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Why we should compare every MMO to pre-tram UO

Posted by Player_420 Thursday May 1 2008 at 3:58PM
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I havent seen too many blogs about this, so here goes:

When UO was released it held a massive number of options, and a gameplay style never seen before to any gamer. It was strange, confusing at first....You molded your own char, with choosing your skills and creating your own unique class. There was incredible housing (which got out of hand I admit) and boats with seamonsters, fishing, cooking......seriously there are so many cool hidden lore based things spread throughout the world, the dungeons were soo much fun....

Of course this game had lots of problems....bugs all over, crashes, server lag.....

But it truly offered one of the most complete MMO gaming experiences ever.

So the only point of my blog is this....I can help but compare everything to UO, because in most new games I always find myself thinking, wait...why isnt this feature in?

-Why dont I feel like I can take a boat, explore some island and have a chance of getting killed and loosing everything stranded in the middle of nowhere?

-Why cant I truly customize my char and make him or her the way I want?

-Why does the world feel held back? There shouldnt be boundries, only when you hit the edge of the ocean!

The main point is: Why cant I have more choice?

I dont understand...why had possibly the oldest MMO (with graphics) offered sooo much more at release then games 5-12 years later? But yet I love modern MMO's...I eat em up just like everyone else...they just never hold long unless they are more classics like Shadowbane, Guild Wars, or even WoW.

wolfmann writes:

MMO players today don't want options. They don't want choices...

They want a game with a button that says "mash till killed" and barely that.

Choices, options and not following the arrow in the maze would make sure they would never ever play that game.


Ofcourse, so would the pre-trammel PK'ers...

Thu May 01 2008 4:10PM Report
Stormsblade writes:

I love open sandbox games, go play EvE if you want a taste of it again Player_420, but EvE can also be the living example of the fact that although sandbox, open pvp, etc really improve a game, you *need* to have a good basis as well.

Thu May 01 2008 4:35PM Report
esarphie writes:

I'm constantly amazed at the lack of effort desired by the modern mmo'er. We used to be called RPGers, but with the death of roleplay (and by roleplay, I mean playing as if you're in the world, not sitting in an inn somewhere making up stories) mmo'er seems more appropriate. WoW is the prime example, with all quest contacts showing up on maps now, you still hear people asking how to do the next step of their quest... a quest which usually tells you exactly where to go in two short paragraphs. What's really amusing is that the angry answer shouted back is rarely "take 8 seconds and read the quest," but "why don't you have <insert idiot-proof quest guide plug-in here> running???? n00b!"

Oh, and pre-tram UO was where the term "griefing" came into its own. I can't really be nostalgic about it.  I would, however, like to see a game that's less worried about pvp balance, and more concerned with limitless opportunities in character development and exploration.

Thu May 01 2008 4:40PM Report
Player_420 writes:

great replies, thanks guys!

Thu May 01 2008 6:29PM Report
sage707 writes:

I agree with your completely about UO. I always compare every online game to it only to see them fall short by a large margin. The fact that UO had so much freedom is what made it great. UO made the word 'Griefing', hmm, i'm not sure about that; but, i think thats more of something that came from whinny people from EQ :).

There was no 'rules of engagement' in UO, therefore griefing didn't exist..... If some one kept res killing you, then its your own idiot fault for res'ing at the same spot.... people cant kill you as a ghost-- so go somewhere else if you don't want to die.....

The thing i want to see the most come back in the freedom to kill anyone, anywhere, anytime. I couldn't stand Wow cause it was so restricted-- people should be able to kill their own team.... If some one frustrates you, then kill them, take all their stuff, and double click your knife on their body to cut off their head--- Thats how games should be played; instead of just people sending each other lame 'tells' full of threats and challenges only to never back them up....

anywyas i can cry for hours on how much i miss UO..... i loved ruining the game for other people -- especially making them so mad that they would quit. All in all, Those were the days to be remembered,,, it's harder and harder to find that enjoyment of 'griefing' as games become more sheltered; but, ill keep trying!

Anyways. Great post !

and now... as expected, those who are opposed to 'griefing' as its been labeled... Feel free to cry below about how 'griefers' ruin 'your' game......*waves* :)

Thu May 01 2008 8:11PM Report
Zanthorn writes:


I would like to ask the UO vets that can program:

Why not get together and make a newer (more-up-to-date version)?

maybe not exactly the same but very close.

Thu May 01 2008 8:33PM Report
jj85624 writes:

man i remembered the time i've played uo day and night, and i remember before they had skill locks and you would drop you skills from 100 -> 99.9.... >.<    how spending hours of playing just to raise your .1 skill....   It was hard work but i had a great time. Even After tram... factions was somewhat fun too. Untill..... you know .... "it" ruined the game.

Fri May 02 2008 12:21AM Report
Daedren writes:

Ah, UO. Those were the days. Good times indeed.

Fri May 02 2008 4:02AM Report
Skasi writes:

Ever heard of Freeshards?

