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My thoughts on the MMO market and current game development.

This blog is mainly my opinions of current and future mmo's, what I think dev's are doing right and wrong.

Author: Pyrostasis

What do you want, shiny or good gameplay?

Posted by Pyrostasis Saturday February 23 2008 at 5:35PM
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Over the past few weeks I have been doing some research into game development and seeing how hard it is for the old school "garage" developers to be successful. Granted the industry has come a long way from Bill Gates in his garage and turning into a multi billionaire, but surprisingly enough there are still quite a few successful independent developers. To name a few...


S2 Games

Audio Surf

These folks have great games, great ideas, and push the industry to new areas... not just the same old cut and paste wow clone type software. Now granted these guys are just normal devs not MMO devs, but I think the same type of rules apply.

There are tons of folks out there with dreams of making their own games, hell I’m one of them. All they need is support.

The three devs I listed above don’t have the best graphics, don’t have the best marketing campaigns, and their software is relatively cheap, but every one of them has a game that is different, unique, and worth the time and money to check them out.

But is that enough in this post-wow era? Are MMO players willing to look past the glitzy multimillion dollar graphic masterpieces that have horrible and uninteresting game play at the indy dev gems?

Maybe I’m just a hopeless dreamer, but I think the savior of MMO designs will be with one or more of these types of companies. Small companies that actually give a rat’s ass what you the player think and not only want your business but are willing to work for it!  Companies with dreams and ideas and the intestinal fortitude to give that radical new idea of theirs a shot. Folks who still remember what its like to be a frustrated gamer tired of the same old crap and willing to think outside the box. People who aren’t just a corporate yes man for their stockholders, people like us.

So I say do your part, support the independent developers. Give them feedback, help spread the word, and best of all if you can, give them your money. Cause I think its folks like these that are desperately needed.

Manmadegod writes:

Great ideas have to start somewhere. You can't fail tossing up great ideas, or supporting them.

Sat Feb 23 2008 7:04PM Report
Anofalye writes:

There are more peoples then ever willing to put with old games and old gameplays, especially when it is cheap to.


But WoW brings new gamers into the market, and these gamers don't care at all for these games.  Most of these players don't want anything less than WoW.


I don't have the dedication I used to, but I am sure for everyone like me, there are 2 newcomers.  So...and I am not completely gone.  I may still try low budget stuff...from time to time. :)


But I have no patience for PvP in anyform, lowering the budget won't make me change mind, hehehe.  No patience for raiding either.

Sat Feb 23 2008 7:34PM Report
Anofalye writes:

I recommend you go visit have a few very neat games.  The most expansive one is about $20 hehehe.  They even allow me to be a game designer for a year+, but then...I went nut!  :P  Cool peoples and great games. :)


Dr. Snoozelberg is definitely my favorite, but they have recent stuff as well.

Sat Feb 23 2008 7:37PM Report
Jimmy_Scythe writes:

You forgot Aquaria:


Sat Feb 23 2008 8:22PM Report
vajuras writes:

Excellent topic theres a lot of indy/independant MMOs in production that could really use more support.

Independant - when you have no publisher backing you but perhaps some money to self fund development for a time

Indy - Garage developers. old school. These guys could really use some more games in the vein of Second Life to help bring them to the front so they can earn some $$$. With those funds perhaps they can gain publisher backing for future projects or upgrade into 'Independant' developer status

Sun Feb 24 2008 3:45PM Report
Munkyman1 writes:

How about both shiny and good gamelplay, they dont have to be mutually exclusive you know


Sun Feb 24 2008 10:08PM Report writes:
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