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Age of Pwnin: Vonnorris Chronicle #1

This is my first blog about my character in AoC.

Author: Psymyn

REVIEW: Imagine a game built on what everyone wants in an MMORPG

Posted by Psymyn Tuesday July 15 2008 at 11:47AM
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Ok, well good to see more posts, and more ideas! I did infact see your guys' other posts on the second and first blog entries, and again there was alot to cover from what most of you have posted. I have read them, and there are some great ideas there, however like i had mentioned some things just come hand in hand with what exactly it is were creating here, what i really meant when i said we dont need a novel written to get the points across, was basically summed up from what everyones ideas were. There are basically alot of things that just arent key points. I'm not criticizing anyones ideas here, but rather pointing out that alot of the ideas stated were more story driven, or visually driven ideas. We need our meat, too many side dishes, catch my drift lol!

Again everyones ideas were great, but there again most of the details i read come hand in hand with exactly what were looking at here. The idea is, is that i havent gone into much graphic detail just for the main reason that its implimented as the standard game mechanics are laid out. For example, so far we have, catagory uno...

 1. (Nature) Fantasy/Sci-fi Hybrid, with Horror/Survivalistic features. ( This simply put, gives you the entire generalized idea of what it would look like. Ofcourse its 3D, its gotta look realistic to be scary looking! Ofcourse there are mass amounts of real looking blood, blood + gore= fear factor etc.)

Catagory numero dose...

 2. As many races as what the basic storyline could subside with= infinity. ( Another strong point i myself stated was this -->  (*As many things are covered for this specific Catagory, it is still under discussion for now*

     - with that said, there could be much much controversy over many issues, and conflicts between the races. So not to get to far in detail with this subject matter it would infact be set as an RvR type of game. So mainly if anything is to be discussed it would be based upon the battlement type, not so much lore etc. ) Also here it was clear from what everyones basic idea of the races were, was that there should infact be an Evolved human race, whether it was a couple of different ones, whethere they were civilized yet or not, so on, so on. Also that they had crash landed on what is now their new home, which in turn is skirmished with thousands of other alienated habitants. Maybe thats a bit more clear for now.

Trust me ive read all of everyones comments! Without judgement on what i thought was good or bad, its all still been well adjusted to what we have so far. So im sorry if i havent directly quoted or credited anyones ideas, but thats not the point here. The point is again- If your going to eat a meal, you first lay out the dishes (plates, forks, cups, etc.) you then dish out your meat and potatoes, then all the sides, and at this point the crock just got done cooking the stew, and our sides are getting cold hahah!


Catagory numero trace...

 3. Lets face it, a good MMORPG has to have massive scale warfare, especially if its taken place in the future. I sat down for a good 2-3hrs going, you have to have this, you have to have that ( i put to many spices in the stew, and started over several times) LOL. What i renditioned was basically RvR, RvR encorporates all aspects of the games functions, PvE is involved, PvP is even more directly involved, and actual Siege battles are the hunk of Beef Brisket!

 Now ive gotten more input on this soley than any of the other catagories, but thats good, because thats where all of our standing issues lye within every other game we play! RIght? So lets take another look at RvR, many of you state to have MMO"RPG", you have to have RP, and i couldnt agree any more than what you already have! Funny thing is, i think RP shouldnt just be between player and environment or player and player, i think RP in the game should play a key part in RvR. This was introduced in Vangaurd as the first MMORPG to have actual Diplomacy involved in the game, with Diplomacy you can have your cake and eat it! RP is the funnest part in the game, so why shouldnt it be a key part in the games machincs, why shouldnt it have an ecinomical effect on society as a whole, if you have the power in persuasion i think it can be a powerful ally, or the end of society no matter how you look at it, and holy crap i just thought the best i-freaking-dea ive ever thought of..... Imagine a high ranking Diplomat in the game, infact so high, he had the actual power by a voting petition to change actual features in the game?!?!?! Such as, lets say the standards are set,  depending on the economy in the game, maybe the people arent satisfied with what they are dealing with as far as penalties in death, or prices, etc. Maybe with enough votes, this powerful Diplomat has the direct power by petition and enough votes to change the rules a little bit..... Wow i think that would be fantastic, this way things can literally be changed at will, I mean if its not working out, VOTE FOR A NEW STANDARD!!?!? Mainly this is controlled by the gamers point of view anyhow, many complain to the testers, the testers get the go ahead to test some new features etc. then the games patched. I say put it all in there, set a server on default, then away they go, a few moments later you have a bound group of High ranked diplomats that have the ability to change the games standards at will. TALK ABOUT FREAKING RP PEOPLE!!!!