Fri May 02 2008 8:57AM Report
vajuras writes:

EVE Online has some of the elements of UO but its a game set out in space. Would be nice to see UO get updated let's hope Mortal Online, WELL, LinkRealms, etc makes it out of the gates swinging....

Fri May 02 2008 9:58AM Report
bstripp writes:

Sage, the irony is that your own griefing ruined the game for yourself.  Your play style, and anti social behavior made it nearly a certainty that commercially viable open PvP games were unlikely to succeed.  Companies go where the money is and your actions caused the fall of not only pre trammel UO but shadowbane and other games of its ilk.

So congratulations.  You got people to quit.  Woo hoo.  You also killed the game you loved.  Well done indeed.

Fri May 02 2008 10:16AM Report
Player_420 writes:

Skasi - yeah they helped me play UO pre tram for a long time...but it of course got old after so many years.

My main point about the blog =  the fact that UO was released with all this content, pvp aside....and modern games usually never even come close to releasing their game with half the content UO did.

Also I think UOGateway is down, can anyone else confirm that?

Fri May 02 2008 10:33AM Report
Player_420 writes:

Bstripp - In my opinion Shadowbane and pre tram UO NEVER EVER died, not even close.

UBI got worried with Shadowbane and was having a hard time keeping its funding, but it was after that they realized the HUGE following of fans, and now the game more populated then it was at launch. However Shadowbane never ran out of population, the world was always 100% full with the maximum number of cities.

UO died by the damned hands of EA, however all the vets just took the game from when it was good, and released it on free shards, then played there!

Fri May 02 2008 10:36AM Report
grimfall writes:

I seem to remember a lot of grinding in UO.  Didn't you have to whack training dummies in town to build streght and skill?

I compare most games to Everquest, so I get the principle.  When I played UO though, I thought, 'what were they thinking?!?' a whole bunch.

Fri May 02 2008 5:32PM Report
vajuras writes:

bstripp - "Sage, the irony is that your own griefing ruined the game for yourself.  Your play style, and anti social behavior made it nearly a certainty that commercially viable open PvP games were unlikely to succeed. "

That's the funny part open PVP always existed way before mmorpgs in MUDs and such. UO never died either- its still widely available in its original form on freeshards. If anything maybe EA servers died from mismanagement but UO freeeshards seemed full to overflowing when i last checked

Fri May 02 2008 8:02PM Report
talismen351 writes:

I feel UO was good pre n after Tram...was that AoS that screwed it with all the 'luck' n 'rares' n changing the armors n all for protection increase. Pre-tram was for the PvPers, Tram was for the PvErs.

But the OPoster I agree with. Since UO there really hasn't been anything quite like it. Custom select your skills, crafting, housing, open world, boats to actually sail. Mounts that your could ride as newbie, treasure hunting, fishing up treasures. Easy to travel from one point to another with either gates or recall scrolls. Was simple to hook up with friends reguardless of your skill. The list goes on...

Been missing a game like that since the early UO days....prolly we will never see something like that again.

Wed May 14 2008 10:08AM Report
lapis2 writes:

heres what i dont understand about pc games in general, why is that pc gamers are expected to pay good money for a broken product?  I mean youre basically saying that u should expect crashes and lag and bugs with new games, why?  "oh you want to buy our game?  Its 50$ + $15 a month..and oh, it doesnt work."  How many pc games have a patch out on realease?  Most. Would ytou buy a new model car if they told you it might not turn on somtimes because of a glitch theyll be fixing later?  I really dont think its too much to ask for game companies to produce a finshed product.  I know its a big undertaking to make a gome like aoc..but thats what those people are getting paid for right?

Wed May 14 2008 11:59AM Report
beauturkey writes:

 Has this blogger even played UO? You were 10 when it was brand new. And there are many, many choices out there, you just have to know where to look.

 UO was fun, but if you think that it is a standard for all other games to measure up to, then you are ignoring half of the innovations that have come about.

I also find it curious that you just commented somewhere else that housing was worthless. Yet you want to take a boat, and basically be "immersed" in a world.

 I think you got some 'splainin' to do. :)








Tue Apr 07 2009 11:42AM Report
Player_420 writes:

Beauturkey! yeh I was actually like 9-10 I believe when it came out.

I stick with my opinion that housing, besides the storage is overall a useless feature, not that I hate housing. I feel its useless because its nothing more then a money sink, which = a time sink for something that doesnt really advance your char more then "shwoing off"

I am not ignoring any "innovations" that have come out. It seems you cant even explain these "innovations"....UO has pretty much everything, every major feature and no modern mmo should release their game without....if a game could do it in 97' or whatever, a new over the top MMO should be able to pull it off.

so since im ignoring half the innovations that came out, could you please explain them? THE ONLY "INNOVATION" that anyone has come up with after UO was:

Shadowbane - siege/city managment

WoW - Private zone instancing


Tue Apr 28 2009 1:24PM Report writes:
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