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Like Saint Thomas... See to Believe!

more about mmos and their communities...

Author: Pelagato go against NCSoft... i think is more ncsoft vs ncsoft...

Posted by Pelagato Tuesday December 30 2008 at 11:30PM
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Ok i hear the news about going against ncsoft in a lawsuit... but there is a spike in all of this that really itch me... feels like a vaporware company, and their patents arent clear... no clear evidence at all... can someone here post a picture of those patent papers or where to take a look of them... this not only sounds ridiculous, is like the first racing game developer want to take down with law all the other racing franchises.. lol...

but that isnt the real itch is driving me mad... there is a few loose ends on all of this.... first...

1. why now.. and not ten years ago...

2. never hear of those... what game they have... where to get it...

3. why go against a foreign company in american territory.. based that they sue target is austin texas studio...

4.  and... actually if their patent is right... they can actually beat the crap out of each mmo there in the market... why ncsoft only... this is the key question...


OK here is what i think... NCSoft is in some trouble... maybe u dont know it... but NCSoft wasted 100 million bucks creating Tabula Rasa... and that proyect fail.... TR is going to be closed in Feb... and they not even generated the 15% income from their costs...( its in irony that Richard Garriott quit ncsoft.. and they pull the kill switch in tabula rasa....)

Because of this.. the korean HQ got mad on them and is going to closed or put down the austin studio... meaning that ncsoft will operate mainly in Korean with not much of subsidiaries worldwide, of course closing this studios have other implications that in the long haul will cost money.... they need to pull it from somewhere....

Second aspect of this... AION... NCSoft is going to release AION next gear in america... apparently they are succeding in Korea... that is their little new boy for this company... some rumors around said that this game cost the company around the same TR cost... lol again they invecst 100 bucks in a project... the need around 3 milion people to make it profitable from the first start... then suscribers to keep things going...

If this is true.. then NCSoft is shooting their last financial shot here... if they miss.. they are dead!

Ok why the sue and so on.... I somewhat think is a bit of a vaporware company...  or it was real... and it was obtained by someone from NCSoft but not in the name of ncsoft, more like a piggy backing.... 

Whats teh point doing this... well, if u have sue yourself without letting anyone notice, u actually didnt lose anything in any outcome of the lawsuit, is like changing cash from one pocket to another one... lol... but if you do that, the NCSoft name will probably go bankrupt because of this or disapear and all of those bills to pay go to hell... (remember if someone owned you something and they die.. and they leave nothing, YOU ARE SCREW! you lose what they owned you)

One intention i can smell from this is... that NCSoft pay this or someone inside NCSoft to go against them in lawsuit... lose the suit... and ncsoft gets all the naming, talking, and press about winning a lawsuit in american soil... making an excelent marketing for AION next year...

Why austin studio.. because they are going to close that studio... is Ironic they are sueing a closeing place lol!

This sounds like some students in a school call the police from a public phone claiming that there is a bomb in the school... the school is closed that day... and no one take any class... but there was a test that day, and the test got moved a few days later... got the point here....

I think NCSoft is manipulating the press, law and courts to get a perfonal benefit.... a better world of mouth and opinion from people by wining a lawsuit.... Remember they are Korean based and people dont think high of korean games.. usually they visualize korean stuff with boring grinding... and even if AION is diferent that opiion is going to hurt the success of AION... and they are going to  try a change with this lawsuit press crap....

If u ask your self.. why they mention all the ncsoft games... well.. because they need to make it sound real and hide other intentions like the one i said...

In the end why this patent infridgement crap against ncsoft, they claim they used their sever structure... but their server structure was created by the same makes of Blizzard back in warcraft III,  are they going to sue blizzard... I bet they arent going because the true intention is not a sue... is more a press call and a escape route in case of failure against debts... some rich guy is covering it self...

If someone else comes to my mind i post it in the blog....









test.. if you complain about grammar, flame me... dont like what i said... troll this or say anything like a big badmouth against this... i will delete your comment.... no sue on that one.... just block....



Antarious writes:

The theory I've seen is that NC Soft being a mostly Korean based company... would rather settle out of court than go to a "local court" that may be biased against (korean(?)).

What gets me is that this patent was filed for in 1996 and approved in April of 2001.  You can find the actual patent on the US Patent website.  The reason its ironic is that the two people who created habitat for lucas games in 1985... were awarded the GDC's first penguin award for this very same tech in march of 2001.

It could be argued most likely that this very same tech existed before then.  However, I was using what was basicly one of if not "the" god father of graphical mmo environments (that obviously had client-server chat).

