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Wallowing in the MUDs with Raslazel

A series of articles about MUDs and gaming in general, involving strategy and commentary on role-play and having fun.

Author: Raslazel

Design for Beginners: Clothing

Posted by Raslazel Monday August 13 2012 at 7:18PM
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What to wear, what to wear…? If you’re like my character, Raslazel, in the top MUD Achaea from Iron Realms Entertainment, it’s not a hard question to answer. See, Ras is, among other things, a tailor. He wears whatever he feels like designing or making. In feeding his fashion passion, I’ve picked up a few tips and tricks for making solid clothing designs and I’m going to share them with you

1. Common words are just fine. I cannot stress enough that you do not need to beat your thesaurus to death to make a nice clothing design. It’s the order in which the words are placed, not the words themselves that count.

2. Technical knowledge of the craft helps, even if it’s only minimal. Do a little research on types of cloth, different weaves of those, methods of stitching and things like that. I couldn’t patch a hole in my pants, but I know the difference between tweed and twill. It brings a bit of authenticity to your work.

3. Establish an order and move from that. If the defining feature of your garment is the print, start with that and describe everything else in detail.

4. Be specific. Does your shirt have buttons? What are those buttons made of? Are those trousers you just designed button-fly or do they lace closed? In your materials and in every detail of the garment in question, be specific.

5. Keeping no. 1 in mind, don’t be afraid to embellish and really flex your writing muscles. It is a text game, after all.

If you keep these handy tips in mind, you’ll be a great tailor in no time. Don’t be afraid to make things for your friends and really enjoy it. For those special friends, you might even consider doing a “fitting.” Wink, wink.

If you’ve ever thought to yourself, “what game should I play?” and you haven’t tried an Iron Realms Entertainment MUD, what are you waiting for? With no download necessary to enjoy the full, free-to-play experience of Achaea, Imperian, Lusternia, Aetolia or Midkemia, there’s no reason not to give them a shot.