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Auction Houses ruin every game ever

Posted by Rajai Sunday March 16 2008 at 1:00PM
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There used to be a time when Auction houses were valuable tools for the speed of obtaining items without having to search hundreds of player bazaars, people could compete on prices and undercut and really wouldn't have to leave their character on overnight to sell something
I used to think they were great too, back when people sold something, someone would buy it, put it on, sell their old junk.. be happy and move on..

but nowadays Auction houses rarely have buyers, mostly they're full of people trying to make a quick dime buying everything they can think of and marking it up heavily

I've seen it on WoW, final fantasy(to a lesser extent, final fantasy's auction houses are great) rappelz runescape... pretty much any game that has an auction house is full of profiteers nowadays.
In fact you can almost guarantee your items aren't going to be bought by someone that will use them.. more like sell them back marked up..
which happens in the real world and its cool and all

but sometimes you'll find one player buys money online and pretty much buys everything in the auction house he can find
Marked up double he'll double his investments minus auction costs.. if they sell..
and it ruins the economy
Sure maybe other people wont be so greedy and it happens all the time as well, you see people undercutting this one person out of sheer spite, I've done it. i hate merchant characters.

but back when there weren't auction houses you didnt have the luxury of finding the best price, you'd spend hours looking for that piece of gear that suits you perfectly from player-made shops. Those were the fun days.

Some of the things that limit profiteering are auction houses showing a list of what the last 20 people paid for an item.. silent auctions which dont tell you what they cost(a la FFXI)
making an item bind on equip if you buy it at the AH
charging exponentially more for each time a person uses the AH to sell something
yada yada

Comment if you want but if you're one of those people don't assume that I'll give a crap about your opinion or even waste my time reading it.

I'm just sitting here

Posted by Rajai Sunday March 9 2008 at 2:27PM
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I'm just sitting here waiting on my awesome new ideazon gaming keyboard and reaper edge mouse i won on february 11th
I wonder if it takes them 4-6 weeks to ship and process an order
Hurry up pl0x
getting my hopes up and whatnot


So I quit Mabinogi today, I've been waiting months to play it or a month and a week, i don't remember- It's been on my mind for a while
Just the game needs some serious... thought put into it.. from all of the newbie quests combined you'll make about 12k right.. that's barely enough to buy a shield... and when you die it'll end up dropping from your character and you'll have to pay 6k to get it back
<expletive deleted>
Easily enough, the game pretty much gives you level 15- if you decide to be an archer- god help you- you'll probably get tossed around like the new guy in prison when you fight. I know I did. It wasn't fun, I can't solo any of the quests as an archer.. so I used my sword.
If you decide to be a melee hallelujah you'll have a cake time killing stuff but all of the good armor costs a newborn child, one arm, and a leg.
Magesdon't fare any easier as far as i can tell, the magic spells are expensive.. healing is 9xxx gold..
it's impossible to click right.. if you don't click on a moving object while its running you don't attack it..
and you end up running to him and giving him an easy time having his way with you
potions are unreasonably expensive as well

I don't know who was smoking what when they decided to stop the quests making all the money cause if they had a few dozen more of those..
the game would be alright.. instead the game forces you to hunt fomors(monster scrolls) to turn in for money..
they're a royal pain to get

job hunting is alright but impractical.. I end up having to do the church volunteer work for the holy water so i can bless my stuff to not drop when i die
cause with my luck it all drops when i die
4 of my blessings are removed from my items when i am KOed
and you don't make that much money..

Just a rant.

Posted by Rajai Sunday February 24 2008 at 2:03PM
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      The thing I hate most about asian MMO's(and believe me , I've played them all) is that just one or two of them have houses you can actually go inside
like when they make a town they're like hey lets make the buildings look nice but take away the ability to go inside of them...

oh yeah this game has the best graphics out there... only problem is without color schemes the towns would be blocks with people in front of them..

