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Ragemore's Rants

To bring my point of view to those who may be interested.

Author: Ragemore

FTB: Horizonds Let's Play Series - Minecraft Mod

Posted by Ragemore Monday March 10 2014 at 9:13AM
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I have started a new "Let's Play" series in Minecraft using the Feed the Beast: Horizons mod pack. This is also a first run of my new workflow. I still need to play around with renders and out sizes, but that is part of the fun.

Audacity - Sound

Sony Vegas Movie Studio - Editing

Fraps - Capture

Paint - Thumbnails

Texture Pack - Soartex

Music - AxeByte


Best free to play shooter I have played in awhile

Posted by Ragemore Wednesday January 15 2014 at 11:10AM
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 I picked up Warframe from Steam several months ago, played about 30 mins, and then jumped to other games I had bought during a sale.

 Two weeks ago I was able to talk my friends into picking this game as our "FNSO: Friday Night Shoot Out" game. I had seen quite a few updates, and the screenshots kept catching my eye. So we all jumped in and over 80+ game hours of play later, I'm still having a great time with this game. 

 This game is part Left 4 Dead, part Bink, part Dead Space, part Diablo, and all about being a Space Ninja. It takes great ai enemy factions, adds plenty of mission types and masters the horde mechanics from L4D. Unique character movement, Parkour, and the speed of gunplay from Brink. The varied ways you can destroy your enemies, and dark space theme of Dead Space. Randomly generated maps from an ingenious tileset of level design, ala Diablo. Throw in plenty of Warframes (classes), weapons and gear that can all be crafted, plenty of ability progression, and you still haven't touched on everything Warframe has to offer.

This is a Triple A shooter that is free to play, and a must have for your Steam Library.


Did the rise of the free to play model help or harm MMO gaming?

Posted by Ragemore Thursday June 20 2013 at 10:59AM
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Did the rise of the free to play model help or harm MMO gaming?


I recently realized that consoles are about 5-7 years behind PC trends. If you think back to our UT, Quake, and Doom, Tribes days, this was during the birth of MMO's, and the idea that gamer's would be willing to pay for a game on a monthly basis.

I remeber talking to a friend of mine who said I should play Everquest, and I thought, Hell NO, I'm not paying a monthly fee to play a game. Then more games in the MMORPG space began to take the genre by storm. So I walked down to my local game store, (thats right, we bought games in the store, another trend that has faded away) and looked at the shelves and was about to buy Everquest to see what all the fuss was about. That's when I noticed my Holy Grail, a new MMORPG had just released that day, Dark Age of Camelot. (-See what I did there) 

I thought, since I was going to try this new game with thousands of others, it would be nice to start on the same level as everyone else. As I played month after month, I realized that I had been wrong, the subscription was well worth it. The game was much bigger than most single player games, the multiplayer aspect could not be matched anywhere, and they released updated content on a regular basis. I wasn't paying to play the game so much as I was paying for the service of constant updates. I also realized that I was actually spending less money than normal as I wasn't buying as many single player games. I even had two sub accounts in Eve Online for quite awhile.

Flash forward through two years of WoW, and then a slew of other MMO's I played until about 2 years ago. The new craze was Micro transaction. I "laughed" at those fools who would pay for content on a piece by piece basis on a crappy free game that had little "AAA" quality. Then I played League of Legends. I was wrong again, I made my first micro transaction buying some gold so I could buy some champions and skins. This was a highly polished free to play game that allowed to me buy things I wanted to help with the grind to get new champs, or make them look unique in game.

Within the last year almost all MMO's have realized the "Free" games quality has caught up with theirs, and the marketers for games have found out that we are all compulsive buyers. Thats what a gamer is, compulsive, so of course we handle our money that way. We can make many small purchases and not realize that it now adds up to more than we ever spent before.

Now to tie in my first sentence. Consoles started with  no subscription at first, just buy the game. Then Xbox had their members pay for a service to play online, and Sony will be following them with the release of PS4. Micro-transaction have been with consoles but mostly for games you have already bought. The next change for them will be in offering games you don't buy at all, they are free, but have a store available if you want extra stuff. (I do realize there are examples of games like this already, but I am referring to their catalog on whole.)

As to the original question, I do not believe that the pricing model has had a good or bad effect on the MMO genre. How we bought and paid for the game we wanted to play didn't matter to most gamers. What has effected the genre has been Saturation, the success of WoW, and now, the success of LoL. 

I think we are about to pass through what I think of as a stagnation period of the last year. Technology and Developers are now trying to increase story, immersion, persistence, and innovation in games, and finally stopped trying to copy everyone else, but the way we pay wont really matter, gamers will buy what they want.

