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I'm just sitting here

Posted by Rajai Sunday March 9 2008 at 3:27PM
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I'm just sitting here waiting on my awesome new ideazon gaming keyboard and reaper edge mouse i won on february 11th
I wonder if it takes them 4-6 weeks to ship and process an order
Hurry up pl0x
getting my hopes up and whatnot


So I quit Mabinogi today, I've been waiting months to play it or a month and a week, i don't remember- It's been on my mind for a while
Just the game needs some serious... thought put into it.. from all of the newbie quests combined you'll make about 12k right.. that's barely enough to buy a shield... and when you die it'll end up dropping from your character and you'll have to pay 6k to get it back
<expletive deleted>
Easily enough, the game pretty much gives you level 15- if you decide to be an archer- god help you- you'll probably get tossed around like the new guy in prison when you fight. I know I did. It wasn't fun, I can't solo any of the quests as an archer.. so I used my sword.
If you decide to be a melee hallelujah you'll have a cake time killing stuff but all of the good armor costs a newborn child, one arm, and a leg.
Magesdon't fare any easier as far as i can tell, the magic spells are expensive.. healing is 9xxx gold..
it's impossible to click right.. if you don't click on a moving object while its running you don't attack it..
and you end up running to him and giving him an easy time having his way with you
potions are unreasonably expensive as well

I don't know who was smoking what when they decided to stop the quests making all the money cause if they had a few dozen more of those..
the game would be alright.. instead the game forces you to hunt fomors(monster scrolls) to turn in for money..
they're a royal pain to get

job hunting is alright but impractical.. I end up having to do the church volunteer work for the holy water so i can bless my stuff to not drop when i die
cause with my luck it all drops when i die
4 of my blessings are removed from my items when i am KOed
and you don't make that much money..
</rant> writes:
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