All of the games are the sameish where the only thing you can DO is ... grind
simplified almost meaningless crafting
and grinding..
Sometimes they try to WoWify the game with some quest based levelling

but isn't the point of a game to have fun?
I know I don't have fun grinding
I don't know anyone that plays MMOs that has fun grinding
Grinding and PVP like let's make another lineage 2 clone, god knows we need one

People always try to bash WoW like it's hurting the game they're playing because everyone could be playing pirates of the burning sea or something else..
But really WoW is so successful not because of its numbers, the game sold itself before all of the advertisements..
it's really well made...
they always bash the graphics like WoW's graphics are so bad, if you want to see bad graphics play Cabal online.
I'm glad WoW doesn't look like lineage 2, I'm glad WoW doesn't play like lineage 2, I can't see myself ever paying for lineage 2
but I'll pay for WoW because of every MMO I've ever played two of them had customer service that was worth a darn, WoW and FFXI.
Now FFXI may be a grind but I'll be darned if I don't have fun doing it..
Skillchains, Double skillchains, Double magic bursts- avatar magic bursts(ehh) Avatar skillchains(look i can burst banishga with carbuncle, yee!)

I've listened to people hype free to play games like oh this game is good enough to beat most f2p games... maybe so
and I download it and I play it..
maybe a couple days, a week or two, a month
Block houses, Block characters everything looks like it uses a pre-made computer generated terrain, a couple trees maybe some monsters with the same names(have i made this blog before?)
ooh look an innovative skill system, ooh look an innovative stat placement system how cool... uninstall...
uninstall... faster...

Curses, Squeenix, why couldnt ye save my account so that I may play further :( every other game ever does it

To everyone who posts a "this game is going to kill WoW" thread:

Posted by Rajai Monday February 11 2008 at 7:23PM
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Shut up.

lso hey Guess what I won me a new keyboard and mouse :D my current keyboard is about 6 years old and it still has the hewlett packard logo on it

I never won a contest in my life
I love you and ideazon
Now hurry up I'm waiting at my mailbox

Why I don't get along with the Alliance

Posted by Rajai Wednesday February 6 2008 at 1:44PM
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I swear 90% of night elf hunters have some variant of the same crappy name. When you look at the next night elf you're killing pay close attention to how long it must have taken him to pick a name that suited him. Also, note how much of his creativity was put into the name. L(weird letter e)golas or some variant of their runescape name
Me, If I see any night elf hunters with uncreative names they're dead. And I'm camping their sorry trash.
My hatred of night elves goes way back to when i first started playing the WoWs when i was just a little undead. It was always the night elf hunters and the dwarf hunters and the night elf druids that liked to mess with me
(alliance wont fight unless there are two of them or one of them is considerably higher level than you, otherwise they leave you alone)
Yeah they'd gank me and use that crappy shadowmeld ability to hide while I'm not stupid i wait a minute to spawn.. I look around- i know they're hidden- and when i do spawn it's somewhere i can get on my horse and ride away
Once an alliance chased me from westfall on that tower thing of theirs back to grom'gol via water and when i got there her friends were all there, like 5 level 70s in raid gear..
made me laugh though because every time she got off and tried to stun me I'd psychic scream her run get on my mount and head for water
i cant fight her, I was level 58 priest and she was a level 70 rogue
Anyways i went and made a sandwich and by the time i was back they had all gone
but the main reason I hate them is cause they all got gnomes and they all jump around and you cant click them cause they're so small and they got pink hair and they are in a guild called <pinkies R us> or something
That and you can't ever find one questing without a friend, so picking them off one at a time is impossible because 1) they got a level 70 running them through hellfire 2) they got multiple level 70s running them through hellfire(what the hell i want some 70s to run me through hellfire) 3) they do not quest alone 4) if they are alone and you hit them they run to the guards
Once i was pvp in and there were 2 people questing together, i was feeling bold, i killed one of them
while the other one was hitting me, killed the second one and the first one respawned and i had no mana :( priest without mana
and i wasnt going to waste a super mana potion on that trash so i just let him kill me
I wasnt even shadow i was holy
well that's about enough, I don't like the pinkies or the night elves
but don't get me wrong, if a horde has a stupid name i probably wont group with him either
Also I noticed this blog is flame-bait
So if you're an Alliance
And you really think I'll value your opinion
Go ahead, waste your time

Private Blog/thoughts(nothing important)

Posted by Rajai Tuesday February 5 2008 at 5:27AM
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My first blog was just a bunch of complaining, I apologize so here's fair warning. This blog isn't for you. This blog isn't for anyone. I'm not writing this for anyone to read but myself. If you so happen upon it may ye turn back lest ye dare endure the worst of biased opinions and whiney complaints. Alright? Fair warning? Okay.

