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What happens when gaming dies?

Tell me your plans, or ill tell you mine

Author: Pepsipwnzgod

Full of Win

Posted by Pepsipwnzgod Monday August 11 2008 at 10:39PM
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Everyone knows gamers forums are for people to flame games because there is literally no knowledge of games being passed from one player to another other then that of

"zomg this game r teh winz, plez play with me!!"



But all that you see in regards to the negative posts are complains about grinds, or no endgame, or poor graphics or story line.. this is how that rolls out and my defense for EVERY SINGLE GAME THAT HAS EVER BEEN COMPLAINED ABOUT

Grinding experience or quests to reach max level.

   --- Are you people serious? would you like to hit level (insert pointless number here) with no skill at all, bad gear, no knowledge of your roll in parties or pvp, or would you rather progress in a way that teaches you most of everything you need to know about a class

YOUR COMMENTS AGAINST MY DEFENSE: "well then why do we have to grind SO LONG, cant we just have a tutorial or shortened levels"

My defense which cannot be proven wrong in anyway shape or form: If levels are easy you use one skill that is spamable or auttoattack your way to max level, the quests give you something to do although in some games they are minimal and the grinding itself is a way to take you to different zones and learn about the game making you the person that isnt asking "who's harry potter?" after harry potter 17: return of the jibbly bunnies.


The game has no endgame.

  --- Everygame has endgame wether you'd like to admit it or not, if a game doesnt have pve endgame, the game is meant to teach you to pvp, if there is no pve content in endgame and lackluster pvp, the game is not for you- leave now, if you dont like pvp and you arent willing to commit to raiding, you arent a hardcore gamer anyway so please stop complaining on forums to people that actually are: Endgame content is this in everygame wether it be pve or pvp or what have you:


If you pve, you pve to get to the hardest content with the best gear that drops from the most challenging bosses, if you PVP your endgame is to be so good at your class that strategy is as simple as knowing to unzip before you miss the toilet seat for the 3rd time that day.

YOUR COMMENT AGAINST MY DEFENSE: "But what about games that have really short pve content and no pvp or what if i rolled on a server that doesnt allow random PK, and what if there is no PVP in the game and no PVE"

My defense which cannot be proven wrong in anyway shape or form:  If you want to pvp in endgame, play a pvp server, if the game doesnt offer it, dont play set game, if you wish to pve in endgame and the game doesnt have much content, dont play the game because it's obviously meant for casual gamers, if there is no pvp and no pve it is meant for 6 year olds that enjoy customizing more then gameplay.


Poor Graphics.

  --- Not every game that is produced for the $10,000 rig you keep locked in your bedroom that only you can use due to fear of sibling death, if you dont like a games graphics find one with better graphics, if you like the gameplay and not the graphics, close your eyes while you play - not everything needs to make you soil yourself everytime you play the game.

YOUR COMMENT AGAINST MY DEFENSE: if you can honestly think of something against my comment, i'll praise you as long as it's logical, otherwise you're just being a troll.


No Storyline, or very poorly done.

 --- Lotro has the best storyline out there and is arguably one of the slowest most boring games out there, graphically amazing, no pvp content slow pve content, fun game - stories dont make games, the community and the way you play does, so dont blame a game for it's storyline because not everyone was typed up on jk rowlings (sp) toilet, give the developers a break, you say you want games every day but you complain when they come out missing peices from a story or a story that makes no sense.

YOUR COMMENT AGAINST MY DEFENSE: if you honestly care about a story.. go read a book




with all of that being ranted:


Good Gamers have no Life

Posted by Pepsipwnzgod Wednesday July 30 2008 at 10:33AM
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Or so the masses would have you assume no life.

Everyone knows what i am talking about, if you have skill in a game or any sort of reputation in a game flames from across the chess board spill into your chat boss in a nice whisper color tone..

"You have no life otherwise you wouldnt have *** " or "you only won cuz you sit in your char 24/7 "

What is the demanding factor that states one has to have no social life, or sit in their chair literally every second of every day - it's rubbish and gets old.

To get good gear you must: Run Hard dungeons

To be good in pvp you must: Know your class

To be a good gamer you must: Have no life?

It just doesnt fit, what's the point of insulting someone's entire life, declaring it revolves around a video game, just because with whatever online time they have - they choose to do some beneficial of their character with it?

Just a bit of a rant i guess, just bugs me that people think it's "be good at a game or have a social life"

Thanks for reading..

Game Idea

Posted by Pepsipwnzgod Thursday June 5 2008 at 6:46PM
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       Sup fellow nerds and people that have too much free time..