What this company did was try to act like they created a unique thing by using the phrase "3d space".  They have no tech they describe a chat system and toss in a few terms to make it sound unique then somehow were awarded a patent on it.  A scaling chat system doesn't care if the "space" is 2d, 3d or text based.  They in fact got a patent on client<->server chat system.

What would be nice is if that patent holder would sue these morons.  Supposedly Lucas Games sold the technology outright to Fujitsu around 1990.. so I would guess that is who would hold a basicly identical patent that pre-dates this "worlds" one by a decade...  The two guys that developed most of this tech are still around and best I can find work for Yahoo now.

Tue Dec 30 2008 11:55PM Report
Pelagato writes:

this is way too weird...  and also stupid if world.comis going to sue for taht... what technology.. I MEAN WHAY PIECE OF LINE CODES NCSOFT STOLE FROM WORLD.COM????????????

u can sue if they stole you some product.. but the concept of a function not... if the functionality is talk.. and the code is ncsoft then can go to hell... if the code is from omg that is serious... but sueing because they add chat.. omg! then this place can besued too... forums.. blogs...

WAIT.. in the long haul.. GOD will sue us all... for creating other comunications methods besides speech OMG!!! we infridge God is patent... (sarcastic)


Wed Dec 31 2008 12:01AM Report
arrowotwood writes:

NCsoft is one of the strongest companies in the MMO industries, based on their resources and capital. Tabula Rasa might have been a risk but Aion certainly isn't for them. Besides they still have succesful running franchises that have earned their money & value such as Guild Wars, CoH/CoV, Lineage I & II, ...


Aion won't be the last of NCsoft.

Wed Dec 31 2008 4:51AM Report
linadragon writes:

Arrow they also have blade & soul which looks immensely promising so i doubt they ahve much to worry about in real terms. Besides this lawsuit is overtly insane/silly


Wed Dec 31 2008 5:42AM Report
mrprogguy writes:

NCSoft didn't steal any code from  Let me say this three times so everybody gets it: it's not about the code.  It's not about the code.  It's not about the code.  There--got it?

The patent describes a system of managing communication between individual players in a virtual world. has working code, so they've actually implemented the invention.  Any existing MMORPG has the potential of infringing the patent, because it's about the doing of it, not the HOW of doing it. 

The patent is a little broad for my taste, and I'm not a fan of process patents, but certainly has a basis on which to sue.  At the end of this, NCSoft will simply pay a royalty and our prices to pay the game will bump up 0.99USD per month.

If I were you folks, I'd not be worried about Blizzard and SOE and NCSoft.  I'd be worried about all those free-to-play MMORPGs that everyone seems so keen on these days.  (See, it doesn't matter if you don't have a revenue stream.  It matters whether or not you're infringing the patent.  You could be losing money out the wazoo, and you're still in violation.)  Those are what's going to disappear thanks to waking up and smelling the royalties.

Wed Dec 31 2008 8:47AM Report
Oneko writes:

The suit claims that NCsoft has infringed on patent 7,181,690, "System and Method for Enabling Users to Interact in a Virtual Space" through its games.

Does really own this concept? Duke Nukem 3D was released the 29th Juanary 1996 with a multiplayer support. But a multiplayer mode is a "system and method for enabling users to interact in a virtual space", right?

Wed Dec 31 2008 9:33AM Report
Gravarg writes:

Well, from what i've read filed for the patent in 1995.  AOL had one of the original MMOs, Neverwinter Nights.  So in such a case, AOL should be sueing for copying them rofl.  Classic case of who came first.  It will be dismiss.  I live in Texas and we hate lawsuits with no merit.


Next story in the news will be Activision (Blizzard's parent company) sues everyone for WoW Cloning...sigh where does it stop.  Get a life you vapor-ware, money-grabbing, "I'm going to sue you since we failed and I'm mad"

Wed Dec 31 2008 10:06AM Report
madmaty writes:

Lol just some rough data I pulled for you to chew over to support that fact that NCsoft is in the clear financialy  their 2006 earning reports

On a consolidated basis, sales came to KRW 338.7 billion (USD 361 million) , operating profit of KRW 43.3 billion (USD 46.1 million), pre-tax profit to KRW 50.0 billion (USD 53.3 million) and net profit to KRW 38.0 billion (USD 40.5 million)

also some other facts. They did not can tabuala rasa insted they have removed it and returned it to development. they will re release it at a later time.

