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Ragemore's Rants

To bring my point of view to those who may be interested.

Author: Ragemore

A Sad Mummy

Posted by Ragemore Wednesday July 28 2010 at 4:53PM
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edit: I have made an effort to explain lingo and acronyms. 

I have been playing several matches in between fixing my helmet and armor, (none gaming hobby), and have realized that Amumu is my current favorite champion. Granted this weeks "free" champions hasn't been as fun as Week 1 champions for me.

Amumu the sad little mummy boy who head butts everything that gets in his way has made a decent tank and carry in a few games. As you progress through the match and level up, he becomes a real threat mid to late game with the right items. I found a build (order of items to purchase) in the forums that has been working pretty well which involves two sunfire capes. Many have complained that the range on the aoe (area of effect) damage isn't a big radius but I find it plenty for a short green runt who likes to charge into the middle of any group, be they neutrals (group of creatures scattered in camps through the center of the map), enemy champions, or creeps (the little mindless guys who run from your base to theirs).

His physical attack is the head butt, simple and straight forward. Tantrum, a triggered ability can reduce the damage I take for a short period of time and does damage in a small aoe. Despair, is a forward 45 degree arc aoe damage ability that while turned on continues to damage anything in short frontal range of Ammumu, with the only downside being how much mana it consumes every second. Bandage Toss is a fun ability that sends out a bandage to "grab" a player or creature and pull Ammumu to them.  It does have a short stun effect and does some damage to the target. And last his ult (known as an ultimate ability) is "Curse of the Sad Mummy" which entangles surrounding enemy units in bandages, rendering them unable to attack or move and causes them to take damage each second. 

I tactic to kill a champion is to engage a champion, trigger Curse of a Sad Mummy, toggle on Despair, trigger Tantrum, and as they run away keep up with them using Bandage toss if needed. 

I have found the forums to be hit and miss, but some good champion guides do exist. 

 Well, off to play a few more rounds, still saving up for Pantheon.

Limitations writes:

Due to the pantheon nerfs, he's still a good champ to buy. Just be a little extra careful now, they nerfed his damage output from the beginning. He's still awesome though. :)

Thu Jul 29 2010 1:24PM Report writes:
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