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Beta Testing

Posted by Rajai Monday February 4 2008 at 3:32AM
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Sure they may be a free way to test out an upcoming game, sure they may seem like such an incentive to spend hours a day playing. Surely they may seem like a once in a lifetime opportunity but I must ask... why?
Beta testing is a company's way of luring in free labour to make bug reports and help the developers get rid of anything imperfect about the game...
most people just want to check the game out for themselves and see what the gameplay is like.. I'm sure very few people who beta test a game really want to do the work of a video game tester.. those kinds of people get paid minimum wage to work 17 hours a day.
But at least those kinds of people make money and have opportunities for advancement.
What kinds of incentives do beta testers get? aside from a sneak preview?
We get our characters wiped, we get our sometimes dozens of hours lost, and they get a marketable game.
They make money.

So.. ... ...
How about some incentives?
Maybe in some cases a free lifetime account?
How about some Ncash?
5 dollars?
Cmon the time I've spent beta testing your crappy game must be worth at LEAST five dollars?
five dollars worth of Ncash?
So my reward is your silent gratitude?

I'll have to pass.
Lucasw99 writes:

Betas give people the chance to play a game without having to buy anything and, if they turn out to be rubbish saves them the mistake of actually buying the game.

Mon Feb 04 2008 4:06AM Report
xenogias writes:

Lucas is right. If you didnt buy the beta you just saved $50. More if it takes you a while to decide on a game. When you sign up for a beta you know what your signing up to do. Beta testing isnt for every one. If you do decide to buy the game you also have the advantage of knowing a fair amount about the game ahead of time. So I guess you could look at it as payment. Inside information on beginning quests. What classes/races you like. Controlls ect. Some people would pay money to get that advantage.

Mon Feb 04 2008 6:08AM Report
thelawoflogic writes:

i like beta test so i can help make a better thing

Mon Feb 04 2008 7:29AM Report
Necromage writes:

I agree with Rajai in some of his point of view

It is true that most do not get jack for Beta Testing except self entertainment but it just happens that in this case there is a prize up for graps

Nexon is offering for those who make bug reports as the link below is the reward

although these rewards are fit to be used in the real world i think id take NCash since i hate dealing with giftcards

Thats all i have to say

Mon Feb 04 2008 8:05AM Report
Tarqueth writes:

If you feel that you should be given something (monetary) for beta testing a game, then you should not be in the beta test.

Beta testing is done so the company can fine tune the game prior to letting it go Gold or live.  Hopefully they can release the game with just a few minor bugs rather than a ton of big issues.  You KNEW that you would not be getting anything for beta testing it when you signed up for the beta position.

Please, do not take a beta position if you are not going to submit bug reports/game issues.  I honestly doubt that you are in the Beta to "help" resolve issues and make a better game if you seriously think you should be getting something for it.  You only signed up for the beta so you could see what the game was going to be like.  Do us all a favor and research games before you put in for beta applications.  Otherwise, you are wasting a valuable slot that could be filled with someone who is actually willing to make a difference.

Mon Feb 04 2008 1:25PM Report
Rajai writes:

okay, the entire point of this post was why don't the companies give us some kind of reward or something...
for dedicating our time to fixing the bugs in their crappy game..
Video game testers make money
why don't video game beta testers get at least a little something?
and not five 50 dollar gift cards and 25 20 dollar gift cards, weren't there thousands of beta keys given out?
Way to be cheap Nexon

Mon Feb 04 2008 2:42PM Report
streea writes:

Professional testers actually work all day for months at a time going over specific things to make sure they work. They aren't just logging in to play when they have time off... it is their job.

You, however, are not working for the company. Instead, the payment is the chance to play the game and get an advance look. They aren't indebted to you... they've got plenty of other testers willing to give the game a whirl for no payment beyond being able to experience it. If you want to get paid, get some experience as a professional tester.

Mon Feb 04 2008 2:52PM Report
ZANGFEI writes:

The Pro testers job!. Picking up items to put into Inventory and Deleteing them Over and over and over 1000 times in one slot to make sure it's working can get to be rather nasty.

Ok (FRANK*) today you get to pick at "A" Node of Ore...... Sounds like fun ahh. (Not fun). but then again when has real work been fun. 

Mon Feb 04 2008 10:58PM Report
Rajai writes:

on a lighter note I'm in love with this game's music system
but(at the risk of changing the topic) this game's very very basic for being out for five years, i honestly think animal crossing(the singleplayer one) has more content
Why am i so miraculously drawn to this game..

Tue Feb 05 2008 3:36AM Report
Rajai writes:

back to the topic though video game testers do the thorough testing jobs before they let the busy bees(the thousands of them) go to work testing out the game environment

Honestly all I want for beta testing this game is one rebirth scroll and an extra character card.
or 5000 ncash
(sorry for my rant- I'm very anti-corporation)

Tue Feb 05 2008 3:39AM Report writes:
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