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So good, I should charge admission.

The unnecessary rants and raves of a disgruntled MMO vet.

Author: Ragana

SW:TOR and Open-World PvP

Posted by Ragana Wednesday February 1 2012 at 5:31PM
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Why O-WPvP?:

You might remember me as the guy ranting and raving about the necessities of open-world PvP during the Alpha and Beta testing periods. As far as MMO experience goes, I am a dinosaur. I was there when Richard Garriot was assassinated in UO and I remember the de-spawn of the Sleeper in EQ like it was yesterday.

My fondest gaming memories have all been somewhat involved with O-WPvP. For those of you who remember the glory days of SWG or even Vanilla WoW, you understand that communities, guilds and even friendships are build on this. Raiding is a job, PvP is lifestyle. Our little niche of SW:TOR is relatively small compared to the rest of the community but we are a crazy bunch, with dedication not seen in years. I firmly believe that Star Wars will allow servers to become communities. You can do all the Warzones, Flashpoints and Heroics you like, but, a true rivalry between factions is built out in the wary dunes of Tatooine or the seedy corners of Smuggler's Den.

Server choice:

By far the most important decision one can make in any MMO. Research, research and research. Read around on the PvP forums (we don't have server forums yet, why? who knows...) and see where the action is. Just because a server's Warzones are active, it does not mean that O-WPvP will be and vice-versa. A couple of guilds stepped up to help me out and establish Terentatek as one of the official O-WPvP servers. If you are still homeless per say, these links should help you out:

Where do I begin?:

You will get your first taste of real PvP on Tatooine. If your situation is anything like ours, the Empire outnumbers the Republic 2:1, so it's definitely good hunting for the latter. Smuggler's Den is our holy grail, but, I foresee the majority of O-WPvP, at least for the next few months, happening on Tatooine. What you can do:

  • Bored? Crafting? Don't loiter around on Coruscant or the Space Station, hang out on Tatooine. Read the general /1 chat. I see sightings being posted all the time, help your faction out.
  • Take note of the guild your victims are in. Been camping someone? Contact that guild on their forums, via the site here, etc... Get a rivalry going. Saga (the guild I lead) has already had a few random and predetermined skirmishes with rivals.
  • FRAPS your world PvP. Post it on Youtube, Twitch, Livestream, etc...
  • See a guild that sucks or you particularity don't like them? Post videos/stories here on the forums of you melting their faces. Bruising egos creates PvP.
  • Hold your guild events in contested zones, on quest items, targets, datacrons, etc... Make the enemy hate you. Don't let them quest in peace. Players rolled on a PvP server, make them face the consequences.

Whats in the Future?:

The PvP in this game is honestly not horrible, and the potential is definitely there. Demand changes. Request rewards for O-WPvP. Ask Bioware to implement objectives to be held/captured (a server wide faction buff could be a reward)
These ideas are, ultimately, long-term. As stated before, you are responsible for world PvP and only you and your guild can make it happen.

Step on peoples toes, camp them, harass them, /spit on them. Our factions our at war, make the enemy feel worthless... then talk crap about them here.