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Wallowing in the MUDs with Raslazel

A series of articles about MUDs and gaming in general, involving strategy and commentary on role-play and having fun.

Author: Raslazel

The Importance of Newbies in Gaming

Posted by Raslazel Tuesday July 31 2012 at 4:42PM
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Often criticized and sometimes irritating, newbies --n00bs, newbs, nubs, etc.-- often cause problems for more experienced gamers. In a first-person shooter, for instance, they may feed the enemy team numerous kills. In an MMORPG, they’ll often be unfamiliar with their skills and the game’s controls and be the first to perish, causing the rest of the party to have to pick up the slack. But in a MUD, like the top MUD Achaea by Iron Realms Entertainment, they’re especially problematic.

In MUDs, which generally have roleplay-heavy environments, newbies can be the enemy of in-character gaming. Indeed, their immersion-breaking antics leave us veteran players with little to do but palm our faces and shake our heads. Not only that, but MUDs come with a steep learning curve for those unused to the genre. Creating macros for your movement controls and simple triggers and aliases for common tasks is second-nature to some of us, but can be completely overwhelming for a new player.

It’s important to bear in mind that we were all newbies at some point. That’s been said again and again and it’s still true. No matter your game, someone taught you a thing or two about it in the past. If this isn’t the case and you’re just naturally talented, then where’s the harm in sharing what you’ve learned instead of throwing insults around?

Newbies keep a game fresh and give us old players something to do when things get boring. They’re important to keeping your favourite game in business (and it often is a business).  Besides that, every newbie is a new friend waiting to be made. Embrace your noobs.

In Iron Realms Entertainment’s best MUDs, there is an extensive system for assisting new players already set in place. Between the newbie channels and vast libraries of help scrolls, it’s hard to go wrong. Try a free MMORPG from Iron Realms today and get your newbie on with no download required!