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Like Saint Thomas... See to Believe!

more about mmos and their communities...

Author: Pelagato

more of the same... not so creative devs. or what....

Posted by Pelagato Thursday August 21 2008 at 3:53PM
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I just notice something strange on people in the past few weeks... they are complaining about the mmorpg mechanics... not games at all... I mean if normally and fully understandable that an incomplete game sucks... but saying I dont want a game with levels... or skills... or want something different.... No grind... or yes we want grind... or no more instances... or more instances....

I dont know if I make my point clear... but is like...  fps without shooting because is more of the same... strategy with out build, recruit and destroy because is more of the same. Racing with out start and finish and 4 wheels because is more of the same.... got the point now....

I mean if you dont like lvling... skills... pushing keys to make things happen, grouping, instancing, and getting gear and most of all pvp... then go and play other genre....

zonzai writes:

Games have to continually evolve to maintain their audiences.  It's the same with movies, music or just about any other form of entertainment.  When that evolution doesn't occur, you will have cries for change.  And the games/movies/music or whatever that provide that change will succeed where those that stagnate do not.

Honestly though, it hasn't been a lack of innovation at all. It's really been a lack of successful games that has spurred recent stagnation in the MMO world.  It will get better.

Thu Aug 21 2008 4:05PM Report
musicmann writes:

The problem is that all these dev companies are not actually making MMORPG's anymore, just variants. They still get the MMO part right, but continually water down and sometimes even throw away the RPG part, replacing it with FPS.

This has led to a hybrid online player base, that is a cross between a regular RPG/fps player. They want everything nice and tight, all wrapped up with dev spoonfed content, as well as shooter style action.

This type of player has become what developers see as their target audience for their online game, not a online open world. I myself am from the old school and can hardly stomach what has been dished out in the last few yrs.

Everything instanced and so linear, confined and closed in. Quests and lvling are boring, their hasn't been one MMO that had questing to lvl be able to beat a good skill system one yet.

Online worlds should always be about openess and freedoms, blazing your own path in whatever setting that particular mmo is set in. Letting you roleplay and make decisions that will have an affect on the world as well as the community.

Thu Aug 21 2008 4:32PM Report writes:
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