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Richard's Ramblings

Just because sometimes my mind overflows its brainpan. Figured this would make as good of an outlet to catch those overflows as any. No set theme, topic, or schedule, just whatever and whenever. :)

Author: RJCox


Posted by RJCox Sunday July 20 2008 at 9:57AM
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I get asked questions a lot, comes with the job I guess. Probably the most common question, besides "How can I get into the industry?" has to be "What are you playing now?" Well, of course not counting the obligatory "When does beta start? How can I get into beta? Betazorz PLZKKTKZZ?!?!?!" that I got prolly several hundred to thousands of times a day as the WAR CM...

So what am I playing now...

Well, and I know judging from the forums some of you will have some pretty harsh criticism for this one, but yes, I'm still subbed to AoC. I'm enjoying it for what it is. I feel it has a great foundation to work from and if they can fix some problems can be a really great game. I don't know if I'll be around long enough for them to do so, who knows. And that isn't necessarily because of the game itself, I just around from game to game a lot... So even if I do cancel my sub to AoC I'll definitely be back to it in a couple months, that's just how the cycle goes for me.

I was playing and absolutely loving and enjoying Mythos up until the recent problems with Flagship. I'm also in a couple betas. And I've been playing my 360 more and more these days.

Gaming had definitely taken a back burner over the past couple months since we just had a new baby, and while my wife came with 2 boys as a package deal, this was my first kid, so I took a lot of time off just to hang around and experience it as much as I could. Now he's about 7 weeks and things are settled down into more of a routine it's opened my gaming time back up.

Unfortunately it's a horrible time for gaming. Summers are never good for game releases and this summer seems particularly dreadful. With all the BIG BIG titles coming out this fall you think someone of them would try to break apart from the crowd and release in the gaming drought of late summer... Specially when the Fable 2 guys get up on stage and declares "Fable 2 is finished!" Ok, that's great, but can I have it now? No... I still have to wait until October... Well then why do I care if it's finished? Oh, you want to release it this fall clumped in the same gaming cloud with Fallout 3, Spore, FOUR, yes, thats right, count them, FOUR RPGs from Square Enix, WAR, and a bunch of other good games... The logic fails me, I know the holiday season is your bread and butter, but with that many great games releasing a matter of weeks apart, it's going to lower sales versus if you release earlier then just do a major marketing campaign for the holiday season...

Oh well, those are just my thoughts on the matter. writes:
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