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Ragemore's Rants

To bring my point of view to those who may be interested.

Author: Ragemore

League of Legends

Posted by Ragemore Friday July 23 2010 at 10:34AM
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So I have been playing this game non stop for the past 9 to 10 days and it is fantastic. 

It reminds me of traditional games where the mechanics are simple to learn and seems easy at first, but then as you play more, the depth of strategy is amazing.

The premise of the game, 5 champions will help some mindless minions demolish the opponents Crystal in their base. The minions will start at your base and follow predetermined paths to the enemy. Along the route are defensive towers, and a large playing jungle with plenty of line of site issues. First team to destroy the crystal wins.

Kill mobs get XP and gold.
Kill champions get XP and gold.
Kill towers get XP and gold.
Use XP to level skills, use gold to buy items.
Choose one of 55 different champions, and so far each champion I have played is very different.

Each champion has one passive innate skill, and 4 skills that may gain ranks, and two spells.

I currenlty unlocked a couple of fun champions.

Amumu the sad mummy. ... _sad_mummy
Alistar the Minotaur, ... e_minotaur
Nassus the curator of the Sands. ... _the_sands

and have played,

Blitzcrank the great steam golem, ... team_golem
Fiddlesticks the scarecrow. ... ddlesticks
Karthus the Death Singer ... eathsinger
Kassadin the Voide Walker ... oid_walker
Kayle the Judicar ... _judicator
Nidalee the beast huntress ... l_huntress
Nunu the Yeti rider ... yeti_rider
Poppy the Iron Ambassador ... ambassador
Rammus the Armordillo ... armordillo
Sivir the Battle Mistress ... e_mistress
Taric the Gem Knight ... gem_knight

Limitations writes:

Haha, it's a great game isn't it? If you wanna throw a game down. Add me up @ Joshthenewt.

Fri Jul 23 2010 12:48PM Report
magestone writes:

I love playing as Blitz, the only character that has that amazing pull :) first blood comes so easy if they're stupid enough to get cranked into the towers haha. My profile is Unholy Revival if u wanna play sometime

Sat Jul 24 2010 1:36PM Report
Ragemore writes:

I'm playing as Unsung Hiro, and I am finding so many different strategies with so many of the Champions. The one thing I have learned in this game is patience, and timing. Thats how these games are won.

 Next purchase will be Pantheon.

Mon Jul 26 2010 12:08PM Report writes:
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