Well so we have it, were not going to get by with out writing a novel LOL, so sorry if ive not finley detailed everyones input into each catagories, but again what im trying to do is sum up each catagory based on everyones opinion, so sorry if its been a lil short. Really i say again though what i mean behind not writing a novel is, if your going to have to write this much to get a point across, do so. But if its your take on the 'story' really thats just getting off topic a bit. But from all of that i would like to hear more opinions on the last catagory, see what other good ideas can give the games economy a sort of 'steering wheel' if you will...

III.Imagine a game built on what everyone wants in an MMORPG

Posted by Psymyn Monday July 14 2008 at 2:18PM
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Ok, first off, thanks for commenting those who have. For those whom have nothing bettter to say than things like... "you cant do that, its impossible", or "this idea wouldnt work" really? STUFF IT TARD! These are a series of blogs for a game built by our imagination! In which you have none, nor any sense to know what it is were discussing in the first place, so please dont waste our time, we have a game to make, thanks!

Anyway, back on topic here. If you do you care what this is all about. I suggest you take the time to read the first two links to get the best understanding of whats happening here. If you dont care to read them, then hopefully you can understand a little bit about what it is were doing here.




Now that you know what it is were discussing, feel free to give any input on any catagory listed thus far.

Ok so, lets recap the Catagories that have been pretty settled up to this point.

  1.(Nature) Fantasy/Sci-fi: No human races, all alienatetd races, some with human derivitaves. (as humans evolved and crash landed on an alien planet) The Game Mechanics we can agree would actually revolve around a cross between MMORPG and horror/survival like features.

2. Anywhere from 4-6 races. Where it is infact a struggle between races gaining control of the planets resources (basically), both sides of the field can infact be played. Mainly the invaders are the Evolved Humans, The Natives which are an advancing tribal like race that once lived in peace, and as for the other races well its up for discussion on there stand point.

    *As many things are covered for this specific Catagory, it is still under discussion for now*

     - with that said, there could be much much controversy over many issues, and conflicts between the races. So not to get to far in detail with this subject matter it would infact be set as an RvR type of game. So mainly if anything is to be discussed it would be based upon the battlement type, not so much lore etc.

Now with all of that on the table we have a pretty sound MOCK up of a great sounding game. Which would bring us to our next Catagory. Now alot can be said at this point, pushing most of the trailing controversial issues out of the way and pretty much said into itself. I heard mostly strong points provided via the first post, and i gotta say the main focus of the game would be intense realistic battles, whether its the PvP, the PvE, or the RvR. So we can obviously say, with instensity comes realistic AI etc. So that being said we have half of what we need, so whats missing yet?

Well i just mentioned 3 sub-catagories here already duh (here comes the juciest parts)

     A. PvP, generalize some main features based on PvP in this type of game.

     B. PvE, generalize some main features based on PvE in this type of game.

     C. RvR, you get the idea...

(my example: Well i started to write a novel here, twice. LOL! What I came to terms with is a system basically like WARs. A. PvP, harsh death penalties= less ganking noob tards, also real xp + bonus xp based on performance in battle. B. PvE, Scary missions, not so many quests, but mainly tons of freelance work and self adventures. C. RvR, ofcourse siege battles! Where control of the siege meets team leaders, and fierce warriors of high rank using special assigned skills and feats only bearable by ones of chioce by thier guild votes etc.)


II.Imagine a game built on what everyone wants in an MMORPG

Posted by Psymyn Saturday July 12 2008 at 11:05AM
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LoL! Geat comments guys im loving it already! So first off, if your not sure what this is all about, see the first entry:

Now, if youve read that, then you know what this is all about. But lets move on to what is important. In the first blog post, we were discussing the first catagory, the Nature of the game. So from this aspect i think we have all agreed to a Fantasy/Sci-fi Hybrid, and actually No Humans ( as somone stated) is a fantastic idea i can say, most of you stated comments more based on a seperate catagory that shall be covered later ( good ideas, none the less). Lets just keep it generalized and simple for now. Lets not jump to far ahead, that way everyone has a chance to get their ideas out there for the specific catagory, and this way things are a bit organized at least.

1.(Nature) Fantasy/sci-fi: No human races, Very mysterious and almost horror survivalsitic type of MMORPG. (afterall space is mysterious and scary!)

 -if you have any more ideas feel free to come back and discuss any other details and ill add them in.


Next Catagory to discuss:

2. This one may include a set of things that can just be easier to sum into one catagory. So first off, were looking at a Hybrid MMORPG, and when i say Hybrid i dont just mean as in the scenery! I say let by gones be by gones, lets just give it some juicy features ( im getting excited!), i think this catagory we should discuss the actual game play mechanics. Some of you were saying, i want scary shit jumping at me. I couldnt agree more, thats why i think this "game" being a hybrid, we can take MMORPG like features and add in some tasty Horror type survivalistic features ( as in ideas from other Horror/Survival type games, not like puzzle action type crap). This brings up more great ideas in my head here. How about a world where your some form of evolved human race ( Anyone see the man whom fell to earth??) if not dont worry about it lol. But i think being a- here again "Hybrid" evolved hyper? human, would make this race no longer human, but gives a generalized story line to why they exsist ( you follow me... no... ok). What im saying is You have a evolved human race, thats like an entirely new generation of humans, which in turn doesnt really make them human, but they are of human species. So you have them, then you have just some other "Jawa" looking friendly alienated "sapien" like intelligable races, no need to start calling names here lol, lets just focus on whats on the table not whats coming....

 Ok so that alot to chew on for awhile. Lets review some of the topics up for discussion and sub-catagorized into this next single Catagory.

   A. Game Mechanics/Gameplay

   B. Races (how many? what kind? Evolved human derivatives? -yay, nay?)

   C. Following The last three topics, with your ideas, what can you come up with for some bits of story liine, or what can you say it should be generalized as??

(my example: A. Horror/Surviavl/MMORPG, B. Evolved Humans... IN SPACE!!, C. What??? Humans actually outlived themselves? well ya in a sense, except they are no longer really humans?! Humans lived on earth... which has long ended now, Large amounts of Humans took a leap of faith into the dark abyss in search for a new home, lots died off after centuries of travel. Over time ppl started adapting to the life of deep space, and with a stonger, newer, longer living, and much more intelligent race to have once lived as humans, they now have actually fulfilled their destiny and have found their home, but like every other it comes at a price and with daily threats from the natives they will continually struggle... etc. etc. etc.)

Imagine a game built on what everyone wants in an MMORPG

Posted by Psymyn Thursday July 10 2008 at 5:58PM
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 Ok so im going to start a blog that basically will eventually develop a simulated game, put together by means of exactly what everone wants in an MMORPG. To start i will list off the basic standards of the game in catagories, and i want all of you to comment on each catagory and tell me what you all want it to play like, feel like, and most of all what nature it shall enrule- fantasy? sci-fi? somthing completely bizarre?? anything and everything at all, and not restricted to logic will it determine what ideas should be selected, but soley on agreement amongst all of you.

 So to get started i think i will start with one catagory at a time. You all comment on what you want, or just simply agree with somones idea, and that shall determine what will be chosen for the catagory. Depending on what is more agreed upon, or what exceptions can be made to incorporate many ideas will also determine what will be incorporated into a this simulated 'MMO', this is just for fun so all the ideas that everyone has, can be summed up into a 'MOCK' game entirley based on public opinion, this will allow us all to reflect on what can be acknowledged for what it would take to build such a game, how worth while its actual gameplay would be, or how it would sound in this case, and so forth.

 Well i hope your following me here. Also feel free to comment on catagories and, if any should be added or subtracted as we go along. Im planning on this lasting a few days, so hope everyone has great ideas. in the words of mario... "HE-R-D WE GOOOOOO!!!"

The first catagory for the game "I think" should be based off of what the story would be... so

1. Whats should the nature of the game be ? (dont just say... fantasy, sci-fi, blah blah.) Gimme somthing tasty, give a bit of nitty gritty here. For this is pretty much the Key catagory. Come up with some of your own lore, and i dont mean write a novel here either... Seeing as this is already complicated getting our feet soaked, im going to provide an example, you can agree or disagree and throw in some of your own lore and ideas.