There is a back button in your browser
Your mouse might also have one, I'd suggest using it.
Also, if you're some kind of troll I think they have a topical cream for that.
And in the words of Corpsegrinder- you know what he says

I've played my fair share of games. I may not be as experienced as, say, someone who plays religiously 80+ hours a week.. I used to, I don't anymore. I started out like the rest of you playing Runescape in the old days with my friends back in Jr. High. Got old, moved onto bigger things. I started playing Everquest which still holds a warm place in my heart, the pre-PoP days with a couple of friends.
By the time Final Fantasy 11 came out I started playing it, the concepts(and not to mention graphics) blew my mind. I played that until the beginning of 2006. (when WoW came out i played about 2 weeks of it and went back to FFXI, Nothing about it really impressed me.I play horde btw, Undead FTW) about halfway through 2006 my hard drive wiped and i lost all of my installation CDs so I just cancelled my sub and started playing some WoW-Verthias(Thunderlord) for those of you that remember me briefly.

Well after WoW i must have played.. every free korean MMO with a cash shop/sub ever made. Rappelz, 9dragons, Silkroad, KO, every nexon game, Lineage 2, Perfect World, RF, all of the crappy Gpotato games to name a few
They all(most) have the same thing in common(except lineage 2 and RO) one poorly crafted world plus creatures with names that were drawn out of a hat, quests that make sense up to about level 15 before it goes to kill 10 of this so you can kill 15 of this and get some reward and mediocre experience, one paragraph of storyline that looks like it was written- first, second,and final draft by a fifth grader. Add some rejects from Runescape and some 10 year olds and maybe a handful of mature players(this part doesn't seem to be about the nexon games except mabinogi) some open PVP which seems to be what the games are about(again except the nexon games) some mindless countless weeks and months of grinding for what seems to be a pointless endgame.
    Why spend thousands of hours on a cookie cutter game that looks like it uses the same character models and game engine, zero innovation- looks like the only thing they ever update are the prices in the cash shop(Walmart style with the markups and the low low prices) when you can play a game with some quality? Now I'm not saying all Korean games are mediocre, I'm stating it.

Also, Japan needs to make more MMOs
Please Japan.
Give me Golden Sun Online
or Megaman Battle Network Online
or Shenmue Online
Korea isn't even trying anymore.

I'm really aching for a game with heavy roleplaying. Kind of like WoW minus the WoW. I don't want to have to roll alliance to roleplay..  Gnomes give me a bad vibe.
so do night elves.
So now that I've offended at least 90% of you
And don't say I didn't warn you^
I'm off to sleep

Beta Testing

Posted by Rajai Monday February 4 2008 at 3:32AM
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Sure they may be a free way to test out an upcoming game, sure they may seem like such an incentive to spend hours a day playing. Surely they may seem like a once in a lifetime opportunity but I must ask... why?
Beta testing is a company's way of luring in free labour to make bug reports and help the developers get rid of anything imperfect about the game...
most people just want to check the game out for themselves and see what the gameplay is like.. I'm sure very few people who beta test a game really want to do the work of a video game tester.. those kinds of people get paid minimum wage to work 17 hours a day.
But at least those kinds of people make money and have opportunities for advancement.
What kinds of incentives do beta testers get? aside from a sneak preview?
We get our characters wiped, we get our sometimes dozens of hours lost, and they get a marketable game.
They make money.

So.. ... ...
How about some incentives?
Maybe in some cases a free lifetime account?
How about some Ncash?
5 dollars?
Cmon the time I've spent beta testing your crappy game must be worth at LEAST five dollars?
five dollars worth of Ncash?
So my reward is your silent gratitude?

I'll have to pass.