    I was thinking about my ideal game today which i have written out and created models and whatnot just for fun with no actual attempt in making it.. just mussin around and all and i came across the problem with loot... and classes, probably the most important items involved in the creation of an MMO..

    My idea was that instead of choosing a class such as a "mage" or an "assassin" you would designate two crafting specialties to your character (changeable but not recomended) upon character creation.. so one would choose things like Plate crafter and axesmith. With these two choices loot attained from mobs would be used to make Plate armor and axes, and leveling these crafts would allow the creation of better gear meaning.. you kill a level 1 mob, get level 1 mats, make level 1 armor, simple as that.. but take away all of the actual loots.. so instead of getting a "sillyknife of the confused +3" you would craft an "axe" which would be able to be revamped with mats attained from mobs, get my drift? no class specific loot which makes gaming so pointless, you get mats which are usable by each profession..

    Now you might say "well that seems stupid, takes away some of the difficulty of the game, that's no fun - everyone wants to be challanged" TOUCHE good foe, but wrong! with each level it's not like you'll only need to slay one mob to attain enough materials to create your armor, it'll take around half a level of killing mobs to get these mats for your armor, but you can enhance your armor pre-creation by using special catalysts attained by rare mobs such as "wah!?!?" raid bosses!, raiding wont be used as a once a month dispand your guild because you didnt get loot game anymore, oh no no! everyone gets there fair share and it wont be a "freakin hell another warrior drop" no, every material will have some use for each proffession.. a bar of steel wont only be used to make axes and blades, but as a stern addition to a staff or a ring! get where i'm comeing from?

    Now you might say "what if i make great armor at level 20 enhances with all the best gears and decide not to make gear for a few levels" no worries good soul, you can buy plans to create your own levels armor, it wont be a gain skill in the profession as you use it but more or less you makes things as your materials enable you to, a bit more realistic imo "it's a game we dont want realistic" too true, i play games to get away from real life too but why not slap this in there, with each kill dropping mats used to make armors, weapons, rings, pie!? and all other necesities for pvp and pve, they'll also be used to enhance your combat skills, not like most games where the more you dodge an attack you level up your dodge, but more or less with each level up of a skill ( with a cap of somewhere between 10 and 20) you gain a new skill pertaining to set profession.. a leathercrafter with a bladesmithing mix would gain blade attacks going from a basic slash to a legendary blade attack, along with leather skills allowing them to stealth or even increase armor "FANTASTIC PEPSI" yes.. yes it is


    "what about people that like raiding due to the chance they might not get gear" well materials from raiding wont be used to create exception gear attainable by only the most fearsome knights in all the land!!!! but more or less used to enhance gear craftable by the lowliest street peddler.. "well if everyone is crafting gear and getting mats to enhance their own gear where does money come into play, we like communication between players and a player based economy" well what about bandages and enchants usable only by platecrafters? what if a cloth user wouldnt mind a steel spike on their back to deterr attacks from them? that's where other players come in!


    I dont know if this system would work.. dont know if it's ever been used before.. i know lineage has SOMETHING Like this, but not used the same way as i would want it be be, i guess this would be an ideal game mechanic for me.. ttyl pplz, bout to go game it up <3


Sensationaly Dissapointed

Posted by Pepsipwnzgod Monday March 24 2008 at 7:04PM
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      So bored with the seemingly new age games and drone-ing through yet another weekend of an fps to mmo tie, i went to the forums again, and happily i saw a blog based on the best and worst launches, and the first on the best launch (or second) was guild wars, so i check the game list, even though i knew it's standing, just to see where it was again.

       Now i was a GW beta phanboii, i played day and night, bought bonus slots for characters and played each roll to it's fullest, debuffing with my migrane mesmer, spending every hour attempting to get elite skills, or even (back in the day) grinding hydra's by w/e rock lol, and it was great, but going back i was dissapointed... now for factions i went back and i played through on both a ritualist and an assassin. subbing monks on both like i always did for w/e reason, and it was fun, faction grinding beleive it or not is fun, 40 second runs to a spot and 300 gold, ez change. but it got repedetive so i took a small break, small enough to wait for Night Fall. NF was an amazing expansion, the starter area was so big i hit 20 before i got off the island, i had the "best" armor quality within a few hours and was wrecking the place with my dervish/paragon mix, didnt feel like leveling through the long story 2x, and i beat it with ease, getting my crazy primeval armor and then working through it on all my other toons, which was a blast btw but i couldnt help but wonder...

