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Like Saint Thomas... See to Believe!

more about mmos and their communities...

Author: Pelagato

Like "Saint Thomas the Apostle" I am????

Posted by Pelagato Monday January 25 2010 at 1:02AM
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Lately I have been thinking, reading, and hearing to others talk about mmos, but after a few thoughtful mind sessions, I have to say that I am like Saint Thomas, The one that said once: "I have to see it! To believe it!" I know there is a big story behind that, but if u ask me, some people have a big tendency to be like that, and others dont.

Of course they have their reasons to be like that, but I am starting to notice that people believe in mmos developers  with such a blindness, they take developers words like a command from god, they hype up from devs comments or trailers, pictures, media, other friends hyping, and they start hyping up at the same moment for weeks or months.

"Let me clear up something, by hype, what I used to understand is not the normal feeling or emotion of wishingsomething new or looking to get entertained, or planing to buy something. By Hype I mean, THE CONSTANT DROOLING OVER SOMETHING! Like worshiping something"

The media and the press have such a power to make people talk about a game, they memorize every detail and every word that one of the developers of their game said on a video podcast, at some point is amazing how can this marketing department can put together all this people into their knees asking for a game... lol... I have to admit, Nicely done!!!!... Well, Right, Fast, No screwups!!!

But the real question is:

Can we believe all this marketing, and press, should we get our hypes up. Like in Warhammer, TR, AION, and a few others????

You are free to get into your own conclusions, really... But! if u ask me.. the answer is a Full NO!

Whatever the answer you people decide to give to the above question is up to you, I will guess that such an answer will have some reasons to be like that, or maybe not, but the point is...

Why I am like..... I have to see it! To believe it! or in other words, If I don't see it, I don't believe it!

Well normally people believe in others when they trust the other party, but when the other side, like your girlfriend, "excuse me, I mean developers" betray such trust, people stop taking each word of them as true, and I did... 

In the past recent years, I have seen some strange game launches followed by a lot of corporate drama, and the famous developer podcast sentence "We are going to release this game and then add X thing later on" goes to hell!

The game get released and the X thing never appear, or if they do, is going to be so overdue that the big mass of people that hyped their game, is not against them, mocking them for failed promises...

Or what about a very recent one, the game got release and tons of things showed on game footage trailers through the years arent in the game, what is sad is that the game is low on content, and after some months after release, they havent released a meaningful patch at all.

Also you need to add the developers that start reHyping, with new trailers about upcoming content, but when people ask when!!!! they start giving ambiguous answers like coming soon or somewhere this year or the next... believe me I have seen those 3...

Some others create hype hype hype around X aspect of the game, but when people play the game, it turns that is like a lollipop but instead of sweet chocolate, is made from soil covered by a very thin surface of candy at best....

I have seen so many things that kill games, and yes i know developing games is hard, takes time and cost a truck of money and publishers are a bit bitchy sometimes... but plz developers, dont hype up people, and people plz... stop getting hyped...


fatenabu1 writes:

Technically all the apostles sort of had the see it to believe it attitude... Thomas is the one we usually think about because Jesus had him put his finger in the still open wounds and fiddle around in them to prove that He was Christ. Mark 9:14 states that people reported the resurrection to the others but they did not believe them..



Mon Jan 25 2010 12:18PM Report writes:
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