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Diary of a Casual Player

Here I talk, rant or praise about crafting in games. Also, I comment on the community and other things that I happen to like about my favorite games. I've started my own blog at

Author: Realedazed

Adventures in ArcheAge

Posted by Realedazed Wednesday October 22 2014 at 8:03PM
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So, I finally got into ArcheAge!  I've been ignoring this game for about a year or so since I never thought it would run on my laptop.  One day, I random decided to download it and it runs fairly well. I originally wanted to write a forum post ranting and raving about this game. But, since I don't have any gaming friends (so sad), I figured I'd just make a journal of my (boring) adventures instead.

Well, I've been playing for about a week and I like it. I've basically been ignoring the bots and hacks and all the other things that  people have been complaining about, simply because none of that effects me personally. I'm one of those "cup is half full" types, so I try to focus on the fun part. So, here's my initial thoughts:

On Land:

When I first started playing, I used public farms for a few things and my temporary farm for the rest. But, after running around for less than 10 minutes, I was able to find a 8x8 spot for my alt. I was also given a spot for my main by my guild (lucky!) Funny thing, this guy that I met seconds after I got my main's plot was trying so hard to give away (as in free) his 8x8 and couldn't even do it.

Now that I've been able to profit off of my plots, I see what the big deal is. But honestly, I think with an 8x8 or even a 16x16, if you are lucky - and I mean real lucky because people suck at placing plots efficiently,   you can get by, make OK money and work your way up from there.

Anyway, my land goals include my 16X16 farm and Breezy Bungalow.

On Labor and Crafting:

I really like crafting. It's basically the same old "press a button, craft a thing." I wish there was more to it, but whatever.  I like that there's so much to craft and even low level craftables can be sold for profit on the auction house or used in higher level crafts..

I tend to do the crafts that include the most fluff. Right now, I'm focusing on farming, but later I'm thinking about Handicraft and Tailoring. Mostly because they include plushies and trinkets! 

As for labor, I guess I'm not doing it right. I mostly do 4-8 hour crops, trees and animals and harvest everything I come across. But, I rarely get under 2k labor. When I got to max, I just crafted some tax certs.  Also, this game is so Farmville. I actually liked that game, so it's not a terrible thing.

On Random other stuff

I'm not really feeling the decoration stuff in this game. I never got into the virtual house decoration (Unless I'm playing The Sims). I get my fix from EQ2. I like making scenes or dungeons, there. It's basically the same thing - but it's not. I'm just going to leave it like that for now.

I'm really digging the Firran. It has been a long time rant of mine that  in most MMOs, the non-human characters are just humans with funny heads. I love how the Firran walk on their toes, have different sets of armor and run on all fours!

RIght now I'm looking for an active fishing guild and hopeful do some oversea trading and fishing.

BTW, I'm doing the Extra Life Fundraiser: