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Diary of a Casual Player

Here I talk, rant or praise about crafting in games. Also, I comment on the community and other things that I happen to like about my favorite games. I've started my own blog at

Author: Realedazed

Adventures in ArcheAge

Posted by Realedazed Wednesday October 22 2014 at 7:03PM
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So, I finally got into ArcheAge!  I've been ignoring this game for about a year or so since I never thought it would run on my laptop.  One day, I random decided to download it and it runs fairly well. I originally wanted to write a forum post ranting and raving about this game. But, since I don't have any gaming friends (so sad), I figured I'd just make a journal of my (boring) adventures instead.

Well, I've been playing for about a week and I like it. I've basically been ignoring the bots and hacks and all the other things that  people have been complaining about, simply because none of that effects me personally. I'm one of those "cup is half full" types, so I try to focus on the fun part. So, here's my initial thoughts:

On Land:

When I first started playing, I used public farms for a few things and my temporary farm for the rest. But, after running around for less than 10 minutes, I was able to find a 8x8 spot for my alt. I was also given a spot for my main by my guild (lucky!) Funny thing, this guy that I met seconds after I got my main's plot was trying so hard to give away (as in free) his 8x8 and couldn't even do it.

Now that I've been able to profit off of my plots, I see what the big deal is. But honestly, I think with an 8x8 or even a 16x16, if you are lucky - and I mean real lucky because people suck at placing plots efficiently,   you can get by, make OK money and work your way up from there.

Anyway, my land goals include my 16X16 farm and Breezy Bungalow.

On Labor and Crafting:

I really like crafting. It's basically the same old "press a button, craft a thing." I wish there was more to it, but whatever.  I like that there's so much to craft and even low level craftables can be sold for profit on the auction house or used in higher level crafts..

I tend to do the crafts that include the most fluff. Right now, I'm focusing on farming, but later I'm thinking about Handicraft and Tailoring. Mostly because they include plushies and trinkets! 

As for labor, I guess I'm not doing it right. I mostly do 4-8 hour crops, trees and animals and harvest everything I come across. But, I rarely get under 2k labor. When I got to max, I just crafted some tax certs.  Also, this game is so Farmville. I actually liked that game, so it's not a terrible thing.

On Random other stuff

I'm not really feeling the decoration stuff in this game. I never got into the virtual house decoration (Unless I'm playing The Sims). I get my fix from EQ2. I like making scenes or dungeons, there. It's basically the same thing - but it's not. I'm just going to leave it like that for now.

I'm really digging the Firran. It has been a long time rant of mine that  in most MMOs, the non-human characters are just humans with funny heads. I love how the Firran walk on their toes, have different sets of armor and run on all fours!

RIght now I'm looking for an active fishing guild and hopeful do some oversea trading and fishing.

BTW, I'm doing the Extra Life Fundraiser:

Bounty Bay Online

Posted by Realedazed Sunday February 22 2009 at 9:33PM
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 There was some free stuff on the main page of this site. Since it was free, why not.  I downloaded the game and I'm actually impressed.  I'm playing a pure crafter/merchant so here's my take so far.


  • You can play a pure crafter/merchant - Basically the game is skill-based. So I have been learning all of the trades, just because I can. Its pretty straight forward: equip an axe, click a tree, start chopping, for example.  
  • Skilled based, of course. -   You don't have to kill mindlessly to level your crafting.
  • Player Stalls - Anyone can have a stall.  In the last F2P, you needed to buy a permit from the cash shop to own a stall.
  • Merchanting (I guess that's a word) - You can go from coast to coast buying low and selling high. There's even a popular item, that changes every hour and you get experience and a money bonus if you sell an item when its popular.
  • Quick loading zones - When I needed to change zones, it happened very quickly.  I was pretty impressed.

I actually had more pros, but I lost them in my first write up and I closed that window by accident.


  • Lots of typos and mistranslations - of my top dislikes about foreign games.
  • Rubber-banding - I can't walk/run for 3 secs without rebounding.  I don't know if its my computer or the game.  Every other game runs smoothly for me, so through the process of elimination...
  • Seabattling sucks - well to me, since I have no freaking clue what I'm doing.
  • Combat seems out of place.  - Again, that's my take. I'm so used to playing a necromantic orc that hunts  bunnies, that when I do it in a realistic setting as a pirate/trader, it seems compeletely wrong.
  • Gathering is boring - I even read on the forums that you can just go AFK while mining/lumberjacking.  Farming is the same way, plant, then come BAK in 20 mins to harvest. 
  • Materials are boring - There's no really exploration to it or even the experience of finding new stuff. You can cut the same tree and get all types of levels of stuff. Plus, you can just go to the Suburbs of whatever city and within you shall find your gathering nodes.
  • The UI is crappy and boring - If I had any clue how to make addons, this would be my first project.  The text is hard to read in the chat. When you have new messages, the tabs flash quickly and annoyingly (if that is even a word and I really hope so since I use it often) The menus look dated and plain. Man, don't get me started.
  • No player housing. - Again, something personal. I don't know why I need this in a game. But you do get to own several ships and dye them. :)


So far, I do like the game and I'm looking forward to playing it alittle more. I didn't know it was once a game called Voyage of the Century (I think that's it) and I see Frogster's name on it. I'm not sure what's up with that. Anyway, that's it.

Thanks for reading.


Ultima Online: Reborn and Revisited

Posted by Realedazed Saturday January 31 2009 at 8:56PM
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The last post I wrote was on my annoying  experience.  

As I said somewhere in that blog or in its comments: I am a moody (emo, if you will) person. People like me like blogs because we get to rant. And that is what I did.

Now,  I just want to point  out my positives.

When I stopped crafting and started adventuring, I did have fun.  I can't talk about the quests, because the only ones i completed were the newbie introduction quests and tailoring Buik Orders (basically, crafting quests, I guess. For example, I need an order for 10 pairs of pantaloons, post-haste! There is some Olde English in the game, but that quote was all mine.) 

I did learn some magery. But, you actually need regents, or ingredients to cast them. I like exploring, so I didn't mind wandering around to find the stuff. I just crammed all of my magical ingredients into a little bag I got and before I knew it, I had about 70+ of each item.  I was surprised on how much I had found while hunting and gathering skins. So, yea, you need ingredients to cast, which was an interesting way to do it. I think it added a bunch to mages.  I also learned Necromancy - I just had to.  My crazy, unnatural obsession to virtual dark arts is only second to my crazy, unnatural obession with virtual items and crafting. You also need a book of spells.  I saw  for sell by the magic instructors. I guess others are bought else where, in loot or something. I didn't really investigate.  

So, basically  I liked how they did magic. Get your self a bag of mystic goodies and a spellbook and fill it with spells that you like and you are good to go.

Along with basically everything else in this game, you can completely customize your character.  I had plans to be an Necromatic Treasure Hunting Carpenter (or NTHC) who sometimes inscribes runes.  And it seems you can do anything, which is really cool.

Also, the community was really nice.  I had people give me armor, ask if I was OK or needed help. If I asked a random question, someone answered me and maybe showed me something nice. They did it all without using the words n00b or stupid, too.

So, also, the graphics are dated. What is it? 2d, 2.5d, I don't know. But seem to remember someone describing it as such a looong time ago.

Anyway, that's it.

I'm off to play more Runes of Magic, instead of doing my homework.  I have all weekend for C++ and Photoshop.


(Edited: Since I can't spell_)

Ultima Online (Rant Ahead)

Posted by Realedazed Wednesday January 28 2009 at 12:59AM
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 Can't say that I'm too impressed with Ultima online. There's some good stuff and, of course, some bad stuff.  

I have to start with the bad stuff, however.  What is a blog without the obligatory rant?

I was bored and ran across this game.  I really enjoy roleplaying games and from what I read, this game has it.  It does look a bit dated, but I guess that adds to its charm.  Also, I'm obsessed with player made content. In this game, I can buy a house and plop it right inside the game world some where.  Sweet!

So, I log in ready to take the newbie tutorials, mine up a bunch of ore to sell to lazy vets or maybe learn up some magery so I can light up some bunnies and orcs for gold. Then, get a house by the end of the week. But, no!  New characters have to wait 15 days before housing can be bought.  That was the straw that broke the camel's back. I uninstalled and went to cancel.

Opps, I'm getting a head of myself.  The fully customizable housing system was the reason I logged on and the only reason I stuck through the first 2 fustrating things on my list. I took up a blacksmith template. This game is completely skill-based, but you can start as one of the usual tempates: Blacksmith, Necromancer (tempting!), Warrior, whatever.  Naturally, as a virtual crafter, I chose blacksmith.  I got on the newbie quests that supposedly allowed you to get from level .01 to level 50 quickly.  Mining was no problem for some reason. I made about 200 ignots and I was done.  Blacksmithing, however, took forever! I inched up by .01% incraments from 30 to 49.01 on those 200 ignots. Then, I completely stopped leveling.  I gave up mining and just bought ignots from gold made from newbie escort missions. I used about 200 more and still haven't gotten anywhere toward 50.

I just quit the quest.  And the game.  I uninstalled the game quickly. But, then I was bored again and happened upon the UOGuide and forums. Poked around abit and found some stuff that I should have read before starting the newbie missions. I shrugged it off, since I just happened to be in a better mood.  I also browsed around and found some cool houses. I'm not sure why, but I wanted one.

Luckily, I uninstalled the game, but didn't deleted the setup. So, I tried again. This time going with Warrior/Tailor. Which was easy: hunt, skin, make stuff, sell. It was easy enough.  Bought a housing thingie then found out that I can't even play with the housing.  I had $15 to burn, why not subscribe and waste some time there for a month.  Then I found out, late again, that even if I subscribe I still have  to wait. On top of that, all of the cool furniture and stuff has to be bought with RL money.

I uninstalled and deleted the setup, yet again.

To ad insult to injury, EA charged me 1.00 to try their "free trial." I don't remember reading anything about that. Also, as of 5 mins ago, I just happened to check my online bank account and EA charged me 14.99 for freaking POGO. WTF?? Customer service is convientantly closed, too.

Well, I was going to say some positives. But I've riled myself up again. So positives for you today Ulitma Onine.

Whew, it does feel good to rant.

A Tale in the Desert or Oh, that crafting game...

Posted by Realedazed Thursday January 1 2009 at 11:14AM
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Today I would like to talk about a game called A Tale in the Desert; ATitD as I like to abbreviated it or just that boring, crafting game, as my boyfriend likes to call it.

I found this game back during Tale 1. I like crafting and games that made me think always appealed to me. I browsed the forums before joining and most of the players there sounded mature enough. So, I was all in.

I left because depending on how you play the game, it could be fun or a boring path to carpel tunnel. Especially when you join in the middle, or close to the end of a tale. There's so much tech and skills to learn and catch up with.  Plus, I started to slack a bit with school and work and I needed to quit something.

I'm excited that I've started about a week or two into the new tale.   I've been casually working my way up the technology tree. I started gathering grass, wood and mud to make simple machines and now I've just completed my compound - which is sorta like my own virtual house.

I'm not sure if its new to the  tale, but it is definately is new to me, are levels and acheivements.  I believe you gain a level when you complete something from the university or school. For example, for the school of body I had to identify 35 species of plants within  a certain time and then return to turn in my research. Or, with the school of architecture, I had to build my first compound.  While doing this, I've gained some achievements. One that I can think of off the top of my head is flax growing. I've been a flax growing machine and won my acheivement once I've grown my 77th (or was 777th?) stalk.

Anyway, there's so much to this game.  I can't contain it in a single post.  I'll post more to expand on things as I learn about them and try them out. In the meantime, gentle readers, why don't you try it out. 24 hours free isn't going to hurt: For info on the game, tech, buidlings and such, try:

So, I like crafting virtual stuff...

Posted by Realedazed Monday August 18 2008 at 3:54AM
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I forgot I even had a blog here.  So here's the first in what I hope will be a very interesting series of blogs.  if not interesting, at least i get to get various things off my chest.

I was just thinking about why I like crafting in with MMORPGs. I find that I'm always the support character, so I'm almost always the crafter and sometimes a healer. I guess I just want to be needed.

I'm a Roleplayer at heart. Who knows when, back in the days of AOL, I found Chatroom based RPs and soon after MUDs and MUSHes (I still play, actually. When I have time, that is) When I do, I'm always the healer or the Master Herbalist or something along that line. So, I guess it just carried over to my MMO-playing.

I think crafting and other tradeskills such as harvesting and such give players something else  a break from killing and questing. Or, it could be just another  skill the grind.  There are a few games that I've found recently that have systems that are much better  and much more involved than just: "Got mats, got skills, click craft x100 and level" 

I like the crafting systems that are much more. How much you make and the quality of what you make are determined by the skills of the character as well as the player behind it.  To me, this is good. It leaves the profit to those who are either very lucky when it comes to pressing buttons and stuff or the really skilled and dedicated.

So far I've found EQ2 - You gather the mats then you click create. But, then there are events that you have to react to. You can do much more than required to pump of the durability of the item or speed up the process. You have to get  to know the crafting arts a little bit to make sure you can make it all the way to the end.  I've only been playing EQ2 for about a day or so, but this seems like a cool distraction from questing.

Also there's Puzzle Pirates. Of course. everything is tied to puzzle.  Last I checked (a few months ago), almost every craft had a puzzle associated with it.  The better you did at the puzzle, the better quality of the work. For example, beginners may get basic labor while more experienced players may be able to land more "Vagases" and "Donkeys" to be able to get expert labor.

Well, I'm going off tangent and this is turning about to be a lot longer than I thought. Plus, I'm getting sleepy. I guess I'll rant and rave about MMO crafting later.