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Not So Leet

I'm an MMO gamer but I have a life. I write from the perspective of someone who's an MMO enthusiast, but fits it into her semi-normal everyday life. I'm not a kid and I don't game like one. That's where I start from. For where I go from there, read on.

Author: Radiogirl

What's So Great About Fallen Earth?

Posted by Radiogirl Monday October 5 2009 at 12:49PM
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In my introductory post, I talked about some of my previous MMO gaming and how I ended up playing Fallen Earth. Since getting involved with this game and reading a lot of the commentary about the game from both journalists and players, I find there's a few things I want to address, the kind of stuff that I've read repeatedly about this game, particularly from those who seem to have little or no experience with the actual game itself.

So here we go, in no particular order:

1. "The graphics suck!".

Sez you. No, you won't find shiny towers, high-tech spaceships, nor (for the most part) elaborate graphical special effects in Fallen Earth. That's just not the kind of game it is. This is a game based on a post-apocalyptic future, not some medieval fantasy realm.

While they may not be to the taste of some, the graphics of Fallen Earth are finely detailed, and in fact the buildings in the game just got a noticeable graphical upgrade with one of the most recent patches. If you haven't been in-game since beta, I'd strongly suggest taking another look now before complaining about the graphics.

2. "Oh yeah, what a great concept. You get to be a garbage-picker. Joy."

Not your thing, ok fine, then go get yourself a set of wings in Aion and go fly off into the sunset. Like we give a s**t. Just out of curiosity though, have you actually tried playing the game before trashing it based solely on your perception of its concept?

3. "Combat is too hard."

Yes, combat with no VATS or "sticky" targeting system is definitely a challenge and takes not only the right levels of skills and gear but also a lot of practice to do well. Are you saying that you think it should be easier? Why? Are you not up for the challenge? I'm sure Hello Kitty will have a much less steep learning curve, if that's what you're really looking for.

4. "__________ isn't like it is in (WoW/EvE/ Aion/LotRO/whatever)"

No it isn't. It's a different game with a different concept, different players, different graphics, different equipment, and different ways of advancing. It's different, and because it's different, some things are done differently than they are in other games. If you don't like it, don't play, but don't bash a  new game just because it doesn't imitate your favorite. That's just lame, not to mention shortsighted. Don't assume that just because something has always been done a certain way previously that's it's unquestionably the best way or the only way. There's something to be said for innovation.

5. "Too much lag/server downtime"

It's amazing to me how many times I've seen some form of this complaint considering Fallen Earth has only been officially open to the public for about two weeks. Of course they're going to have server issues in their first few days. Of course some systems will likely become overloaded and go down, necessitating emergency server shutdowns and reboots. It's happened several times already and I'm sure it will happen again. So what? It would be a much bigger and far more legitimate issue if it were six months or a year down the road. Right now, it's nothing more than just normal growing pains. Those of us who enjoy the game are willing to live with it as Icarus deals with these issues because we like and believe in the game. Of course, no MMO player's patience is infinite, but at the moment we're barely out of the gate.

Hey, at least when I want to play Fallen Earth I can do so, and it doesn't require me waiting on interminably long server ques before I can start playing like with Aion. I don't know about you but even if I felt my interest in both games was equal (it isn't...I've got no interest in playing a WoW/EQ/LotRO clone) that's a tradeoff I'd be more than willing to make.

Since I've been playing MMOs I've always been fascinated by how gamers demand new and innovative games to capture our interest and gaming dollars, but when we actually get something that genuinely fits that bill, the first thing we do is trash it because it's not just like everything that came before.

I don't play Fallen Earth because it's new. I don't play because it's innovative. I don't play because it's a perfect, trouble-free experience. I play Fallen Earth because it's a hell of a lot of fun. When you get right down to it, does anything else really matter?

duomenox writes:

Very nice!

Mon Oct 05 2009 1:12PM Report
Radiogirl writes:

Thanks! :)

Mon Oct 05 2009 8:59PM Report
Aelya writes:

Well said.

I actually do not play FE because I am not into the post apocalypse setting. However the game brings fresh mechanics and innovation to the mmo genre. The mmo genre needs more niche games like fallen earth. I have my eyes on earthrise and global agenda.

Mon Oct 05 2009 10:05PM Report
Nytewolf2k7 writes:

I like post apocalyptic settings, so I might give this one a go.

Tue Oct 06 2009 1:22AM Report
daltanious writes:

About 1: graphics sucks. No doubt about. If you want to see really apocalyptic feeling try Fallout 3 on which Fallen Earth is actually based. This is MMO but does not change a bit problem that graphics are just bad. Even with all settings to max ... you are barely able to see something after 50 to 100m away. The rest are just vague blurred contours. However is much better inside buildings.

About 3: Nope, “no sticky” targeting is not fabulous. Just sucks. Somebody might feel like Rambo because he plays “real game” with no sticky targeting … but …. mobs stay at any time in same place or slightly left/righ ... so actually this "manual" targeting they are so proud is simply a nuisance, nothing special. But agree .... in pvp can make difference ... I’m talking from pve perspective.

Partially agree with the rest.


Tue Oct 06 2009 4:52AM Report
Radiogirl writes:

Aeyla, post-apoc isn't for everyone and that's cool. FE is definitely a game with niche appeal.

Nytewolf2k7, I'd recommend you give it a go. It's a great game.

pre-mar, FE isn't based on Fallout 3. FE was in development long before FO3 was released. Also, I've played FO3 through to the end, including all the DLC's. Yes, they're both post-apoc themed, but they're also very different games that play very differently. In my opinion, your comparison is simply not valid.

As to the graphics, as with all art beauty is in the eye of the beholder. FE's graphics are certainly unlike those in just about any other game I've ever played, but different doesn't mean lesser. The detail and quality of FE's graphics is on a par with other MMOs, but the world they illustrate is unlike those which have come before so many comparisons will be unfair because they're based on a standard which FE is not trying to achieve. In addition, as I mentioned above, the buildings in the game just got a major graphical upgrade in a recent patch as well.

The same goes for the targeting. It's a matter of taste. Sure "sticky" targeting makes things easier. The question every player needs to answer for themselves is do they want it to be easier.

Tue Oct 06 2009 11:04AM Report
daltanious writes:


i made a mistake not to mention that despite all this i find Fallen Earth (despite initial diasappointment) fun and unique and for this refreshing. And I'm playing it. I have concentrated my post with what I disagree. And still I think at least for graphics they could do much better (despite I also agree with your eye of the beholder :-)). I'm mainly disturbed how bad is distant view no matter that I have all set to max. Mechanics of movement of characters could be also much better, more realistic.

Is the first game where there I do not feel urge to rush with leveling but simply to try to understand quest and world around.

And about sticky or not ... I guess will have to live with if I want to play (and i want to play it at least for some time) ... but I do not like it. Does not add any excitement and for sure I do not find using that circle or cross difficult or fun. If i.e. leveled a lot mele then is pice of cake to hit mob with knives, hammer, ... But as I said could be different with pvp to which I'm not interested at all.

I guess game is here to stay and will have solid base of lovers. However I think also was also never meant for masses.

Tue Oct 06 2009 1:16PM Report
Radiogirl writes:

pre-mar, I agree with you that FE isn't a mass-market MMO. It's definitely intended for a niche market and Icarus is supporting and playing to that market. In my opinion, that's exactly the way it should be and it's what will ensure FE's ongoing success. It's never going to have the broad appeal of WoW or probably even of Aion, but I believe its player base will be a loyal one.

Tue Oct 06 2009 1:56PM Report writes:
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