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Diary of a Casual Player

Here I talk, rant or praise about crafting in games. Also, I comment on the community and other things that I happen to like about my favorite games. I've started my own blog at

Author: Realedazed

Bounty Bay Online

Posted by Realedazed Sunday February 22 2009 at 10:33PM
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 There was some free stuff on the main page of this site. Since it was free, why not.  I downloaded the game and I'm actually impressed.  I'm playing a pure crafter/merchant so here's my take so far.


  • You can play a pure crafter/merchant - Basically the game is skill-based. So I have been learning all of the trades, just because I can. Its pretty straight forward: equip an axe, click a tree, start chopping, for example.  
  • Skilled based, of course. -   You don't have to kill mindlessly to level your crafting.
  • Player Stalls - Anyone can have a stall.  In the last F2P, you needed to buy a permit from the cash shop to own a stall.
  • Merchanting (I guess that's a word) - You can go from coast to coast buying low and selling high. There's even a popular item, that changes every hour and you get experience and a money bonus if you sell an item when its popular.
  • Quick loading zones - When I needed to change zones, it happened very quickly.  I was pretty impressed.

I actually had more pros, but I lost them in my first write up and I closed that window by accident.


  • Lots of typos and mistranslations - of my top dislikes about foreign games.
  • Rubber-banding - I can't walk/run for 3 secs without rebounding.  I don't know if its my computer or the game.  Every other game runs smoothly for me, so through the process of elimination...
  • Seabattling sucks - well to me, since I have no freaking clue what I'm doing.
  • Combat seems out of place.  - Again, that's my take. I'm so used to playing a necromantic orc that hunts  bunnies, that when I do it in a realistic setting as a pirate/trader, it seems compeletely wrong.
  • Gathering is boring - I even read on the forums that you can just go AFK while mining/lumberjacking.  Farming is the same way, plant, then come BAK in 20 mins to harvest. 
  • Materials are boring - There's no really exploration to it or even the experience of finding new stuff. You can cut the same tree and get all types of levels of stuff. Plus, you can just go to the Suburbs of whatever city and within you shall find your gathering nodes.
  • The UI is crappy and boring - If I had any clue how to make addons, this would be my first project.  The text is hard to read in the chat. When you have new messages, the tabs flash quickly and annoyingly (if that is even a word and I really hope so since I use it often) The menus look dated and plain. Man, don't get me started.
  • No player housing. - Again, something personal. I don't know why I need this in a game. But you do get to own several ships and dye them. :)


So far, I do like the game and I'm looking forward to playing it alittle more. I didn't know it was once a game called Voyage of the Century (I think that's it) and I see Frogster's name on it. I'm not sure what's up with that. Anyway, that's it.

Thanks for reading.


rensta writes:

Nice list of pros and cons! i might give this game a try now.

Altho i have heard ther are some problems connecting to the update server? well anyway il see for my self soon enough.

Mon Feb 23 2009 3:28AM Report
Spacefish2 writes:

Bounty Bay Online (BBO) was originally the German version of Voyage Century Online (VCO). Both still exist but the German licenseholders have now also released that English language server.

Both companies use a poorly translated version of the original Chinese VCO client, with some own changes, which are minor.

Mon Feb 23 2009 8:43AM Report
Realedazed writes:

 @Spacefish2: Thanks! I was wondering about that. I kept reading references to that, but I never really knew exactly what was going on.


@rensta: Thanks! Defnately check it out. I'm sure that there are more pros, too.  I've only been playing for about 2-3 days now.  If you do try it, make sure you get your cash shop items! They come in sooo handy, especially:

- Experience boost scroll: Its called something else, but it gives you a boost to all youir experience gains for an hour. AND its good for five uses.

-9999 or so provisions that don't weigh a thing - Bascially you need these to sail or your sailors will get cranky or something.  Provisions also take up valuable space, if you are a merchant. Having 9999 will last you a while and the fact that they don't take up space is awesome!

-Clothes - This set of cloths looks better than the stuff that you get on creation and it addes stats. +60 carry (which will come in handy if you are a gatherer). There's more, but I can't remeber. 

Yea, definately check it out. Have fun!

I'm Jevonna in game if you want to message me :)

Mon Feb 23 2009 11:43AM Report writes:
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