 -My idea for the nature of the game i guess my attention would include... ( ill just lay it out there *closes eyes*) Theyve all been done so it matters not, but i say. Fantasy/Cartoon, close your eyes and think. Stop thinking about WoW (its not cartoony becuase its a cartoon, but because the graphical engine). This "Fantasy" world i will say is based off of uh oh... did i say aliens! I did So now we have a hybrid..what do you think, a Hybrid Fantasy/sci-fi but i guess its percieved as friendly and cartoony with funky critter alien  looking ppl, no matter if its visualized as 3D or a 2D. ( we'll get to that catagory later ; )

Problems with new MMOs not meeting your expectations??

Posted by Psymyn Saturday July 5 2008 at 6:01PM
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 Do you have souless solutions from many MMO's not meeting your personal standards? Was playing your first MMORPG like having sex for the first time? Well you may not know it, you may deny it, but in fact you should just admit it. Get a glass of water, this may be hard to swallow....

Your a gamer, a gamer whos played "many" mmo's. You state things like." MMO's arent like they use to be, i find that the fun factor was only good the first time around, or " I started plyaing this one and that one, and im just not as excited for these as i was for the first one ive played!, how about "I much enjoyed the first MMO i tried, now im bored and tired of these newer releases... wheres the fun?"

 Read carefully because i have a few steps that may help you, and your "problem".....

 Step1. Lets look at the obvious, from what many have you stated... You first sound like a bunch of whiney old men that cant get it up anymore. "its not like it was", "Wheres the fun?", "It's not like the first time?" Lets face it hear ppl you sound like you all need to get laid! Take a night on the town, masturbate, what ever you have to do to stop sounding like a bunch of 65yr old man whom lost their boners! Sex isnt like the first time, and you havent figured that out because you either havent gotten any in a long time, or you havent ever had any?

 Step2. Instead of wasting your time sounding like your grandpa, take a min to gather your life. Take the time to recognize the fact that your asking yourself these questions rather than others.

 I had no idea the gaming industry was designed  to take steps backwards instead of forward for their fanboi lackies stating that these games are all the same. Maybe if you did some studying...

Step3. Take some history lessons from others. I started playing D&D long before i played any MMO, if you havent... read up. Maybe youll learn somthing.

The key point hear is not just the fact that all of you sound like bonerless wrinkle wads. But that you simply cant realize the fact that "sticking" it in for the first time was obviously alot  like having memories of what being a noob was in the rules of an MMO which is simply put , a system derived from D&D standards. Get a clue, and a life. Then come back and let me school you in duel... fools!

Age of Pwnin:The Vonnorris Chronicles #1

Posted by Psymyn Tuesday June 3 2008 at 8:17AM
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So i gave it some thought and decided im so cool, im going to start the chronicles of my life, of AoC that is. By that i mean im gonna keep track of my leveling experience in AoC the development and life of the first DNA spawned from that of Today's known alias.. "Chuck Norris", but in the Hyboria Age and Cimmerian bred lifetime of "Chuck-rakigh Vonnorris" things get alot less civilized, alot less remorseful, and loads more Savage.

The day begins today where his name be known to all who oppose the wrath of "Mr. Vonnorris" starting at but LvL... 13.8733333333..he will reign a hail of lightning arrows upon all other gods whom oppose him, for you see? Vonnorris has been risen a new king to be had a new throne, and he wishes only to grow in the midst of his own free will striking at men, women, and yes.... the children!! With the wrath of no mercy at his hands, all shall pay with their heads nailed to they're own asses.. by "the eyes of a ranger are upon ye!!" Do not hinder His coarse.. as he does hear screams that shall be heard of thine enemies, and the cries and lamentation of the womens!!!

As one of many Conan's secret weapons he bears, low and behold his unspoken son "Vonnorris" or fully known by his barbaric name as "Chuck-rakigh Vonnorris" he was raised upon one of many women Conan had diligently ****d in his day, after shortly being killed and ****d again by slavers, as young Vonnorris was but the age of 12 he had specifically been raised upon the exact path his birth father Conan was perceived, a life of Savage slavery and contingent beatings as for 13 or more years he grew into an Ox, only that one day he was washed ashore on a small island after surviving a slaved ship wreck, he now quests to contest with his father in penance for selling him and his mother at a young age. Little does Conan know that with the new breed of a new killing machine, a new king, and some day, a new god, will be hunting him through and through until He has sought Vengeance upon a tiresome and beckoned ruler...

Below i have captioned some of his first sitings of pure and utter pwnage as more skills and feats sprout each and every level i bid a farewell to future enemies...

Born inside the deathwhisper realm he waits...