Avalon - World of Eldin - Minecraft SMP

Posted by Ragemore Wednesday July 13 2011 at 3:57PM
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I was wandering around on the World of Eldin server, and found a massive city. So I took a quick video and toured the sites. They have done some amazing building on this server already.


If you are interested in a fun multiplayer server, check out

Minecraft - Multiplayer Survival Server

Posted by Ragemore Wednesday July 6 2011 at 8:06AM
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The Power of Gameplay 


Along with several other games, I am still playing Minecraft quite a bit these days. I have joined a multiplayer server that restarted recently, and have enjoyed playing Minecraft a different way. There are several "RPG" style mods currently running which enhances the gamelpay to a new level. Things, like level up skills to mine certain material, land ownership, and city warefare.


I believe the adventure update that Notch keeps talking about will have some these features, if not all of them when it releases. I do have some videos posted of some of the new cities that have just started construction.

Minecraft - Survival Gameplay

Posted by Ragemore Monday March 7 2011 at 1:46PM
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The last few months have been absorbed in a great game by Mojang, who until recently was a one man game company by Markus Persson.

The concept:

Randomly generated world where everything from trees, grass, sand and stone are made up of blocks. A player in the First or Third person view, can move around this world and interact with everything they see. Left click a block of dirt and you dig up the dirt which can be picked up and placed in your inventory. Right click a block from your tool bar, and place the block back into the world. This allows for gathering resources and using them to create anything your imagination can dream up.

Add in the ability to craft items from combinations of blocks, which can range from a workbench to a minecart. Many of the items have differnt uses, build a shovel, and you can dig dirt and sand quicker. Build an axe, and you can chop down trees quicker. Grab enough iron ore from the ground, smelt it in a furnace to get iron bars, and craft those into a full set of armor.

Which brings us to the last but most important game mechanic. There are creatures in this world with you. Some are beneficial, some will try to kill you. During the day it is mostly safe, but at night the monsters come out looking for you.

Put all of this together and you have a Randomly Generated Survival game where you race against the setting sun to gather, craft, and build all those things you will need to survive the night.

Dont be fooled by the graphics, as they are a throw back to the 90's, look deeper into the gameplay potential and you find a game that will make your top 10 list.


I have posted a few videos of my adventures in this great game.


Posted by Ragemore Saturday November 13 2010 at 9:15PM
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Downloaded and installed Darkfall yesterday, and logged in about 6 hours of play so far. I have heard the comparison to Ultima Online and Lineage, but having never played those games, I can only say it reminds me of Mortal Online.

 I have played many MMO's staring with Dark Age of Camelot, and missed the early era of games that had little guidance for a new player. Most have extended tutorials, expansive in game manuals, and rabid fan bases who update any number of player created info sites or wikis. Darkfall is very minimalist. I couldn't find the command to quit a group for the first 5 hours of play. The UI is functional but not user friendly, the control scheme is counter intuitive and seems to make things more difficult then needed. The graphics are dated, and tend to a darker palette.

But as you get past these things, you find a small hidden gem of game deep inside. It has given me the feeling of an adventurer in a wild and dangerous place. Caution is needed for every encounter, wonders are hidden across a giant expanse of land to explore. You never know who or what you will face, and they never are sure about you.

In some ways this is similar to Eve Online, but different. In Eve you have so much info the key is finding the right bits and pieces at the right time to make good decisions. In Darkfall it is not having enough information, so you must use subtle clues, and caution to win the day.

I don't know how long I will play in Darkfall, but I must say I am enjoying it so far. It is good to know that not all MMO's are the same, that there are games that have taken different paths. No path is better than the other, just different, and we as gamers benefit from so many paths to chose from.

Perpetuum Online

Posted by Ragemore Wednesday October 20 2010 at 9:18AM
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I wanted to throw a shout out to Perpetuum Online by Avatar Creations, a Hungarian indy developer. This is a Robot/Mech/Nano MMO with the depth of Eve Online when it released so many years ago.


They are in the Open Beta phase of development, but it I think it is also a marketing phase, it feels like they are trying to generate some interest from gamers and business partners. My guess is, they haven't made too many of the big game conventions or conferences this year so the hype meter on the game is nill. 

This reminds me a lot of little known Icelandic developer CCP, (well at least little known 6 years ago.) I could see a good community making this game theirs, and getting a grass roots campaign of support to keep this game alive, to give it a chance to grow over the next few years. The game already has loads of content and plenty of room to grow. 


Here is some Features from their website:




Persistent universe

Every player is a part of one server, one scene, one storyline. 

