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Aeria Now Developers Blog

Get behind the scenes peaks at upcoming browser game releases. Stay informed on the latest gaming news. Aeria Now is the premier MMO browser gaming portal, recently launched under Aeria Games.

Author: Phoenix_Fyre

Who used to play Worms on their old school PC?

Posted by Phoenix_Fyre Wednesday October 20 2010 at 3:01PM
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You know what game I used to LOVE to play on my PC back in the 90’s? Worms. Remember that game? You could make a bunch of cartoon worms launch sheep and banana bombs at other worms on your old Windows 95 machine? The landscape was completely deformable and the animations were so kooky! Whatever happened to Worms? It might still be around, who knows. Luckily, along came DDTANK! Same idea, but with a fully-formed community of shops and MMO socializing. And best of all- it’s free to play. YES.



                     DDTank                                                                    Worms


That’s right, the moment you’ve all been waiting for. We have officially launched DDTank on Aeria Now for your playing pleasure. If you liked Worms then you’ll love DDTank. And the best part is that DDTank is brought to you by your trust-worthy, beloved, mostest favoritest North American publisher of browser MMO’s-- Aeria Now. So you can tap into your AP reserves for a few fun upgrades and weird outfits. And best of all, you have the world’s largest free-to-play community around you, with gobs of friendly customer support and community management on your side, as you launch refrigerators and fire plungers at your foes.

All month at Aeria Now we’ve been ramping up our community events. We’ve launched several Facebook-exclusive events and we created a whole new forum dedicated to server activities for our wildly popular browser game Ceasary. You can expect the same level of commitment to maintaining your loyalty and satisfaction with DDTank. So go play!

Ancient Rome and .....Zombies?

Posted by Phoenix_Fyre Wednesday October 6 2010 at 12:56PM
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Prepare for the Zombie Apocalypse in Caesary!!!! Undead Roman soldiers walk the land in search of mortal human flesh! Bravely fight them off and win exciting in-game prizes! Check out our forum post for more details about the Zombie Apocalypse event. Just a warning-- you might need this manual.


…We here at Aeria Now have been watching WAY TOO MANY George Romero movies. And reading too many Marvel Zombies comics. And listening to too much Rob Zombie. Can you blame us for incorporating the undead into our game events? If you’ve ever played Left 4 Dead, Dead Rising, Zombie Revenge (DreamCast represent!) then you know. Zombies are rad.


We’re taking a break from promoting DDTank to have a little fun mixing things up in Caesary. Who says the undead can’t take over ancient Rome?

Lastly, because education is key in stopping the zombie apocalypse, here are some fun zombie factoids:

  • Zombies hate fire.
  • If faced with a zombie apocalypse, it’s best not to try to reunite with faraway friends and family.
  • You must destroy the brain in order to kill a zombie.
  • A bite from a zombie will infect you.
  • The first zombie movie, “White Zombie,” was released in 1932.
  • Zombies originated with the Voodoo religion, in which a dead person can be revived by a bokor, or a type of magician also has the ability to control the raised corpse.
  • It is officially against the law to create a zombie in Haiti

DDTank Invades Aeria Games in October!

Posted by Phoenix_Fyre Wednesday September 29 2010 at 12:50PM
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As we promised, this week’s Developers Blog is focused exclusively on our upcoming browser game:  DDTank! What is DDTank?



DDTank is spunky. DDTank is challenging. DDTank is FUN! Customize your character, complete quests and fight your friends in real-time battle arenas in this exciting new RTS game.



We’re bringing you a whole new city to explore. Forge weapons, level up and compete for the highest glory in this imaginative wonderland. DDTank features a creative game arena where real-time fighting takes place within a variety of artistic battlefields.


Battle up to three friends at a time. Change or upgrade your weapons with power-ups.

Soon we will launch a Pre-Registration page for DDTank so you can be sure to be among the first to break in the game. In the mean time, become our Fan on Facebook! We just ran a Facebook Exclusive event involving in-game prizes for Caesary that you probably didn’t know about. Why not? Because you haven’t joined our 1,000 other Facebook Fans! So, go “Like” us now.

That’s it for now, browser gamers. We all hope you continue to do the world a favor by not using gaming consoles. We’ll be back next week with more DDTank news.

Aeria Now Developers Blog #5: DDTank

Posted by Phoenix_Fyre Monday September 20 2010 at 3:40PM
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What has us grinning like we just won the 100 Gold Pack on the Zodiac Wheel in Caesary? We here at Aeria Now are preparing to launch a brand spankin’ new browser game for your playing pleasure, that’s what! Get your computer screens ready for DDTank!!! *dramatic, zany music, oo’s and ahh’s*  We’re just putting the finishing touches on bringing you this fun, new MMO browser game. You’ll be able to explore a whole new community where you can fight your friends, complete exciting quests and even…. get married??? Stay tuned to this blog for more details on our upcoming release.

DDTank Friends
Don’t worry, we still have plenty of new stuff going on in our existing browser games at Aeria Now. The Server 5 tournament is in full swing at Caesary and World 2 in Lords Onlineis a burgeoning population of lords and ladies. Go check ‘em out on Aeria Now.
In other news, our Facebook Fan Pagehas exploded in popularity! We have over 700 dedicated Aeria Now fans. If you haven’t done so already, definitely go “Like” us. We are giving out tons of Facebook Exclusives to our fans, from in-game items to free AP – just another treat to say thank you to our community.
We’d also like to thank President Obama, who gave video games a ringing endorsementthis past week, as a viable career choice for today’s school-aged children. Anyone here planning on a career in designing video games?
That’s it for now, browser gamers. Come back next week for more exclusive sneak peeks of DDTank!

Aeria Now Developers Blog #4

Posted by Phoenix_Fyre Thursday September 16 2010 at 12:22PM
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Hello again, browser gaming community. We are pleased to bring you our 4th Aeria Now Developers Blog. We hope you all enjoyed the Labor Day holiday and are busy nestling into your new school schedules or preparing for the coming fall season.

September is a time of transition, and apparently it’s also the time for Microsoft to announce that they are increasing the cost of an Xbox Live subscription . Can we get a little love here for Free-to-Play? That’s right… Aeria Now browser games are always free to play, no subscriptions, downloads, or gaming consoles required. No need to steal video games when all you have to do is log on to an internet-ready computer to enjoy our games. We go out of our way to provide interesting, in-depth, free-to-play browser MMOs for you, the serious gaming community , which is more than we can say for some of our Facebook competitors… *ahem* Moving on….

Fall is a historically a busy time for gaming and things are no different here at Aeria Now. The resoundingly positive reception by our beloved community of players regarding the Server 4 tournament in Caesary prompted us to launch another tournament involving iPad and in-game prizes along with the new Server 5. So really, if you play well enough in Caesary, we pay you to enjoy our fun browser MMO’s. Can Xbox say that?

Oh yeah, one more thing- thanks for the Facebook love! Since the recent creation of our Facebook fan page, we’ve received over 400 “Likes” from of all you. If you still haven’t done so, check out the Aeria Now Facebook Fan page and click “Like.” We post important announcements and other fun browser gaming goodies so go check it out.

That’s it for now, gamer fans. Check back next week for Aeria Now Developers Blog #5. We promise to bring you a few tidbits on some exciting browser games we may soon be adding to our portfolio….