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I wish....

If i could have a perfect online experiance with a game, i would have to make lots of changes. Warning : [may devolve into ranting]

Author: Ramsden

Something nice

Posted by Ramsden Saturday November 24 2007 at 8:56PM
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I thought it would be pleasant to write something that is positive, and not depressing, especially while im having a good day. So wish me luck :D


Although there are of course bad points to every thing in life, there are also good points... lets look at mmos

Community ; of course there are always exceptions, but i for one have met many great people through mmos, i have subsequently met them irl and some have turned to really good friends. Asking for help in a mmo is not as bad as it is represented, as long as you are sensible and polite, you can be surprised how far some people will go to help you.

Attack of the Clones ; Yes, as soon as something good comes out people use that as a base to build their own, less good game. But there are also original games out there, which, while they are not on the same level as the big developers, i feel will force bigger companies to up their game, or loose subscribers.

Lifespan ; Lets face it, the average game that is not online will only last a set amount of time, and then it is done... even a game that you adore. MMOs last so much longer, i personally played Ultima Online for about 6 years. Of course there were spots where i was bored with it, but they never lasted too long :D

Community ; Yes, i have already said this one, but it bears repeating, i dont think i could ever stay with a game without  all the friends i have made. Its the main reason i keep going back to WoW, the reason why other games just dont have the same sticking power for me. All my friends are in WoW.
 And i think i will keep coming back until they decide to move somewhere else, and i suspect that is when i will move too :D


Hopefully i have managed to be upbeat, and possibly discussed something positive

Azareal x x


Posted by Ramsden Friday November 23 2007 at 6:59AM
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Taking a large view on playing WoW, ultimately the game is pointless... you level up to the level cap, you grind rep, you grind honor, and just when you have the equipment / recipes you need the level cap jumps up and all these things you have been working so long for become obsolete and you need tostart almost all over again... new factions, new dungeoons, but the same scenario.. grind.

People grind  for ages to get a recipe instead of buying it and 5 months later there is no point to the recipe, and they are grinding for a new one.

Im not saying i have a solution for this, aside from quitting :D . and im not saying that WoW isnt a fun game, it can just be disheartening especially when there is an expansion on the horizon. I unnderstand that mmorpgs are a business and they need to be updated to keep people playing, but looking at an earlier game like Ultima Online... the skill points system as opposed to a lvl system still has a stroner appeal to me, although i think levels are the expected standard nowadays


Azareal x x


P.S. Okay to clarify a few things, i play, i like WoW. I dont find it a grind, in general, mainly because i dont have the time to find it a grind.. but, even though it is not as much a grind as it used to be.. there are still aspects there.



Posted by Ramsden Saturday November 17 2007 at 10:38AM
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Hi, first entry, so i am going to look at something that always depresses me about mmo's in general. I always find short paragraphs are easier to read, so while it may be long, i wont leave huge blocks of words mashed together.

Complaining : This is one of my personal pet hates, don't ask me why, i doubt i could be exact. People who play a mmo, decide to go onto a forum and let loose with everything that they dislike, they hate about a game,

For examaple, take WoW, good game, at least in my opinion, generally solid not too much to complain about in my opinion. A class gets nerfed slightly and you will have quite a significant number of people attacking whoever they can because it is unfair, it hurts them, etc... I have never been able to understand why people feel the need to vent their feelings over a forum like this, i can understand it if they make a calm, or rational complaint to whoever is in charge, or starting a discussion with other gamers about it, but now it seems, people feel the only way devs listen to them is to scream their heads off [figuratevely].

Another thing i have noticed is that people are getting less and less patient with games in development, and when a game is delayed, to make sure it is ready upon release, people take this even more badly.

People can wait 5 years for a game, when there is no release date, as soon as there is a release date, if it gets pushed back, all hell breaks loose and noone can wait the extra 2 months or whatever that is required to release the game properly.

With these things in mind, i thought up some guidelines which these "complainers" never think about before posting.

1. The game is not made solely for you, so just because something that has been made does not benefit you does not mean it is bad.

2. Adding lots of swear words and capital letters does not make you : more grown up, able to express your feelings better, sane

3. If you do not like a game being produced there is no need to say so, just dont buy the game, just because you were possibly, maybe thinking about buying the game, does not give you the right to criticise it if you havent tried it for a reasonable amount of time.

4. Just because you have bought and played the game does not give you the right to be an arse, you have paid for the game, so you have the right to an opinion about said game, but then so did many other people, and more often than not, the game will be changed however is best for the majority, as has been said before... if you dont like the changes, you can always quit, noone is forcing you to play.


This is mostly just for my benefit, because this has been annoying me for a long time, but if you read this and disagree... just remember.. you didnt have to read it, you didnt have to pay to read it... and read my guidelines before you add a comment :D


Azareal x x


 Edit: Sorry but i just saw something which illustrates my point to insanity...  Some guy got into the beta for a game, downloading the client etc.. and found out he only had 2 weeks of play time... went off the rails, and started ranting.... if it didnt make you so depressed about the human race it would be slightly amusing i guess xD