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Cash shop games are bad!

Posted by Pro_Pwnerer Sunday August 2 2009 at 11:40AM
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cash shop games are bad!


Most cash shop games are grindfests, which aren't any fun, except maybe for the achiever type.

Cash shop games are also less in depth, and content.

They are also huge money wasters. To stay complete with other cash shop users, most players spend around $1000+ on cash shop, so they can get there "double exp scrolls" and uber L337 armor.


Annwyn writes:

I wonder if you really are 21 years that age you should technically be a bit more intelligent and know more about the F2P market (especially after all these posts you can find on mmorpg).

It is actually chinese mmos that contains the biggest amount of grind while korean games are more skill-based and not as much grind even though there are a few execptions, Only a very small amount of games have epic gear in their cash shop which imbalance the game and if the game is skill-based, then that epic gear doesn't mean as much as it would in a point&click.

Few exemples:
Mabinogi, while cash shop contains pet which greatly helps it only works the same way as a player meaning that, should you not find a party member, the pet can fill that place and it doesn't imbalance the game in any major way, it simply makes things easier. Mabinogi doesn't contains much grind either as you have access the all the game's content from level 1 (7 for main story) and since you are able to reborn every 3 weeks, keeping all your skills and items, it's practically like saying there is only a very small grind.

Atlantica Online. Cash shop doesn't quite imbalance the game either (only in PvE but not in PvP as they contains potions to increase XP, damage,etc temporarily). These items simply make the game easier but they are not a necessity. The game doesn't get grindy until llevel 90-100+ (max level is 120)

Dungeon&Fighter: While cash shop do gives small stats bonus, players often purchase those items for the "style" and not for the stats itself as  this game heavily relys on player skills and not on a nuke that does over 10000000000000 damage with homing feature (which doesn't exist in D&F as you must aim so your skills hit)

These are only 3 exemples but there are a very large amount of other exemples in the industry. Should you stop trying to make a point where you are obviously ignorant, I suggest you give these games a try.

For now, Buried!

Sun Aug 02 2009 4:10PM Report writes:
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