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Tips for noobies and casual gamers.

Posted by Player_420 Wednesday February 13 2008 at 12:25PM
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Hello all, last night I decided to create a new blog, to help noobies, or people who just dont have enough time to play anymore but want that "uber" gear and a good dungeon crawl! I am also bored at work doing legal crap so first for the noobies!

My tips for new players:

1. Dont be afraid to make friends, ask for a group or even start a group. It is the best part of any MMORPG and you could make friends early on for the rest of the game!

2. Guilds are a positive thing! Don't be afraid because your new! No matter what you play, there are tons of guilds with really friendly people who can help you out and get ya going. Its also nice to have people to talk to and chat with every time you log on.

3. Never feel afraid to ask for help. The more you understand things, the more you'll become uber yourself!

My tips for casual players who want good gear:

Before I start I wanted to post this because its one of the things I hear people complaining about most. In my opinion you shouldnt get uber gear and great rewards if you dont work for it. It may seem harsh but it is indeed unfair to reward people who just wanna solo and play 4-5 hours a week with great gear. Hmm that sucks though because what if you are mid or max level and want a piece of the action? Well heres a few tips that have worked for my busy life.

1. Talk to guild crafters, help them get resources and everything they need to make you a uber item and make it so they cant refuse!

2. Make your sessions count. Try to get in contact with guildies and friends, let them know the general times you might be on, and let them know what dungeon or epic quest you want to accomplish. Then when you get on, do anything including starting a group of your own to get this goal going. No matter how little you play, you can get uber gear by starting groups and making each play session count. Dont be nervous as a group leader and ask for help from fellow group members if needed! Take the dungeons slow, control spawn and just play it safe and smart and everyone will do great!


Take care

ext1 writes:



I'm a casual gamer and have no problems accepting the fact I won't be uberpwnsauce because I don't play alot.  i think one of the problems with a lot of games today is that people don't want to have to 'work' for rewards in games.  They want everything given to them, and as a result we see a lot of  "this game is boring, I won already and now there is nothing to do..".   Difficulty is what made the early days of EQ and AO stand out in my mind...  Player interaction and dependency is what makes SWG pre-CU stand out in my mind.

Wed Feb 13 2008 2:37PM Report
Flungmuk writes:

Only thing I would add to newbie tips.

When making a group, don't randomly invite people in your area. I know I'm not the only person that gets annoyed when you suddenly get "Soandso has invited you to a group". Ask, send a tell, something like that.

I agree with the casual tips as I'm a casual player myself. Takes me far longer to get gear or finish quests, and thats ok, as long as I can hold my own and what ever level I am, I'm happy. Its more fun if I don't have uber gear, why? Because its a challenge.

Wed Feb 13 2008 4:56PM Report
steuss writes:

Games today foster an enviroment of ease and convinence. Game companies cater to the lowest common denomenator and are rewarded for their crap.  Look at wow and lotro and vanguard. They reinforce a semi forced grouping dynamic with item based progression. It happens ALL the time in WoW, but in Lotro i remember one of the first few areas you could kill this named boar, and it was a quest EVERYONE could get. So there would be a hoard of people clustered around his spawn point, all fighting to tag the boar first when he spawned to get quest credit.

It was so much easier to just spam /invites across the area to increase your tagging chances. Screw everyone else around there, hell, even screw your group mates! Group up once, and ditch them in a few minutes.

I think the ease that these games present to us not encourages the random blind /invite PUG. There is no real death penalty per se, I don't really lose anything if we wipe on a crap quest.... who cares who is in my group? I only need a little more dps and then i can ditch them and continue with my quests.  Hell, a healer is kinda nice, i guess... but who cares! i'll just find someone, hell, ANYONE that wants to help on a few quests.. oh wait, are they even the same quests? screw that...


Imagine most times you've been spam blind /invited and you'll notice you're in an area or location that probably warrents this behavior. Dungeon, Quest Area, known grouping area. Blind invites have the crap /tell preamble already out of the way. By being in the location you are you are stating a number of very obvious things to your fellow gamers who are likewise situated. 1) you are there for a reason 1)a) that reason is probably xp, loot, or quest based. 2) everyone wants more of 1a. 3) Probably need a group for it. 4) if you don't already have a group, then why not join us?  (if you have a group the invite is auto denied in most cases.

Have you ever gotten an invite blindly while in the middle of an obscure zone?  Sure! then you say, "whats up bitches?" (assuming you accept) And the group you joined proceeds to tell you what... then you can stay or leave. /tell's are almost archaic in a way.
 Sure, there is a degree of politeness, but sometimes, I DON"T NOTICE A TELL! I always notice a group invite though.

Blind invites are a faster way of communicating too... send one out and if it is denied, then chances are they don't want a group anyways... waste time /tell'ing them and they aren't interested, and you've just lost precious gaming minutes typing out /tell "hi, wanna join a group? we have x rangers and y healers and z tanks... ???"

Blech, spam invite all the people you want,  it is a wonderful adaptation by people to the simulated world around them. It is time saving, convienent and a clear indicator of intent.


(I'll agree that /tell /invites are better for high level raiding and epic quests).

Wed Feb 13 2008 6:58PM Report
steuss writes:

wish i could Edit that... Topic is Blind Group Invites to n00bs.

Wed Feb 13 2008 6:59PM Report
Wow4Lifer writes:

Listen to you guys. I'm disgusted, you are saying that in a game, if you want to have fun, you have to work for it. WTF?!?!?! Am I the only one who thinks your logic is backwards? Are you from southern illinois or alabama by any chance?

Wed Feb 13 2008 7:46PM Report
ext1 writes:

^^  yeah...having a challenging experience in order to receive reward in a game....what are these people thinking huh.

Who needs excitement, camaraderie , challenge; just give me quest A-Z, some end game gear, and 8 hour raids so I can get back to the forums and bitch about how bored I am.


oh yeah, and don't forget the scripts that play the game for me so i can just reach the end with all teh phat l00t...THEN complain how bored I am. wonder the MMORPG  (of course we can pretty much leave off the RPG part of it these days in most games),  but no wonder the MMORPG market sucks these days...



Wed Feb 13 2008 10:28PM Report writes:
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