Formable planet surface

The whole terrain can be formed by military, agricultural or even aesthetic aspects. 

Dynamically changing vegetation

The flora is changing perpetually, its parameters can be modified by the player, so even huge plantations - containing useful raw materials - can be established. 

Time-based character development

No need for 'grinding'. You can be qualified despite you're not playing, since players get XP even if they are not logged in. 

Active raw material simulation

The position of liquid materials change during exploitation. Controlled algorythms manage the respawn of raw materials. 

Real-time, asynchronous combat

No turns, therefore no time restrictions of combat moves. 

More than 30 various robots, hundreds of equipment items

Robots can be specialized in several kind of operations or tactics. The only barrier is your imagination. 

Self-controlling economy

Exploitation, refinement and even manufacturing are all controlled by the players. The speed and efficiency of fabrication processes can be developed throughout the game. 

Social networks

A complex corporation founding and management system is available for players, with additional communication systems in- and outside the game. 

Career centre

Several missions can be undertaken on the numerous Syndicate departments. These varied missions provide challenge for every sort of specialties.


Help me get the word out about the game, these ladies and gentlemen have put a lot of hard work into this already, and deserve a chance at success.

A Sad Mummy

Posted by Ragemore Wednesday July 28 2010 at 3:53PM
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edit: I have made an effort to explain lingo and acronyms. 

I have been playing several matches in between fixing my helmet and armor, (none gaming hobby), and have realized that Amumu is my current favorite champion. Granted this weeks "free" champions hasn't been as fun as Week 1 champions for me.

Amumu the sad little mummy boy who head butts everything that gets in his way has made a decent tank and carry in a few games. As you progress through the match and level up, he becomes a real threat mid to late game with the right items. I found a build (order of items to purchase) in the forums that has been working pretty well which involves two sunfire capes. Many have complained that the range on the aoe (area of effect) damage isn't a big radius but I find it plenty for a short green runt who likes to charge into the middle of any group, be they neutrals (group of creatures scattered in camps through the center of the map), enemy champions, or creeps (the little mindless guys who run from your base to theirs).

His physical attack is the head butt, simple and straight forward. Tantrum, a triggered ability can reduce the damage I take for a short period of time and does damage in a small aoe. Despair, is a forward 45 degree arc aoe damage ability that while turned on continues to damage anything in short frontal range of Ammumu, with the only downside being how much mana it consumes every second. Bandage Toss is a fun ability that sends out a bandage to "grab" a player or creature and pull Ammumu to them.  It does have a short stun effect and does some damage to the target. And last his ult (known as an ultimate ability) is "Curse of the Sad Mummy" which entangles surrounding enemy units in bandages, rendering them unable to attack or move and causes them to take damage each second. 

I tactic to kill a champion is to engage a champion, trigger Curse of a Sad Mummy, toggle on Despair, trigger Tantrum, and as they run away keep up with them using Bandage toss if needed. 

I have found the forums to be hit and miss, but some good champion guides do exist. 

 Well, off to play a few more rounds, still saving up for Pantheon.

League of Legends

Posted by Ragemore Friday July 23 2010 at 9:34AM
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So I have been playing this game non stop for the past 9 to 10 days and it is fantastic. 

It reminds me of traditional games where the mechanics are simple to learn and seems easy at first, but then as you play more, the depth of strategy is amazing.

The premise of the game, 5 champions will help some mindless minions demolish the opponents Crystal in their base. The minions will start at your base and follow predetermined paths to the enemy. Along the route are defensive towers, and a large playing jungle with plenty of line of site issues. First team to destroy the crystal wins.

Kill mobs get XP and gold.
Kill champions get XP and gold.
Kill towers get XP and gold.
Use XP to level skills, use gold to buy items.
Choose one of 55 different champions, and so far each champion I have played is very different.

Each champion has one passive innate skill, and 4 skills that may gain ranks, and two spells.

I currenlty unlocked a couple of fun champions.

Amumu the sad mummy. ... _sad_mummy
Alistar the Minotaur, ... e_minotaur
Nassus the curator of the Sands. ... _the_sands

and have played,

Blitzcrank the great steam golem, ... team_golem
Fiddlesticks the scarecrow. ... ddlesticks
Karthus the Death Singer ... eathsinger
Kassadin the Voide Walker ... oid_walker
Kayle the Judicar ... _judicator
Nidalee the beast huntress ... l_huntress
Nunu the Yeti rider ... yeti_rider
Poppy the Iron Ambassador ... ambassador
Rammus the Armordillo ... armordillo
Sivir the Battle Mistress ... e_mistress
Taric the Gem Knight ... gem_knight