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Richard's Ramblings

Just because sometimes my mind overflows its brainpan. Figured this would make as good of an outlet to catch those overflows as any. No set theme, topic, or schedule, just whatever and whenever. :)

Author: RJCox

GenCon Day 1 - Updated 17:30

Posted by RJCox Thursday August 14 2008 at 7:48AM
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Here we go, off to the races on day one of GenCon. Like I said, this will be updated at some point through the day, just not sure offhand when or how often, so just check back throughout the day.


1700: Pretty much done for the day as far as interviews and such go. Szark is currently attending a Cryptic panel/seminar about how they design their games while I'm updating this and sending content off to Stradden. After this we're going to be heading over to the SOE/FLS and Cryptic afterparties.

1645: Interviewed a couple of the CCP guys about EVE. Got some good video on that one, expect it soonish, along with a written teaser article for it.

1545: Went back to the WAR booth to chat with them some more. Just as surreal this time as the first. Oh well. Chatted with The Hickman a bit, unfortunately he's leaving the con early so he can get out to Leipzig and won't be able to participate in our interview with them. But we should be able to get some good info regardless. Will prolly be tomorrow when we sit down with them, so stay tuned! :)

1400: Ran into RA Salvatore, who I've known for years now. Spent about an hour and a half hanging out and chatting, tried to fish out some info on 38 Studios' MMO but no such luck. :( Always good to see Bob though, one of the greatest people I know to just hang out and chat with. Yeah, I know I'm name dropping a little here, but it was work related, I really did try to get any info I could about the game.

1315: Ok, back to the floor for me. More updates as I find more time to sneak away and steal someone's net connection. ;) Upcoming interviews include CCP/White Wolf this afternoon at 4 so stay tuned! :)

1300: Just got off the phone with my wife... It seems she dropped my 360... On a positive note, it seems to at least somewhat still work... If it's upside down... Much sadness now. :(

1215: Finished with Turbine, expect some great video and written coverage to come soon!

1130: First interview of the day is with Turbine, good times. :)

1100: Wandered around the hall for a while, visited the MMO related booths and set up interviews for the coming days. Visiting the WAR booth was a little surreal for me.

1000: So after some wandering around and confusion we found the press registration area and got our badges and everything squared away. Yay we're allowed in now!

0800: Awake, breakfasted and on the way over to the convention. First appointment of the day is Turbine plus whatever we just happen to stumble upon. :) Random side note of interest for the morning, I seem to have lost the backing to one of my nipple rings. This makes me sad. :(