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Richard's Ramblings

Just because sometimes my mind overflows its brainpan. Figured this would make as good of an outlet to catch those overflows as any. No set theme, topic, or schedule, just whatever and whenever. :)

Author: RJCox

PAX Day One - Updated 0300

Posted by RJCox Friday August 29 2008 at 9:47AM
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Woot! Here I am, in Seattle, finally. Seattle is one of those towns that I absolutely love, but absolutely hate traveling to. I have to set aside a whole day travel time each way to get here. It isn't NEARLY as bad as when I was living in Virginia, geez those east to west coast flights sucked, but being in Texas it is still a HUGE pain. So yeah, I landed at about 1:07am this morning, got settled into my hotel at about 2am and up and ready to work by 7.

Well, let me be completely honest about that last bit. I was up at 7 because a friend back home called me. He works with the Coast Guard and apparently they're already throwing around words like "state of emergency" and "general evacuation" in regards to Mr Gustav out there hammering on Jamaica currently. Yes, I live in hurricane alley, prolly 30 minutes or so from the gulf coast. Crappy weekend to be out of town I guess, I'm sure the wife is cursing me up, down left and right about now, since she has to deal with the 3 kids (one of which is only 2 months old) and 2 dogs in the new house all alone. Plus it sucks because I know damn well Gustav isn't going to be gone by time Sunday night rolls around and I'm ready to fly back home... Knowing my luck he'll be JUST starting to pound on the gulf coast which means I'll get stuck in some airport somewhere for days on end. That's just how my luck tends to roll.

Anyway, back to PAX, lets see what's on the schedule today...

Today's lineup seems to be NCSoft (where I'll be getting one of the first ever handson sessions with Aion in NA, well, ok, maybe a slight exaggeration there, but there definitely haven't been many!) and we'll check in on all the rest of the games in their lineup. We'll also be swinging by the Mythic Entertainment booth to see how the Gold to Launch process is going. We also have Flying Lab penciled in for some Piratey goodness and then to cap it all off Cryptic is throwing a huge Champions Online party tonite. I'm sure we'll squeeze other stuff in between all that as well, we purposefully left gaps in there just for that reason, so stay tuned!

I'll be making updates here as I can throughout the day, it will all depend on how accessible the net is in the convention hall.

1000: So I'm here at the convention hall, got my badge, got my swag bag, nothing all that impressive in it, but there rarely is at these kinda shows, mostly just promo cards for the various exhibitors and such. The real swag comes from the booths. Early access for the press is supposed to start at noon, but there appears to be some issues with that, so we'll see. As for Turbine, I'll see what I can do but I can almost guarantee *IF* there are any such plans they will absolutely not admit or talk about them this early. At best I think I can hope for a canned "It's definitely something we've considered and will continue to consider down the road." They'd be silly to say anything else, since they won't admit to something that may or may not happen nor will they completely write off the franchise and any chances of doing it down the road...

More updates later as I learn when I can get into the actual hall and start seeing stuffz! :)

1200: Spent about an hour hanging out at the NCSoft booth playing Aion and chatting with the producer, assistant producer and others. Got lots of great information and absolutely loved my time playing the game so expect a great write-up on this as soon as I get time to sit and rework my notes into something that makes a remote amount of sense to anyone other than myself.

1330: MmMMMmMMMmmm... Fallout 3 goodness... Prolly my most anticipated non-MMO title of the show, or well period, and I got to play. *drool*

1400: Wandered around the show for a while seeing various things. Played some Starcraft 2, everything you'd expect it to be. Swung by the WAR booth, lots more familiar faces at this show than there were at GenCon. Visited the Left 4 Dead booth but the line was too long to get in on the zombie slaughtering goodness.

1500: Went by Flying Labs Software and interviewed them. Got some great community based information, which will come in a write-up, again as soon as I can compose the notes into something understandable.

1600: The crepe place outside the hall keeps calling my name... Smells so yummy... Getting so hungry... Also trying to decide between the Cryptic and Turbine parties tonight. Tough call... Will have to see how close together they are and if hopping back and forth is an option... Done with the scheduled stuff for the day, anything else I get will be spur of the moment booth drivebys, so we'll see what's left to update after the day is done.

0300: So yeah, I guess this would technically be day two, but since I haven't slept yet, it's still day one in my world. :P Hit both the Cryptic and the Turbine parties. Got a little lost on the way to the Cryptic party since it was a bit away from the convention center... Discovered a couple things on our scenic foot tour through downtown Seattle: 1) They grow their pigeons pretty damn big hear, we got chickens back home that ain't got nothing on some of these things. Huge I tell ya! 2) VERY dog friendly town, people walking their pooches everywhere, insides shops, in the convention hall, all over the place. 3) This must be the mohawk capital of the world, I swear every other person I see is sporting the do, even saw more than one homeless person with mohawks... just odd. Anyway, I digress, the Cryptic party was a blast, as always. Big props to Nat and all the folks over at Reverb who handle the PR/Marketing type stuff for Champions, they know how to throw a bash. Turbine party was also a great time, always enjoy when I get to hang out with that crew. And now I go to sleep so I can wake up in 4 hours and start all over again! See the sacrifices I make to bring you guys all the great coverage? ;) I kid, I kid, I'm damn lucky and I know it. Oh, and just for you Sam, no incidents with the nipple rings thus far. ;)