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Why I believe we are expecting too much...

Posted by Player_420 Tuesday May 13 2008 at 12:14PM
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Now I want to start off saying that I am one of these people, who expect waaay too much from a MMO right away at launch. It obviously comes from my obsession with how much UO released at launch, however this blog will be about glitches and bugs.

I think the MMORPG community of today has gotten waay too crazy about a game releasing buggy, about a game releasing with lag, or server crashes.

Now I agree that a company should take all the steps to avoid this as much as possible in beta, however what ever happened to just being understanding and letting the devs fix things? And before you post back let me explain.

When UO and EQ were released, as well as other very early games. They were ALL very very original development, so naturally they all came with many bugs. Devs are not perfect, and making a MMORPG is much different then doing anything else. So for example I consider AoC original development for a MMORPG, so when I play it and its full of server crashes, bugs and really wont bother me one bit in terms of how much I like the game.

Now there are two sides to this. One I would call the LOTRO/WoW approach (i play both on and off with max lvls) and the other I could call the AoC/Shadowbane approach.

The first approach is to make a game where the engine and gamplay style based on previous MMORPG's, add some variations and minor additions. Then release it with minimal content, BUT completely polished with minimal bugs/lag/crash ect. - now this seems to be what most people are expecting, however they are expecting this with games that release with far more content then WoW/LOTRO/EQ2.

And of course the second approach trys to give a completely new game, with new ideas, new gameplay elements, and a different approach to MMORPG's completely. Usually these games dont get the best reviews from "professionals" or gamers due to bugs/lag/crashes w/e....and people seem to think that making a innovative game is just as easy as following a path.

All im saying is give new games that actually try to innovate a chance if they release with problems. All the best MMO's and most original have been released with tons of bugs and difficulties BECAUSE THEY ARE UNIQUE!

Why we should compare every MMO to pre-tram UO

Posted by Player_420 Thursday May 1 2008 at 2:58PM
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I havent seen too many blogs about this, so here goes:

When UO was released it held a massive number of options, and a gameplay style never seen before to any gamer. It was strange, confusing at first....You molded your own char, with choosing your skills and creating your own unique class. There was incredible housing (which got out of hand I admit) and boats with seamonsters, fishing, cooking......seriously there are so many cool hidden lore based things spread throughout the world, the dungeons were soo much fun....

Of course this game had lots of problems....bugs all over, crashes, server lag.....

But it truly offered one of the most complete MMO gaming experiences ever.

So the only point of my blog is this....I can help but compare everything to UO, because in most new games I always find myself thinking, wait...why isnt this feature in?

-Why dont I feel like I can take a boat, explore some island and have a chance of getting killed and loosing everything stranded in the middle of nowhere?

-Why cant I truly customize my char and make him or her the way I want?

-Why does the world feel held back? There shouldnt be boundries, only when you hit the edge of the ocean!

The main point is: Why cant I have more choice?

I dont understand...why had possibly the oldest MMO (with graphics) offered sooo much more at release then games 5-12 years later? But yet I love modern MMO's...I eat em up just like everyone else...they just never hold long unless they are more classics like Shadowbane, Guild Wars, or even WoW.

Tips for noobies and casual gamers.

Posted by Player_420 Wednesday February 13 2008 at 11:25AM
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Hello all, last night I decided to create a new blog, to help noobies, or people who just dont have enough time to play anymore but want that "uber" gear and a good dungeon crawl! I am also bored at work doing legal crap so first for the noobies!

My tips for new players:

1. Dont be afraid to make friends, ask for a group or even start a group. It is the best part of any MMORPG and you could make friends early on for the rest of the game!

2. Guilds are a positive thing! Don't be afraid because your new! No matter what you play, there are tons of guilds with really friendly people who can help you out and get ya going. Its also nice to have people to talk to and chat with every time you log on.

3. Never feel afraid to ask for help. The more you understand things, the more you'll become uber yourself!

My tips for casual players who want good gear:

Before I start I wanted to post this because its one of the things I hear people complaining about most. In my opinion you shouldnt get uber gear and great rewards if you dont work for it. It may seem harsh but it is indeed unfair to reward people who just wanna solo and play 4-5 hours a week with great gear. Hmm that sucks though because what if you are mid or max level and want a piece of the action? Well heres a few tips that have worked for my busy life.

1. Talk to guild crafters, help them get resources and everything they need to make you a uber item and make it so they cant refuse!

2. Make your sessions count. Try to get in contact with guildies and friends, let them know the general times you might be on, and let them know what dungeon or epic quest you want to accomplish. Then when you get on, do anything including starting a group of your own to get this goal going. No matter how little you play, you can get uber gear by starting groups and making each play session count. Dont be nervous as a group leader and ask for help from fellow group members if needed! Take the dungeons slow, control spawn and just play it safe and smart and everyone will do great!


Take care

Skill vs. skill

Posted by Player_420 Monday October 22 2007 at 1:11PM
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hmm ill boil it down.

Skill vs. skill is pretty much gone, theres games coming out soon that may or may not help, but in general everything is gear based.

In the old UO days gear didnt mean anything. Only your skill (yes actual skill points freely distributed)

Guild Wars comes so close, but gear can easily determine a battle at times.