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Ragemore's Rants

To bring my point of view to those who may be interested.

Author: Ragemore

Minecraft - Survival Gameplay

Posted by Ragemore Monday March 7 2011 at 1:46PM
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The last few months have been absorbed in a great game by Mojang, who until recently was a one man game company by Markus Persson.

The concept:

Randomly generated world where everything from trees, grass, sand and stone are made up of blocks. A player in the First or Third person view, can move around this world and interact with everything they see. Left click a block of dirt and you dig up the dirt which can be picked up and placed in your inventory. Right click a block from your tool bar, and place the block back into the world. This allows for gathering resources and using them to create anything your imagination can dream up.

Add in the ability to craft items from combinations of blocks, which can range from a workbench to a minecart. Many of the items have differnt uses, build a shovel, and you can dig dirt and sand quicker. Build an axe, and you can chop down trees quicker. Grab enough iron ore from the ground, smelt it in a furnace to get iron bars, and craft those into a full set of armor.

Which brings us to the last but most important game mechanic. There are creatures in this world with you. Some are beneficial, some will try to kill you. During the day it is mostly safe, but at night the monsters come out looking for you.

Put all of this together and you have a Randomly Generated Survival game where you race against the setting sun to gather, craft, and build all those things you will need to survive the night.

Dont be fooled by the graphics, as they are a throw back to the 90's, look deeper into the gameplay potential and you find a game that will make your top 10 list.


I have posted a few videos of my adventures in this great game.