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Like Saint Thomas... See to Believe!

more about mmos and their communities...

Author: Pelagato

Create Content...

Posted by Pelagato Saturday January 3 2009 at 8:28PM
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I hear in my other blog that sandbox are about creating content and somewhat forging your way into the game, there is no story, u create it... and you actually make everything...!!!

for one minute can you tell me if a developer is going to create a game with the ability of let people upload their custom 3dmax or maya content... and upload their custom scripting or C++ content...

C'mon people this isnt about Trolling about Darkfall... I hate darkfall anyways but it have nothing to do with anything about this sandbox blogging omg!!!!

We better accept the true... sandbox is the remains of a technically limited past!!!!


sanders01 writes:

 Why so many pointless blogs?

Sat Jan 03 2009 8:48PM Report
Pelagato writes:

because they are no diferent from your existance..... pointless...

Sat Jan 03 2009 9:10PM Report
hidden1 writes:

i neither hate nor like anything about DF until it comes out... all i can say is I'm hopeful... and if DF lets me down that's okay i'll wait for MO

Sat Jan 03 2009 9:59PM Report
Pelagato writes:

same here... pass to other one

Sat Jan 03 2009 11:07PM Report
zelldevil writes:

yea, obviously you just posted this to try and annoy people, otherwise you're just an idiot

Sun Jan 04 2009 1:05AM Report
mrcalhou writes:


Sun Jan 04 2009 3:08PM Report
fansede writes:

 Try Saga of Ryzom? Supposedly you can create content in that game.

Sims Online ?

Neverwinter Nights series also allows you to create content, though not a true MMO.

Devs know that player created content is the holy grail of MMO gaming. There are many hurdles that need to be overcome though. Namely game balance. Does your world allow you to add your own creatures and loot? Or do you "buy" your creations from a vendor ( or most likely buy them from an item mall). 

Is your content a dungeon? A town? An entire land mass? 

Can guilds make content?

How much data will the persistent world hold? Imagine thousands of players adding GBs of new data content that has to be free of bugs, exploits, and game killing viruses. You spend $20 million dollars or more and then see if you want to hand content tools to amateurs and I can see the hesitation.

Sun Jan 04 2009 8:31PM Report
theguru22 writes:

Let's get this straight, when we talk about sandbox games meaning that the players shape the world we don't mean by writing code and scripts and modeling new items. It would be ridiculous for the devs to expect people to do that. When we talk about sandbox games we mean games where you create your character and are plunked down in a world of near limitless possibilities in order to create your own storyline and guide the destiny of your character yourself, rather than letting the game hold your hand through the pre-scripted content so that you end up with the same character as everyone else who has the same backstory (see WoW). Players want to make their own interaction with the game, and that is perfectly reasonable because otherwise you're just participating in a movie.

Secondly, there is a game which allows players to literally create the content; it's called Second Life and the fact that it's still around doesn't do well to your argument.

Please stop posting your narrow minded views of what games should be; if you don't like sandbox games then have fun at the themepark. Additionally, it's clearly not getting you anywhere so why bother?

Mon Jan 05 2009 2:37PM Report writes:
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