Their newest game Aion recently held a 3 day preview event After which pre-sales boosted from 4 million to 6.5 million. Over at plaync they expect this to be bigger than lineage 1 and 2 combined. At this rate they are expecting an easy 6 million active users at Aion launch in Korea alone. Not to mention they have already taken 2008 Korean game of the year with an unreleased game. and they have something like a 92% trial to subscription turn over rate.

So no NCsoft is not in trouble don't kid yourself for a second

Wed Dec 31 2008 11:15AM Report
Pelagato writes:

those financial reports are 2006... kinda too old... the new ones doesnt exist yet... but based on what can u see of what is going on in the economy... a best guess is.. they are not good... ok...

Wed Dec 31 2008 11:21AM Report
CharisPanago writes: is a patent troll.  The timing and defendant selection are all consistent with a patent troll as is the weakness of its alleged patents and its complacency in doing anything meaningful with its pseudo patents.

I sincerely hope the MMORPG industry recognizes this for what it is and bands together to proactively shut them down by participating in the defense with amicus briefs and the support of its collective legal resources.

If is soundly defeated in its action the strength of its "patents" will be substantially eroded and mark its downward slide into non-existence as a "business".  It would be a richly deserved fate and would send a strong message from the MMORPG industry of zero tolerance for patent trolls.

Wed Dec 31 2008 3:29PM Report
zergwatch writes:

As Charis says, they are patent trolls. They won't win and yes, they went after NC Soft because they are the lame antelope at the back of the pack. Activision and Sony would have chewed them up and spit them out before the new year.


Wed Dec 31 2008 6:10PM Report
Pelagato writes:

hm.. they pick ncsoft as the target because is right now the weakest one in US, can be... stupid trolls...

Thu Jan 01 2009 11:24AM Report
Fuckyou11111 writes:

H ithere I also got a tone of questions too. I do know buddy your upset with NCSOFT and i am  total going aff the wall on this one.

I hate to note this. as  iknowed NCSOFT for a long time. bad news stikes hard. NCSOFT is doing campain aginst USA.I never seen a compnay do this much hate to USA. spending billions to  invenst time and money for  consumers in the USA to buy and to enjoy . City of heroes  NCSOFT murdered its for the ASIAN market. ohh the hate crap contiunes to go on.oh buy your going to love this one the millions of dollars that was not spent by the fans of COH was spent on the development of Guildwars 2 with out the OK from the COH fans/. COH died for guildwars 2 and for sian market

please esxcuse the bad news  ncsoft created a sick world.

I am doing what ever I can to help the support of angry Consumers that the COH fans do need. to tell NCSOft what they are doing is wrong. Draft letters was sent. USA and Korea.

how much more pain and anger in the world that the COH fnas havfe to take?. I feel like  i am the only one that will tell NCSOFT something?

is there a options?

I got one news. COX Segs is trying to start a private server to you know what. its on and broken.

I think the COH fans shouldwork together and fight NCSOFT. come up a plan and stick with it as a world natiom after NCSOFT.

I do not know what else to do.? my back is  agsinst the wall..

what  about my time and money I spent on COH.  and I will not forget the  rest of the fans doing the same thing.


as far as  cryptic Srttudios? wha thte hell are they doing?

its there product line too. city ofheroes is there product line too?

wh6y do these people care? NO!!!!

I sent messages. tehy closed the phone sytem to stop people from calling in.

what can I do to help th City of Heroes fans? I do not got the money.

my other questions are what is the federal govemrent doing about this? there is a crime going on? why is the feera lGovement not helping us?

how can we wrok together and help each other out on this saving City of heroes and the other games that was not allowed to due.

the bigest one that made the moneyt money for NCSOFT died./

and NCSOFT is ;loosing a great deal of money.

I do not know what to do?

I want to do something about this so badly. I know some of it.

just do not got the money in the billions of dollars to back it up.

is there civil maters / yes

I am disgusted thats for sure

what can I do ? I want to fight for City off Heroes

I am still yelling about it/. in hope I find some one with the magic touch that can do somehing and take on NCSOFT for good once and forall. take them o9n.

all the hope in the world is not going to solve it

I am running out of Ideas.. i do not want any other MMORPG

however i did put a  consern about City of Titans/.

Valiance online was a joke. the test game play failed. its like the world that was a copy of DC universe. wit hthe battle ark of Guildwars 2 night fall. bad controls. getting frusted getting killed in seconds over and over and over. No enhacements slots.

its not even close to COH. Valiacne on line is another excuse to  go back to City of heroes

oh well I hope I did not upset any one. if So pleace excuse me

all I watned to do is support the people ofwhat NCSOFT is doingwrong

Tue Feb 04 2014 4:02AM Report writes:
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