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Like Saint Thomas... See to Believe!

more about mmos and their communities...

Author: Pelagato

Create Content...

Posted by Pelagato Saturday January 3 2009 at 8:28PM
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I hear in my other blog that sandbox are about creating content and somewhat forging your way into the game, there is no story, u create it... and you actually make everything...!!!

for one minute can you tell me if a developer is going to create a game with the ability of let people upload their custom 3dmax or maya content... and upload their custom scripting or C++ content...

C'mon people this isnt about Trolling about Darkfall... I hate darkfall anyways but it have nothing to do with anything about this sandbox blogging omg!!!!

We better accept the true... sandbox is the remains of a technically limited past!!!!



Posted by Pelagato Saturday January 3 2009 at 12:38PM
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I was wondering why people want a sandobox game so badly and not another linear or themepark game... after all, sandbox games are empty in content and they sorta dont have anything to do at all... U do what u want... then I want something cool to happen... sorry this is a sandbox that isnt going to happen...

sometimes i feel those old school people want a sandbox to remember their old times... but in general sandboxes for me are low quality projects.. maded in the past due to the technical limitation of yesterday computing...

Sand by them self is kinda nothing... just a bunch of grain and crap in the beach, with u give it shape then u have something, and that is what themepark and linearity do... shape up the sand...

If u want sandbox because u are tire of bored of linear games.. then is time for u to retire for a while from mmos, after all is kinda natural u get bored or less entertained from something after a while of using it...

But if u want a sandbox to entertain you for years... i dunno what to say... those days are gone...

By the way this is an act to TROLLING!!!!!





complains in comment or comments i dont like will be DELETED!!!!