GW is a pvp based game, everything in the game is supposed to circled around a pvp, but it's a seamed game.... It hadnt bothered me until i had dominated each class and completed every quest and mission in every story on almost every class, but when i looked at it thoroughly, wt****, it's seamed. I cant do open pvp, i started GW when i was like 14 or 15.. now im 17 and it's almost like... going back to tony hawk 1 after playing smash bro's melee for wii, it just doesnt work... you grow past it right? but it was SUCH a fun game and i wish i could get that sensation back... after i realised this i tried all my old games ALL of them, i whipped out my diablo 1, let down... I spanked a big chunk of Diablo 2 ANNNND expansion... let down... I akwardly clicked through 2 minutes of runescape.. letdown, what a bummer.. i wish there were more endless games, games that grow with players no matter what... I'm waiting for an MMO like fable... Oblivion is supposidly an MMO but it's not -.- i'm looking for a WORLD, not a month long game.. or even a year long, im looking for a game i can play for a week, get into a coma, come out of the coma, recover my memmory and be like "whoa this game STILL pwns"

I dont know about you.. but yea, that's just how i feel

Sad, yet true.

Posted by Pepsipwnzgod Sunday March 16 2008 at 12:06AM
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I'm hopelessy addicted to pc games... but the sad thing is, i dont really enjoy them anymore, so what is the point of staying? i started my decade of gaming with diablo 1 working through runsescape and diablo 2, hopping on counterstrike for a few day spree of "nab" and just a roll around every hot topic game, years invested into WoW with fps's on the side, and it's all just to kill time. But shouldnt i be doing something else? just the other day was my birthday and i had dinner, and at dinner i took up a side convo with my grandma about how i hate video games but how i cant seem to quit, ive tried every game on's game list and ive actually tried them to the "you cant really judge this game unless you play up to XXX" point and really, im just not pleased...

I go to the mall with friends, i have a girlfriend, im frankly your average kid, but i spend a little more time on video games then anyone else i know did, and it's getting old... any tips on how to slowly feign away from games would be appreciated.. and dont flame, your life is sad if the only way you can "get off" is by insulting people youll never know or meet..

PvP is Serious Business

Posted by Pepsipwnzgod Sunday March 9 2008 at 4:58PM
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In all seriousness, you can tell a serious gamer by how great they are in pvp, now dont get me wrong with all the lotro playing, semi-casual but decked out in best gear gamers, theyre good. but skill isnt measured by how decent your gear is. pvp is.

PvP, the one act in any game (imo) that makes it worth the entire downloading.. opening.. configuring.. leveling.. dying at night because you leveled all day... getting some gear... part of the game....

Going into the battlefield or chilling outside of a town, chasing down opposite factions or people the belong the a different guild, just the act itself is thrilling, you have the have quick reactions and a setup that suits the way you act in crappy situations... for instance, your killing a mob, you have 50% hp and most of your skills are on cooldown, your mana is dying down and someone attacks you, AMAZING. why?!?!?!?!? you think, maybe your close to leveling or your just close to getting that quest finished but someone attacks you. that's when killer instincts fit in, if you die and your the one ganking, your bad at your class, no defense for that. you just are... but the people who survive isnt it glorious?

All the survivors know who they are too, your the ones with the decked out pvp gear, the people that can take out anyone of anyclass, there are so few of you but your all fantastic. but then there are the losers.. the people that are god awful at pvp but still flood the halls of every game, spamming duel requests to people 10 levels lower or going to a lowby zone just so you can get that 2 second kill thrill that doesnt really mean anything to you but you do it anyway so when they call you a newb after you die you can think to yourself or even /y it ffs, "that's why i pwnt you"

Pwnt.. thats a clever little word isnt it? i t means owned, like the P adds anything to the meaning, you can say owned or pwnt, either way your calling the other person a newb, gg on that btw, whoever made that worth that is.. i honestly beleive that you should only be able to say pwnt if there was a massive challange that could have presented itself but didnt.. your fighting someone equal level but you know they have a party member somewhere that'll hop in if they see their friend dying, or maybe fighting the OP class that all the newbs play because they dont require skill.. that's pwn-worthy but getting off topic...

PvP should have some sort of test.. there are drivers licenses to see if your good enough to drive, their are even req's to get into freaking holes in the walls filled with monsters, but pvp? no... it's meant for the newbs to enjoy right, but what about when you walk around and notice everyone that pvps with your class.. is giving your class a bad name, like personally im a hunter on wow "alliance" and zomgwtflawlerz im a night elf, so i have 3 negatives against me right away and my thought process on this is... no matter what i do to win a duel, if i dont 4 up that person, as in pwn them in 4 ways, they always have something to come back at me with, pvp is serious business

leave it to ppl that are good...

