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Like Saint Thomas... See to Believe!

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Author: Pelagato

Dwarves and alcohol...

Posted by Pelagato Sunday August 24 2008 at 1:56PM
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It is me... or is like some sort of stereotype.. or even worst, is a reality...???

Are the Dwarves a bunch of drunks? I ask because in each game lore i see them... they are drinking rum or ale.... sometimes beer, and then they have guns...

To keep it simple I think a Dwarf is.... Drunkard with a gun and 1 meter tall.... nothing else...


In every place they are related to drinking... in mass quantities, WoW, WAR, GW, and so on...



sigamon writes:

if you were like 3 feet tall and lived in a mountain and mined all day long then fought goblins orcs and giants constantly wouldnt you drink your ass off  too? i would

Sun Aug 24 2008 2:30PM Report
guiltyone writes:

Personally I say they have a good life there. Eat, drink, and be merry for tomorrow we die! The ones you really have the question are the elves. I mean, a bunch of guys standing around in a forest all day with long hair, tight pants, soft voices, hiding from "men," looking to help the "little people" (hobbits), and always listening to "the trees" ... that is something that is really deserving of an investigation.

Sun Aug 24 2008 2:47PM Report
sigamon writes:

yeah but elven women are gorgeous. dwarven women are horrifyingly disgusting

Sun Aug 24 2008 2:58PM Report
Pelagato writes:

thats the whole point... they get merry even in combat lol....  check out the war new video.. the dwarf is drinking a bit before fighting the big guy.. well i suppose they fight the big one lol...

Sun Aug 24 2008 2:59PM Report
Slampig writes:

Dwarven women aren't all that bad. That stout body...that full bushy beard...


...I could go on and on...

Sun Aug 24 2008 3:28PM Report
sigamon writes:

slampig your comment made me vomit all over my entire room

Sun Aug 24 2008 6:16PM Report
Bakoryo writes:

Slampig has a point though. They have made the female dwarfs wrong so many times. They should have a beard!

And be so oh wonderfully hairy :D

Sun Aug 24 2008 9:22PM Report
sigamon writes:

i know dwarven women are hairy... very hairy..... thats the worst part

Sun Aug 24 2008 10:44PM Report
streea writes:

There's a chance that the origins of Dwarves come from a culture that loves to drink...

Mon Aug 25 2008 12:53PM Report
Astralglide writes:

They also all have Scottish accents and are really miserly (cheap). So, with the love of alcohol, war, hairy women, and hording gold while talking in a constant drunken "I just fucked a sheep" accent,; this is more of a slam on the Scottish than anything else.

Mon Nov 24 2008 2:01AM Report writes:
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