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MMO's and the need for Change

When will developers realise we are bored of orcs, elves, and being let down by crap products?

Author: Radox

Why MMO's are failing

Posted by Radox Saturday September 20 2008 at 8:40AM
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There are alot of bad reviews for warhammer since its release. I think another case of unfinished, not very well considered. From what i can see is they tried to make it alot like WoW, but when you do that if you dont make it at least AS GOOD, then it will be labelled as insuperior from the outset and from all reports it isn't AS GOOD. Because they developed it so close to wow, people are comparing apples to apples, and of course its going to fail as a new release vs. a 3yr mature product.


If they had developed something different it wouldnt be such an easy comparison and may have got away with it for a while (ala AOC). The challeng is out there for developers to dare to be different, well I think the Warhammer mob fell into the trap of daring to be the same but didnt match what they were trying to immitate.


Its another example of why these wankers should be looking at different genres. If its true they spent 8 yrs developing a WoW clone in Warhammer, then the whole project has been a waste of 8yrs and they've just buried themselves in 2 days. Totally wasted effort and of course the consumer now has to wait another 8 yrs for this developer to learn from their mistakes before we see another product. The sad thing is after all the money and time they have invested in this product they will not give up on it until they have zero player base at which point it will be put on the pile of failed MMOs because they not only dared to be the same but even with a production blueprint of WoW out there, they couldnt even match it.


How many failed MMOs will it take before developers realise the only chance they have is to try another genre??


How many millions of dollars will it take, before they realise the fantasy MMO market is tied up with a product that many are tired of, but nobody can match??


I stopped playing WoW after 3.5yrs, i'm not a blizzard fanbois, i'm simply a gamer that wants a quality product to play that doesnt have orcs and elves and is immersive, persistent, and makes me want to play 12+hrs per day like WoW did way back when. Many are bored of WoW, and with the new expansion coming out its going to be the same stuff over and over. To their credit, blizzard are milking it for every inch, but the reality is we are bored and many still play WoW because there is nothing better out there.


Give us something different FFS, and take your time. Dont compete with WoW, push into a genre as a pioneer MMO but it has to be QUALITY on a GOOD ENGINE. (crytek, scimitar, unreal3).


There are enough examples out there of good ideas gone wrong. Surely developers have some awareness of their own industry to figure where other companies went wrong and where they can learn from those mistakes. The biggest failures have been AOC and now i suppose Warhammer - the common denominator is they both tried to take on WoW in the fantasy genre, and with epic marketing they raised everyones expectations to hysterical levels and then let everyone down in their delivery. Not so good for their reputation either. Gamers have long memories. Look at SOE's rep with regard to SWG for an example.


Ok so whats on the horizon thats got me mildly excited? Rumours of KOTR 3 MMO for one. The Agency (to fill in time, great idea but marketed to kids given the cartoon engine), Huxley (maybe).


In my research of facts for this blog, i found this blog from a fellow gamer with the same opinion - worth reading and probably better written than mine. The message is out there - a billion dollars later they might take notice.