Complaints a' plenty

Posted by Pepsipwnzgod Thursday November 29 2007 at 5:36PM
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In my experience and years of gaming through this great wide thing we call the web, ive noticed many things that happen over and over again, someone calling another person a "nab" for spelling a class wrong, Something as simple as a shout out for "hey jim if your on, whisper me!" but one thing i always notice.. is the love of forums ~ now personally im a lover of the forum center of the gaming world, and of course- many of you are as well. But when does it become to much?

Every day i come to this site looking for what ever new might be out on my favorite games, or even if anyone has replied to my posts or continued in threads that ive recently trolled - but WHY? why does everyone feel the need to complain? Now i know this Entry in general is a complaint, but hear me out.

Everyone in this world knows all of the complains that have been said about other games, "this game is an awful excuse for a wannabe WoW" or even as low as saying "these developers should be shot" who says that? people like you of course. Maybe not you- or even you, or you with the long hair "hey sexy" but seriously, it's people like you that come out and complain constantly, but it is always the same thing.

All im trying to get at is, if youve complained about something once, dont do it again - dont re-state your complaint, dont do it in the same site, or even in the same internet ( wink wink ) ~ just stop.









Everyone know's that games are trying to be like wow, who wouldnt wanna be like wow? everyone knows that certain games wont go anywhere and others are grinders, people that complain about the grind - ever think that some people like grinders? People that complain about quests, meet up with the people that complain about grinders, and swap games, If your on the forums to call someone a newb - guess who really cares about your tiff with someone? NO ONE, no one wants to hear that someone KS's you or that some newb PK'd you, ok ~ obviously theyre better then you, or they couldnt - just stop complaining, and if you feel you have the right to, or an absolute need to - think first, PLEASE. Think of ANY possible come back for your complaint, and realize that it makes sense, and just go back to your game, that is all...



Computer problems :(

Posted by Pepsipwnzgod Sunday November 25 2007 at 10:24AM
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I dont know where else to turn, my computer is set up like this,

my windows and system stuff is on a 10 gig harddrive, C - drive

then i have a 100 gig hard drive that i put games / documents and crap on

 but when ever i select to place something in my d drive, it installs to my C, now i have 2 MB left in my C and 92 Gigs left in my D, and every time i erase something, it doesnt give any bytes back, like... say i install a 2 gigabyte game, it will use up 2 gigabytes in both my C drive AND my D drive, does anyone have a solution?

Best Game Ever

Posted by Pepsipwnzgod Saturday November 24 2007 at 10:23PM
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Hey, Pepsi here with a big bad question that is bugging not only me - but probably every other person that trolls this forum, and here it goes.

Almost all of you have been gaming for years, exploring caves or hiding behind a pole in the middle of a field waiting to snipe someone youll never meet, partied with orcs, or walked around as a cat and played with daggers, but what is the greatest thing about gaming?

Is it interacting with other characters? Or killing the players that make you mad? Selling things to people that will eventually break them trying to enchant them? or even something as silly as hopping off the world and hoping that none of your equips break?

Do any of you know? Of course you do! you all have an opinion if im correct, and im sure you all feel as if you can share it, otherwise you probably wouldnt be coming and going through this forum, so tell me.

What makes a game perfect? What draws you in on weekends, or gives you something to think about during class or even while working? If you have found this, tell me ~ tell us!

What is your favorite game and why? (dont forget the why, dont just say LoTro, so LoTro: Because i like being a dwarf and the classes are differeant) - so get at it, please and thank you :D

What happens when gaming dies?

Posted by Pepsipwnzgod Friday November 23 2007 at 8:54PM
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It's my experience in the gaming world that people get bored very quickly with games, and very few of them have the strength to hold more then a few very active members, wow of course is one, a few other games such as Final Fantasy, everquest and lineage - but who else? guild wars is still a baby, Lotro isnt growing as quickly as people would like to beleive either, so what are we to do?

People, well almost everyone that plays mmo's have tried wow or one of the others mentioned, and either loved it or hated it, the people who loved it stuck with it - enjoying each momment of breathtaking graphics or just enjoing the conversion with other people that theyll never meet in real life, but what of those who hated it? they go around from game to game "warhammer yay!!!" "wow i cant wait for Aion to come out!!"  " do you know if this is f2p? I cant wait!!" and then it goes down from there, "this game sucks, it cant compare to ***" so what? These kids are addicted, and so are a lot of people - but it's so unhealthy, and people quit everyday because of it, no one here who has played games for over 5 years can look at themselves and say "im happy with what games have made me into" you just cant, dont lie.

So with all this quitting and no one living up to par, what happens? what happens when wow dies because they impliment something that no one likes? When Lineage goes free to play because not enough people subscribe! when games like everquest and D .@. D go dead because the kid's with the wallets dont like to role play? what then? I need to know! We all need to know, what happens when gaming dies?


I hope you know