I took the 6000 gil I earned on Masa and transferred it over to my Elvaan.

I spent a few hours doing nothing but fishing. Moat Carp, on the server I'm on, go for a good 3000 gil and are quite easy to catch. They're great for new chars considering that you can spend maybe 150-200 on getting a rod and some bait, and make about 6000-9000 if you're lucky.

And then, the grinding began. I started out using the Bronze Axe, of course. Axes are always great. Fast, decent damage, and the best of the best for WAR. Over the course of the next few days, I spent plenty of time slowly working myself up to lvl 8.

At that time, my carp werent selling due to quite a few other stacks were on AH besides mine, and I needed a weapon upgrade. Leather gear was not hard to get at all, and neither was that Shell Shield. I was also able to stumble upon a cheap HQ Leather Gorget and a NQ Leather Belt. All-in-all, my equipment cost me around 5k, maaaaaaybe 6k. Which, with my current fishing trend, wasnt too bad at all. I had around 6k left on me, so I checked the lvl 8 axe, which is Brass Axe. It had higher ATK rating, so of course, I needed it. I checked the NQ, and it was 2k, which wasnt bad... But there was none in stock. So, out of sheer curiousity, I checked the HQ. There was one in stock, but it was around 8k. I was a bit short. So in desperation, I asked an LS mate if I could borrow some gil so I could get the axe. She agreed and sent the gil then. At this time, I was also talking to an old LS mate of mine when I was on Masamunex. Her name is Pantherkitty. I was telling her about it was a bit annoying to start over because you have to worry bout gil so badly. So, I guess she thought it would be a good idea to send me some gil. I went to my Mog House to check for the gil that Sue(Current LS mate) sent me, and BAM, there was 100,000 gil in my delivery box along with the 2000 sue sent me.

So yeah. Needless to say, fishing has taken a break for a few days.

I spent several hours doing a few missions in order to get to rank 2, and worked my way up to lvl 10. I went ahead and purchased Legionaire's Axe, and the 3 WAR equippable Royal Archer pieces (Bandanna, Gloves, and Boots) along with the Scale Mail and Scail Cuisses. Which, all pieces except for the pants were WAY overpriced. The mail was 6k, the axe was 5k, and each piece of royal archer was around 4k. This, even though I had 100k, was quite a strain on my wallet. In order to at least obtain some of my cash again, I went ahead and did the Pickpocket quest in P. San D'Oria to get a Light Axe so I could sell the Legionaires as soon as I had the chance. After that, I sent my old friend Dimmu a tell. He had told me the day before that he would help me in my attempt to get Bounding Boots when I hit 10. I was quite happy about this so I went ahead and headed toward S. Gustaberg. We met up in La'Thiene and he escorted me toward Bastok. It was a quick hike, even though I occasionally grabbed an orc and a quadav's attention. Dimmu, being on his 75THF was able to easily disperse of these little pesks.

We arrived in S. Gustaberg with no real issue. We started killing placeholders and continued to do so for around 2 hours. When I was about to give up and head to bed, it popped. Dimmu claimed and killed, but no drop.

I was a bit annoyed, but I didnt let it get me down. Earlier that day I had another unsuccessful attempt at getting the Clipeus, which is a shield for lvl 9 WAR/DRK/PLD. It has the same appearance as the Aspis but has 2 more DEF and an Evasion+1 stat. After the failed attempt at boots, I went to bed. The next day, I was on the way to La'Thiene plateau to do some EXP, but I saw the NM that dropped the shield. A LS mate was nearby so he was happy to help me out. We made quick work of the beetle and the shield dropped, so woot. After that, I had to get off.

The next day, I went on my way to La'Thiene Plateau to do a bit of soloing to reach 11. Worked out fairly well, and I got my first PT invite. The invite was my first PT invite on this char, and I was hoping for the best. I was still 10 and was a bit skeptical about how it would go, but I gave it a shot anyway. It was HORRIBLE. We couldnt EXP in Valkurm due to the fact that we didnt have a full party or a PL, and if we EXP'd in Konstchat, we got 30 EXP for a T. I left the party and did a few things around the house.

I returned the next day, craving lvl 11. I worked my ass off getting EXP and, right before I got to 11, I got my first successful PT invite. I went ahead and hit lvl 11 and equipped my new axe(:D), and headed to Dunes.

Got there, the party went great, we had a PL and everything. NIN, WARx2, SMN, SCH, WHM. Great combination at low lvl. After the other WAR left, we got a DRG that I had known since my EARLY days on Masamunex.

Anyway, in that pt I got to lvl 13. Now I need a Bone Axe and I need to purchase a STR+2 ring and a DEX+2 ring. There goes another 35k :P

Now setting up account.

Posted by Reaper_Ember Thursday March 6 2008 at 4:49PM
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Well, after a long time away from the game, I have finally surrendered to my gaming instincts and returned to what made me a MMORPG fan.

I've had the discs and reg codes for a few days now, but I had to wait for some monetary flow so I could get started.

As some know, and many dont, I used to be known as the great PLD, Masamunex of Saints linkshell.

One day, I made the grim mistake to let someone that I thought was a friend borrow my account while I was away for a few days. He used it to sell gil and as soon as he found out that I wanted my account back, he sold it.

The guy that bought it was a nice guy though and he let me play on the account for a while, until SE finally tracked the gil sales from the guy that stole the account back to Masa.

And then, my account was banned. I was angered so I quit playing for quite a while. But now, I am returning to the world of Vana'diel.

Wish me luck all.