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Like Saint Thomas... See to Believe!

more about mmos and their communities...

Author: Pelagato


Posted by Pelagato Sunday November 23 2008 at 2:29AM
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... oh what... okok straight to the point... zzzz...zz...zzzz...

If u dont like something and want to bash it and so on... and be a troll... then plz do it with style.... there is a bunch of trollers there already and all of them are really bad... people quickly identified the troller...

Stupid comments like.. this game graphics are crap... or the gameplay sucks becasue it is... or this one is gay... are stupid ways of trolling...

If u want to troll then use some more deep argument... or something logical... omg... or is that this idiotic games from the past years are turning people into big rubber heads...??? or rubberheads can only make this sorta crap???

anyway... for all of u trollers... i have to tell u something... U guys suck ass... I hate u all.. u dont have any sort of "How to Troll Knowledge.." go and get  "Trolling for Dummies" in a library ok...

u really need to read this and put them on practice... U all look more like kiddy fagging... u try to troll and the second post is... omg a troll... or the troll icon... which mean u suck!!!!!!! Trollers are meant to involve people in a virtual fist fight ok!!!!! provoke the inner flamers of everyone!!!!

remember the key is simple... is on the first chapter of the book... if u try to troll.. and someone say u are a troll =  U FAIL as a troll!!!!!

success is like...  u start trolling and people start killing each other...



Reianor writes:

Trolling can not be learned from a guide, the very defention of trolling cannot be grasped, needless to say you can't create a worthy guide for something that next to every person persives differently.

It can be an art of destructive criticism for one, and a raw anger for another. There are countless definitions, or rather interpritations of trolling. It doesn't matter how many a book can house, there's always more.

From your...hmmm.... let's call it speach, I'm making an assumption that you persive trolling as something subtle. Well, obviously there wouldn't be that much bashfull trolls if they didn't persive trolling as something bashfull. I'd say that subtle one's aren't even trolls, but that's just my understanding of term.

On side note, your own offensive style is rather flat, and actually quite common, I'd describe it as standard "YOU SUCK" with a tiny bit of sarcasm. Though, it may be a  "have a taste of your own medicine" attempt. But even then, I doupt it's success, considering the fact that they almost never succeed in our days as it is, and you are attempting it on one of the most resitant audiences there is.

Oh, and nomadian missed such a great chance to jest, that it almost makes me want to cry.

Sun Nov 23 2008 8:40AM Report
redcap036 writes:

BUSTED!..I'm taking down everyone's name, your all busted for trolling, shame on you all, destroying perfectly good converstions, with your needless sarcasm and childish moronic comments, how many threads have you all turned into wastelands of insults and flames, shame on you all, I hope they ban all of you.

Sun Nov 23 2008 10:18AM Report
Digna writes:

While I agree with the general idea here, YOU would have come across better if YOU didn't substitute U for YOU in 50 different places. And don't overtly attack the other party (the trolls in this case). Use examples, don't embellish and let their actions hang them in the eyes of the viewing audience.

Sun Nov 23 2008 10:39AM Report
Pelagato writes:

People sending this blog to the burry hole are a bunch of jealous trolls... thats it...

Sun Nov 23 2008 8:25PM Report
Pelagato writes:

for all of u ... the next trolling move will be NOW!!!!!....

Sun Nov 23 2008 9:14PM Report
commi3 writes:

Ahhh, Pelu it appears the biggest troll here is you.

Troll with an EPIC FAIL!

Sun Nov 23 2008 11:04PM Report
Astralglide writes:

Speaking of Troll-Bait

Mon Nov 24 2008 1:59AM Report
jinxit writes:

Where did all the comments go, gone from 19 to 9 overnight  :-p

Mon Nov 24 2008 3:32PM Report writes:
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